Secret Lovers: Jessica & Victor
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Secret Lovers

The sexual tension between Jessica and Victor had been brewing for the last three weeks, and it was starting to become hard to keep his hands to himself. It all started when Victor walked in on Jessica in her office, playing with herself, and moaning Victor’s name. Victor hadn’t been able to think straight since then, and Jessica has been trying to avoid him at all costs. It was hard for Jessica to do because they all worked closely together, and often go to dinner together. By they all, it meant Jessica’s husband, and Victor’s best friend, Charles Johnson, and Victor’s wife, Prie. Don’t get me wrong, Victor’s lovely wife of eight years is very beautiful, but she has become so complacent in bed to the point that Victor got to jack off every other night just to get some type of sexual high. Prie just lays there stiff as a board, and she was not like that in the beginning.

In the beginning, Victor and Prie did it any and everywhere, but now, he can barely touch her in her own office without her moving Victor out of the way like she is annoyed. The knock on the door startled Victor for a second.

“Um, Victor, the meeting is getting ready to start. Richards want all the partners in the meeting,” Jessica tried to scurry out of the room, but Victor jumped up and shut the door before she could scurry out.

“Jess, why the fuck you keep avoiding me?” Victor asked getting very close to Jessica.

Jessica could feel the heat from Victor’s body, and her body started to respond to it. The mint on Victor’s breath had Jess wanting to take his tongue into her mouth. Jessica felt horrible for having these types of feelings for her husband’s, Charles, best friend, but it was so hard. Jessica had been wondering how Victor was in bed the moment she accidentally walked in on Victor getting dressed in his office, and that print was sticking out. It’s not like Charles wasn’t handling his business, it’s just that Charles was finishing faster than Jessica, and it was taking a toll on their relationship. For the last few years, Charles has only been able to make it to one position, before he erupted. Jessica wanted more…she needed more.

“We…we have to get to the meeting,” Jessica whispered.

Victor took her hands, placing them above her head against the door, while he stared deeply into her eyes.

“Why were you moaning my name? What were you thinking? Did you see more than you expected when you saw me changing?” Victor fired off question after question.

Jessica couldn’t do anything but nod her head. Victor put both of her wrists in one of his huge hands and started sliding his other hand up her skirt. Victor slid one finger in Jessica’s hot center, and slowly started to stroke her pussy while caressing her love button.

“Is this what you imagined?” Victor whispered while looking her directly in her eyes.

Jessica wondered how Victor managed to hold both of her wrists above her head, finger her while caressing her love button, and stare deeply into her eyes.

“Oh my gooddd. We have a meeting, Victor, pleaseeee,” Jessica started trying to wiggle her away from Victor’s grasp.

“You cannot get away from me. Tell me what the fuck you want me to do?” Victor growled into Jessica’s ear.

“Make me cummm, pleaseeee,” Jessica whispered.

Victor eased another finger into Jessica’s tight pussy, and she started to creaming his fingers up. Jessica could feel her legs getting weak because she hadn’t had this feeling in years.



“Ahhh, I’m cumming, shit!” Jessica whimpered.

“Cum for me!” Victor ordered.

Jessica’s cum came flowing out of her pussy and down Victor’s hand.

Victor pulled his hand out of her wet ass pussy and put his fingers in his mouth. Flicking his tongue through his fingers, showing Jessica how well he could eat some pussy.

Victor left Jessica in his office so she could get herself together, while he went into the meeting room. The meeting was packed, and it seemed like Victor and Jessica were the only people missing. Moments later, Jessica strolled in, looking around the room, and had no choice but to take a seat next to Victor.

During the meeting, Victor took his pen and wrote ‘Your pussy tastes amazing’ on a piece of paper, and turned it slightly so Jessica could see it. Jessica’s face started turning red, and Victor knew that he shouldn’t be doing this, but it was too late to turn back now.

Victor took his left hand and started creeping it up Jessica’s skirt. Jessica instantly grabbed Victor’s wrist, and then smiled at Charles, because he was staring at her from across the table. This was a huge table, so there is no way that Charles or Prie could see what Victor was getting ready to do. Victor forced his wrist out of her hand, and got to her scorching hot pussy.

Victor pulled her panties to the side, and started squeezing her clit, making it hard for Jessica to keep still.

Victor began to finger Jessica slowly.

“Yes, I think that change is very good. I will start drawing up a proposal as soon as I get to my office,” Victor replied to the head boss statement.

Jessica was stunned at how he could hold a conversation while finger fucking the shit out of her pussy. Jessica watched as Victor picked up the pen with his other hand, and wrote ‘Cum’ on the piece of paper.

Jessica closed her eyes, and Victor went deep as he could, making her eyes come open again.

‘Cum, Jess’ Victor wrote again.

The meeting was coming to end, but Victor kept his finger in place.

‘You better cum,’ Victor wrote again.

Moments later Jessica’s pussy erupted over Victor’s fingers. Jessica’s high was short-lived when her name was called.

“Baby, are you okay? Your face is red as a tomato.” Charles said from across the table.

“I’m just hot. That’s all. I need to get to some air,” Jessica lied.

Jessica continued to sit in her seat, as she watched Charles and Victor have a conversation, and Victor occasionally would sneak a peek at her while rubbing his finger under his nose.

“Hey Baby. Can you stay late to help Victor with the proposal? You know that you are a beast with those things,” Charles asked Jessica as soon as she made her way to the duo.

“I have to get dinner-” Jessica started.

“It’s okay, baby. This is an urgent thing, and you can get it done quicker than I can,” Charles responded.

Jessica was worried about being alone with Victor again. She knows that he’s going to try to do something else with her because if Victor will finger fuck in a room full of people including Prie and Charles, then ain’t no telling what he will do when we are alone again.

Later that evening…

“Looks like we are all done, here,” Victor said after printing out the five-page proposal.

“Yeah, looks like we are.” Jessica whispered.

Jessica slowly started gathering her things to put in her briefcase. She really just wanted Victor take her, and shove his fat dick inside of her tight ass pussy. Jessica was just about to leave out the door when Victor called her name. Jessica turned around to see Victor leaned against his desk with his big dick hanging out of his slacks. Jessica’s briefcase slipped out of her hands accidentally.

“This what you want? Come get it,” Victor taunted.

Jess sauntered over to Victor, kicked her six-inch heels off, and fell to her knees. Jessica took Victor’s long thick dick into her mouth. She took him all into her mouth while she looked up at him.

Victor ran his hands through Jessica’s curls while she bobbed up and down between his legs.

“Hmmmm, Jess, I always imagined what this mouth would feel like. Keep sucking it,” Victor groaned.

Jessica was on her knees working her mouth like her life depended on it. She was getting Victor’s dick sloppy wet. Her saliva was running down her throat, and coming through her hands as she stroked and sucked him at the same time.

Victor had his knees bent, and was fucking Jessica’s face so sensual to the point that he was getting ready to bust a nut. Victor pulled her back before he nut, because he wanted to dive in her pussy.

“Stand up,” Victor commanded.

Jessica did as he said, and stood up. Victor forcefully turned her around, threw her against the desk, and lifted her skirt. Victor rammed his dick inside her, and started fucking her hard…rough.

“Hmmm. That’sssss it, Vick. Ohhh my goooddddd,” Jessica screamed out.

Victor pushed her ass cheeks apart, and went deeper inside of her. Victor was having an outer body experience as he was pushing inside of her. He pulled out of her momentarily while he got completely undressed. Victor slowly took Jessica’s clothes off, and she was looking sexy as fuck in her birthday suit. Victor picked Jessica up with ease, and put her on the desk. He scooted her up so he could join her. Victor got on his feet, and entered her again. He was riding her like a damn horse.

Jessica could barely take the way that he was mounted on her.

“Keep that fucking back arched. You come up again, I’mma smack this fat ass.”

Jessica completely ignored him, and raised up again.


“What the fuck I tell you? Keep that back bent, Jess.”

Jessica was having the time of her life as Victor fucked her like her she needed to be fucked. Jessica got a glance of them in the mirror, and Victor was giving a new definition to standing up in it.

“Shit! Jess! You feel so fucking good. Cum for me, Jess! Cum for me!”

“Fuuuccckkkk! I’m cumming… I’m cumming.”

Jessica’s body erupted and Victor could feel her pussy tightening up around his dick. Jessica’s pussy was trying to snatch his cum out of his dick. He continued to beat her pussy until he saw her creaming all over his dick.

Victor turned her over, and picked her up. He pushed her against the wall, and went right back inside of her. He stroked her slowly.

“Tell me you love this dick,” Victor growled.

“I love…love…fuuuckkk. I love this dick,” Jessica whimpered.

“Can I fill you up, baby? I’m finna cum,” Victor groaned.

Jessica nodded her head, giving him to go-ahead to cum inside of her.

Victor came so hard that his knees got weak. They both slid down the wall until Victor’s knees hit the floor.

“You know this is going to happen again, right?” Victor asked wiping her hair out of her face.

“Yes, yes, I know,” Jessica whispered.


The End.

Ashley Cargill Posted November 6, 2018 at5:20 pm   Reply

As usual I loved it omg! Who would of known a short story would be so amazing!

Erica Williams Posted November 6, 2018 at5:27 pm   Reply


Cam Posted November 7, 2018 at11:26 am   Reply

I need more !!!!!!!

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