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SYNOPSIS: At the tender age of 18, Zolar ‘Zoe’ Henry Price, was kicked out of her parents’ home when she showed up married to Semaj Price, who her parents deemed a low-life thug. After her parents kicked her out, Semaj promised to love, support, and send her to college. Semaj was holding up his end of the deal until he moved up a rank in the streets, and started receiving more attention than he was used to. That attention led to Semaj having an affair with a woman who is willing to do anything to get a spot in Semaj life, including trying to plot a murder.
Scorpion. Small. Quiet, but deadly. Injecting you with its deadly venom when you least expect it.That’s what the streets are saying about Phalec Grant, also known as Scorpion. Scorpion is a certified personal trainer during the day, and a ruthless street king by night.
Scorpion crosses paths with Zolar and Scorpion, being the charming ladies’ man that he was, is instantly attracted to Zolar, but nothing or no one could make her break her vows to Semaj, that is…until she catches him in a compromising position. Scorpion, never hearing the word ‘no’, makes him prey on Zolar even harder. After finding out a piece of information that Scorpion has happened to leave out about his life, Zolar cuts him, and his venomous claws off, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get what he believes belongs to him.
Loyalty is tested. Lines are crossed. Backs are against the wall. People will win. People will die. In this Novel, you will find out how far people will go for love.
25 PAGES!!!
Valentine’s Day, 2008
I was sitting in this restaurant waiting for my boyfriend, Semaj Price, of one year. He had made reservations for us at this expensive restaurant because it was Valentine’s Day, and my eighteenth birthday. I was dressed to perfection with a tight fitting red dress, and a pair of nude spiked Valentino pumps that my dad got me for my birthday. I was so excited because I definitely didn’t want to spend my own money on them. I looked at Gucci watch, and saw that Semaj was twenty minutes late. I had text him, but he hadn’t text me back. I was starting to get annoyed.
“Mam, are you going to order? There are several people that are waiting to get seats. You’ve been here for almost thirty minutes. Maybe you got stood up,” the waitress said.
“Shut the fuck up! Maybe they should have made a reservation like I made,” I snapped at her, and she cowered away with her tail between her legs.
I’m not always snappy until I’m provoked so she was asking for it. I picked up my phone and texted Semaj AGAIN!
Me: Semaj, where are you baby?
Me: If you stood me up on Valentine’s Day, and most importantly, my birthday, I promise to God, it’s going to be over.
Twenty more minutes went by, and the waitress, and her boss had come over. I knew they were getting ready to ask me to leave since it had been an hour since I was sitting here alone, and sipping my water. I got up before they could even say anything. I slid on my knee length nude trench coat, and left the table in tears. I stepped out the restaurant, and let the nippy Atlanta air dry my tear stained face. I had planned on giving this nigga my virginity tonight too, and this was a sign. I called a cab because I didn’t drive because I had planned on Semaj taking me home. I was in the middle of texting my best friends group chat when this limo pulled up. I wasn’t worried about who was getting ready to step out because living in Atlanta, you see celebrities all the time. Only visitors get star struck by these short ass niggas.
The driver got out, opened the door, and out stepped Semaj Price looking like a million bucks. As hard as I tried to be mad at him, I couldn’t help but to admire how fine my nigga was. Semaj was one year older than me, and we met when I was freshman. Semaj’s 5’11 frame doesn’t tower over my 5’7 frame, but he was tall enough for me. He had the perfect brown skin with the prettiest smile. He wasn’t thick, but he wasn’t skinny either. He was seriously just right. We were friends for two years before we started dating my junior year of high school, and he was a senior. His mom died six months before his graduation, and he had no desire to finish school, so he left school, and got his GED. He also got in the streets, which I hated. Semaj had on a tailored black tuxedo with a red bow-tie. He approached me, but I turned so I wouldn’t face him.
“Princess, I’m sorry, but can we talk inside the limo for a second. I know you are mad at me, but I have a perfectly good explanation. Just hear me out for two minutes,” he pleaded.
Just the fact that he called me Princess had me blushing. He had been calling me that ever since he met me. He told me that he knew I was spoiled so that was going to be my name. He reached his hand out to me, and reluctantly, I followed him to the limo. The moment we slid in the back seat of the limo, I looked out the window.
“Princess, look at me. Um, I know you are mad at me, but I was scared to come in there because I had something to ask you, but I had gotten scared,” he said pulling a ring box out his coat pocket. “Princess Zoe, I wanted to ask you to marry me. I know it’s only been a year, but I’m in love with you. I’m so afraid to live without you, Zolar Henry. I was scared to ask you so I had been sitting out here waiting for you to come out, but I ain’t know your lil ass was going to wait an hour for me. See, that’s how I know you the one for me, but I’m scared I’m not the one for you. I’m scared that I won’t be able to live up to the standards I know you deserve. You smart as fuck, and want to be a Pharmacy doctor and shit. I’m a scrub. I’m a rough neck, and I know your parents will never accept me. I thought about so much while I was sitting out here, but I decided that I don’t give a fuck about none of that because I promise to support you, and love you for the rest of your life,” he said with misty eyes.
He opened the box, and I swear the blinging of that ring damn near lit up the limo. The ring was big and perfect. Five karat princess cut ring something like my mother’s ring. I couldn’t help by to ask how he was able to get something so nice because he wasn’t big time in the streets. Hell, he was standing on the corners or the trap houses damn near all night.
“Semaj, how did you—”
“Bossman gave me an advance because I told him that I wanted to do this. I’ll just have to work extra hard for a few months to get this thang paid for, though! You deserve nothing but the best, and I promise you that pretty soon we’ll be living large,” he laughed.
He put the ring on my finger, and I admired it on my finger. I was in awe of how beautiful the diamond looked against my chocolate skin.
“Happy Birthday, Princess. Can I marry you tomorrow? At the courthouse!”
“Yes!” I screamed.
The next day I skipped school to marry Semaj at the courthouse. We went to my parents’ home to let them know that I had gotten married, and those good Christian people cursed me out fifty ways from Sunday, not caring that Semaj was sitting next to me. They even talked about him as if he wasn’t sitting next to me. They kicked me out because they told me that although I was eighteen, and graduating in May, I still lived in their home, and I should have told them before making a bad decision as such. They didn’t even let me get a pair of underwear from my room. I left their house in tears with Semaj on my heels. He reminded me about what he told me in the limo last night, and I believed him.
Zolar ‘Zoe’ Price
9 years later
Shit! I thought to myself when I heard the door slam.
I looked at the time on the phone, and it was nine at night. Knowing that I hadn’t had a chance to cook for Semaj, it was going to be hell to pay. I was going to have to hear him yelling for the rest of the night, and I didn’t have time for it. I needed to study because I had a test on Monday.
“PRINCESS!” he shouted from downstairs.
I walked out of my study room/office, and stood at the top of the stairs. Semaj was standing there fuming, and he had every right to be. He told me to cook today, but I had got caught up in studying. Being in Pharmacy school is no fucking joke, and I wouldn’t wish this type of stress on no one.
“Yes,” I answered him innocently.
“The least I can do is come home to a nice home cooked meal. Your ass ain’t cooked all fucking week. What the fuck you been doing?” he snapped.
“I’m sorry, bae. This last little bit of pharmacy school been my hardest so far. I got caught up in studying. I can whip you up something really quick,” I said.
“Nah, fuck that! I’m hungry now. Might as well go out and get us something to eat. What the fuck you want?” he asked. “Why the fuck you studying on the fucking weekend anyway? It’s fucking Friday, mane. You know what? Get dressed, I’m taking you on a date. I haven’t taken my wife on a date in what feels like years, damn!”
“Semaj, you took me on date two months ago. What are you even talking about?”
“Most of my nigga’s women would be upset if they skip months without taking them out. The fuck is the problem?”
“Well, most of your nigga’s women are not in school full time, and have a thousand medications to learn for one test that they have to take, so that’s the problem. I’m just trying to finish school, so we can get you in Barber School, so you can leave the streets, and I can’t do that if you want to take me out every night,” I said.
He got quiet, and just gave me a crazy ass look.
“What that look mean, Semaj? Our lives are going to change once I graduate, and get this job. I’ll be making well over a hundred thousand dollars a year, and you’ll be able to leave the streets,” I said easing down the stairs, and wrapped my arms around his neck. “After you leave the streets, we’ll be able to start a family,” I said placing a kiss on his neck, which was his spot.
“Mmhhmmm,” he let out a little moan.
He ran his hand up his shirt that I had on, and gave my clit a little squeeze. He placed his lips on mine, and we started tongue wrestling. Semaj’s lips felt so good on mine, and kissing is such a turn on to me. I reached for his belt, but he moved back.
“Get dressed. I want to take my wife out for at least one drink, and when we get home, you can get all the dick you want. You deserve at least one drink, Princess,” he said, cupping my ass in his hands.
I thought long and hard about it before I turned on my heels, and went upstairs to throw on something quick, since I had showered a couple hours earlier. I walked into my huge closet with unlimited clothing choices, and picked out a simple black strapless dress with a simple pair of blue pumps. I didn’t have to do anything to hair, but take it out of the ponytail it was in, and take a wet brush to it. I had a wet and wavy sew in done. I wasn’t going to put any make-up on because I didn’t want to do my whole facial routine over again tonight. I sprayed on my Ja’Dore perfume that Semaj got me for my birthday a year ago. It took me a solid forty-five minutes to get ready, and when I came downstairs, Semaj was sitting in the living room, grinning into this phone.
“I’m ready, big head,” I said getting his attention.
He looked up at me, and had to blink his eyes twice. I rolled my eyes at his dramatics.
“I haven’t saw you in a dress in so long, I’m contemplating taking you upstairs, and forgetting this date,” he said
“No, nigga! You made me get dressed, so we are going to go out, and have some drinks.”
He led the way out the door, to his Mercedes, and opened the door for me. He was such a gentleman. Semaj had come wayyyy a long way from when he first got in the game. After my parents had kicked me out, I was so worried about where I was going to live, or how I was going to pay for Pharmacy school, but my husband told me he had me. We lived in his dad’s house for years. While he ran the streets day and night, I was in school, and studying. I swear we barely saw each other for years. It was like we only saw each other in passing, but that didn’t deter me nor him. Eventually, we moved out his dad’s house, and got an apartment that we only stayed in for a year. Semaj eventually got some type of promotion in the streets, and on our fifth anniversary he bought us a house. I was so happy that we got our own house. It was a three bedroom, and three-bathroom house. Very spacious. Much more than we needed, but I welcomed it. We lived in Douglasville, a city outside of Atlanta. I loved my quiet neighborhood. It was much better than our first place together, in the heart of Atlanta.
“What’s on your mind, Princess?” Semaj asked linking his hand with mind as we drove through the Atlanta streets.
“How thankful I am for you, Semaj. We have been married nine years, and I swear every day it gets better, and better. I’m thankful for you because I have never had to pick up a job application. You let me focus on school, and I swear I don’t how to thank you for it. I know it’s been hard on you because I haven’t been cooking and cleaning as much as I should, but I promise you, once this shit is over, I swear, you won’t even know what a left-over meal is,” I said leaning over, and kissing his cheek.
“Ma, I told you nine years ago that I have you! I ain’t never going to change. You my wife for life,” he said, and flashed me his pretty as smile.
Semaj Price is fine as fuck, ok. He has only getting finer with time. I swear I’m still just as in love with him as the day he asked me to marry him. In the eleven years we been together, and being married for nine, no other bitch has ever approached me about him, ever. Years ago, when we were barely seeing each other, I used to snoop his phone whenever I had a chance, but there was nothing in it. Semaj was really one of the good men left, and I was so thankful to have him.
We pulled up in front of The Tavern, and it was lit as fuck outside which let me know that it was a packed house. I hated being around a lot of people, and especially people that Semaj hang around. I wanted to be kept far away from his street life as possible which is why I couldn’t wait for him to get out the game. I saw our bank accounts, and savings account, I know Semaj has way more money saved up. Hell, I don’t even have to pay any of the bills for him while he in Barber School, but I wanted to do that for him since he paid for my schooling.
The smell of weed invaded my nostrils, and Kendrick Lamar’s voice vibrated my ear drums. I didn’t even know you could smoke in these types of establishments. We found a table near the back of the restaurant, and took a seat. The waiter came over, and took our drink order. I ordered a frozen Hurricane, and Semaj ordered a Hennessey and Coke. I smiled in my head because Semaj was going to tear my ass up when he got home. When a nigga is gone off that Henny, that nigga about to fuck you until you start crying. A nigga gone off Henny is like the energizer bunny, and will fuck you to sleep, literally. At some point during Henny dick, you will fall asleep, and you wake up, that nigga still going. Moral of this story, get you some Henny dick!
“So, Semaj, are you taking steps to get out the game?”
His eyes darted away from me, and looked down at the table. I knew that he was about to say some bullshit.
“Listen, Princess, I make more money in the streets than I ever will cutting hair. I know it was a passion of mine, but things change. I’m making more money now than I ever have, and after my boss fire this other nigga for stealing, I’ll be in his spot, and I’ll be making a hundred thousand dollars a fucking month, Zoe. Do you know by this time next year, I’ll be a fucking millionaire? We’ll be fucking millionaires baby. You won’t even have to wo—”
“Don’t you say it, Semaj Price. I told you that I never wanted to be a housewife, and I married you because you promised me that you would get out the game the minute I got out of school, and could help you with the bills,” I seethed.
“Princess, come on, now! Look at me. I’ve never been in trouble with the law. So, you’ll never have to worry about me going to jail. I’m always strapped, and I always have a couple of hittas with me, so you don’t have to worry about me getting gunned”
I covered my ears because I never want him to speak that shit into the universe. I never want to hear about any of his street life, so I don’t even know why he keep trying to speak to me about it. He shook his head at me, and took his drink from the waiter. I uncovered my ears, and took a sip of my Hurricane, and my body came alive. I haven’t had a drink in months.
“Princess, listen, I know you hate hearing about my street life, but I have kept you away from it since we have been together. I think it’s time that you learn about it because I have a proposition for you anyway,” he said.
“What is it? It better not be anything crazy because I swear—”
“Hear me out completely before you cover your ears, and shut me down. Listen, once you graduate from school, you’ll be able to help me out… help us out so much. We will be rolling in dough. I want you to make us a very potent drug. We can sell a small baggie of it for at least thirty—”
“Semaj, NO! You want me to already compromise my fucking degree, that I don’t have, for your bullshit. I ain’t work my ass off for eight years for me to have to watch my back. I’m not doing anything,” I sat back, and crossed my arms across my chest.
“I’m not asking you to steal or anything like that. As long as I’m alive, you’ll never have to watch your back, Zolar. Come on you know that,” he said reaching across the table to grab my arms.
“To make a very potent drug for people to get extremely high, and not kill them, I’ll have to buy several amounts of OTC drugs, and you can’t possibly buy more than two boxes at a time because they will flag you, and you can get arrested. I’ll also have to get some a liquid or pill form of Phenobarbital, but that just depends on if you want to make a liquid for people to shoot up, or a powder to snort, but if I make some powder, and your customers turn it into liquid, then they could die, and vice versa. You don’t understand the—”
“Princess,” he called my name, and interrupted me from rambling on and on about shit that I had learned in school. “Calm down. Your eyes started darting side to side as if you were possessed or something. You need to stop fucking studying so much. It’s like out of nowhere a scroll came in your head, and your brain just started reading that shit off like clockwork. What the fuck is OTC drugs, and where can I get it? I can just have some of my people go in several stores around the town, and get whatever you need. They won’t notice a thing,” he said to me.
“OTC is over the counter drugs, and it’s not as easy as you think. They have cameras in the Pharmacy. It would be hard for me to steal anything, and have your posse come and buy that shit. You’ll honestly make out better having them going to go get prescriptions from doctors so it won’t look as suspect,” I said. “BUT that doesn’t mean I’m going to do that for you. Husband or not. I value my life, and as a husband, you should too. You shouldn’t ask me to do something that will cost me my life, or have me in jail. You bypassed me knowing about the street life, and jumped me right in.”
He sighed before replying, “Please think about it.”
I shrugged at him, while I took a long sip of my drink. I was getting ready to reply to him when this girl approached our table.
“Oh, my God! Are you Zoe? Zoe P from Facebook. I saw some of your modeling pictures, and you are even more beautiful in person,” she said to me.
I often model clothes for my best friends Elaina and London’s fashion store called Unique Boutique, and our other friend Parker is a photographer who takes the pictures. So, I help all my friends out at the same time. Elaina and London hand make over ninety percent of their clothing. They make pretty good money doing it because these bitches in Atlanta always trying to be different, but still end up looking the same, except when they go to Unique Boutique.
“Yeah, that’s me! Thank you. You are beautiful as well. You give me Karrueche Tran teas,” I said to her.
“I get that a lot. Crazy how most men say that’s the reason why they talk to me,” she giggled like that was a compliment or something.
“Oh, well, don’t play yourself because if a nigga told me he only talking to me because I look like someone, they wouldn’t get a number from me, but oh well. What’s your name?”
“My name is Yaya! We have that same dress. Is that from Fashion Nova?”
“No. It’s Givenchy,” I replied to her, getting irritated.
“It was nice to meet you, Zoe P. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around,” she smiled and walked away.
“That was weird. I couldn’t imagine being semi-famous. Weirdos approaching you while you’re out with your family. Miss me with that,” I said to Semaj who was glaring into his phone with an intense look on his face. Something must be happening in the streets that he didn’t like because normally when he makes that face, he rushes out the house. It didn’t bother me because that’s what life with a street nigga was all about. I chose it. So, I accept it. For now.
Semaj Price
After sending that heated text message, I closed out my message app, and focused on my beautiful wife. Let me tell you, I loved that woman with all my heart, and soul. Shit, more than anything in this whole world. I knew I had to have Zoe the minute I laid eyes on her. I knew that she was special, and I wasn’t going to let anyone else get their hands on her. One of the main reasons I started paying for her school was because I knew that once she finished Pharmacy school, my baby was going to be able to create me a fucking drug that would make me the biggest damn drug dealer in the fucking United States. I know that she is smart enough to do it, but I knew that the hardest part was going to be to get her to do it.
My wife and I are two totally different people. You might as well the say the whole time we been together, I been in the game. I got in the game like a few months after we got in a serious relationship. I promised my wife that once she graduated from Pharmacy school, I would get out the game, and get my barber license, but the plan has change. I’m not getting my barber license. The streets been to fucking good to me. Mane, when I first started, I struggled. We stayed with my dad while I was putting her through school. Her bitch ass parents kept their word, and they didn’t help her pay for shit. Then I moved up a rank in the streets, and my money started looking better. We moved into our own apartment, and then a year after that, I told Princess to start looking for us a house, and I bought it. This fast money been too good to me to stop now. I won’t stop until I’m seeing a million every fucking month, like my fucking boss.
“You want another drink, Princess?” I asked her.
“No, daddy, I’m fine. I love sitting here looking at your handsome ass. I can’t wait to have all your beautiful babies,” she said and flashed me a million-dollar smile. “It’s almost time for that as well. You know the night I graduate, I’m going to make sure you get me pregnant.”
“Damn, right! When we leave here, I have to stop by my boss house. Do you want to roll with me?” I asked.
She shook her head no like I knew she would. I know most men love that their wife is not in their street life, but for me it was different. I wanted Zoe in my street life. She distances herself from it so well. She’s never met any of my friends. She’s never been to anything my boss held for us. She’s never even weighed a fucking piece of weed on the scale. The other guys’ main chicks, and wives would love to hang with Zoe, but she’s not having it. The only reason some of them know I’m married is because I told them. At first, they thought I was lying or I was wearing my ring for show until I showed them picture of us. To them my wife is a ghost. That’s just how bad she doesn’t want to be a part of my street life, but I want her to be. She needed to be. I could use her on my team, and that’s what upsets me sometimes with her.
“Semaj, why aren’t you wearing your ring? I know you said that you don’t wear it when you’re doing those things, but we are on a date, and you don’t have it on,” she asked,
I looked down at my finger, and sure enough, I had forgot to put it on.
“I’m sorry, Princess. I left it in my car. I forgot to put it back on. You know I would never disrespect you like that,” I assured her.
That was the truth. I hardly ever took it off. Princess is my pride and joy, and I would never disrespect her like that. I helped her up out of her seat, and walked her out to my car. I made sure that she was safe in the car, before I walked back around the other side, and got in. The ride home was quiet, and I’m sure she was processing what we talked about at the restaurant.
“Princess, I really need you to think about doing me that big favor. I mean, me and you could be a big team. We could be richer than we are now. In nine years, I have never asked you nothing regarding the game, I figured you go do me this solid. You could be living in a big mansion with a pool, and a basketball court. Shit, we could be living like Jay and Bey, and you know how much you idolize Bey.
She didn’t say anything, and when I looked over at her, tears were sliding down her face. I truly hated when she cried, and she knew it. Her tears made me turn from a gangsta to a full bitch in a millisecond.
“What did I say, Zoe?” I asked.
“Semaj, I can’t believe you are asking me to do something like this. I’m truly hurt by that because this is not the life that I chose to live,” she sniffed.
“WHAT THE FUCK?” I shouted, and she jumped. “My bad for yelling, Princess, but you did sign up for this. You knew I was a fucking G when you said ‘I do.’ Come on baby, don’t pretend now.”
“You promised me that you were going to get out once I finished. That’s what you said. So basically, you married me under false pretenses. I told you the minute that you got in the fucking dope game that I wasn’t no ride or die bitch. I said don’t ask me to do nothing for you regarding the streets. Nothing. I said don’t even bring the shit around me. I still feel the same way.”
I sighed heavily, but didn’t reply to her ranting. She just talking, but she knows that I married her beautiful black ass because I love her. She has my heart, and my soul. I pulled up in front of the house, and put the car in park. She slowly got out the car.
“I know, Semaj. Don’t wait up,” she whispered, and slammed the door.
Letting the window down, I stuck my head out, “Princess,” I called out to her, and she slowly turned around and looked at me. “I love you, baby. At least think about it.”
She nodded her head, and turned around and headed to the front door. My wife’s ass jiggled when she walked, and I couldn’t wait to come back home, and get in between her legs. Her chocolate ass. I prayed that she changed her mind or if not, I would just tell my boss that she doesn’t want to do it, and then keep all the money for myself. Sell it on the side. Shit, my boss damn near a billionaire. He wouldn’t miss the fucking shit.
An hour later, I pulled up to my house in Lawrenceville, a whole hour away from my house with my wife in, Douglasville. This house wasn’t as big as the one I share with my wife, but it was big enough. I hit the garage opener, and opened it opened. I pulled in right next to my black BMW. I let the garage down, and walked into the house. The smell of cooked food hit my nostrils, and my stomach instantly started growling. Shit, me and my wife ending up only having drinks because she low key pissed me off regarding those pills.
I rushed across the kitchen, and yanked Tee head back by her hair.
“Are you out of your fucking mind? Don’t you ever in your fucking life approach me while I’m out,” I snapped.
“Nigga, I been fucking with you for two years, and I never even knew who your wife was,” she strained to get out because I was holding her fucking head back. “I just wanted to see how she looked up close. She’s really pretty.”
“Who the fuck else would I be out with like that? You know I wouldn’t take your ass out in Atlanta like that? Don’t ever fucking do that again. Forget you seen my wife,” I snarled.
She snatched away from me, and started stirring the meat that was in the pot.
“Don’t be yanking on me like that, Semaj. I don’t know what the fuck wrong with you, but you need to go take a shower, and get her off you. I smell her all on you, and you better not… oh yeah, you knew not to have that ring on your finger,” she smiled.
Okay, so, I have a mistress. That’s who I was texting at the table when I was with my wife. I told her she need to take her ass home because I was hungry. I met Tee at one of my boss’s events, and I tried so hard to not stray away from wife, but it was hard. I wasn’t going to call her until one night me and my wife got into a big ass fight, and I called her. That night we talked for hours on end, and it was murder she wrote. I was hooked on her conversation alone, but when I first got the pussy, she had my nose wide open. Her shit was good, and wet. She even squirted for a nigga. I been trying to get my wife to squirt ever since I popped her cherry, but her body wouldn’t do it.
Tee was basically everything my wife was not. Don’t get me wrong, like I said before, my wife was my heart and soul, but I love Tee too. I think I loved her because she would do things my wife wouldn’t do. I took a long hot shower, and after I got out, I went into the attic, and saw that Tee had all my coke, and weed bagged up. See, she was a true ride or die bitch, and that’s why I fucked with her. I asked Zoe scary ass to roll a blunt for me one time, and she damn near had a fit. She doesn’t even want none of the shit in our house. When I went back downstairs Tee was fixing our plates, and put them on the table. A home cooked meal is what I was missing when it comes to my wife. She cooked maybe once or twice a week, if that, but this past week, she ain’t cooked shit.
“Damn, this shit smell good, Tee!”
“I know it do! You know I can throw down in the kitchen. When are you going to move that shit from the attic?”
“I’m going to get it out before I leave, and drop it off to the trap.”
“Okay, you know I’ll do anything for you, right?”
“Yeah, and that’s why a nigga really feeling your ass!”
“I might as well come out and say it. I’m three months pregnant!” she said excitingly, but I wasn’t excited at all. My facial expression instantly changed.
“What do you mean, you’re pregnant?”
“You told me that you wanted to have a baby one day, and you are not acting like you are happy, Semaj.”
I love her, but her tears don’t move me like my wife tears do.
“Well, when you said that you wanted to have a kid, I stopped taking my pills. I thought that you would be happy, Semaj. We been fucking for two years. You got me in this nice ass house, driving a nice ass car, and all we do is sit up in here. You never take me nowhere. The least you can do is give me a baby, so I won’t be bored here by myself when you are at home, pretending like you are happy.”
“Pretending?” I questioned.
“Hell yeah, nigga! If you were truly happy I wouldn’t be living as nice as your wife, or driving the same fucking car that she is driving. Yeah, let that sink in. You lie, and tell her that you are working when you are over here sleeping in my bed with your arm wrapped around me. So, if you do that while you’re happy with your wife, I would HATE to see what you would do if you were mad at her,” she said.
I was mad at myself that I slipped and told her that we lived in a similar house, and my wife drive the same car, but I never talked bad about my wife with her, nor did she know what my wife looked like up close until tonight. Was I truly happy with my wife, or was I just doing what men do, and that’s… cheat.
“Look, you ruined my mood, so I’m about to get ready for bed. If you are going to eat, then sit down here and eat. When you are done, clean the fucking table off, and come to bed. I know you need your dick sucked. Oh, and if you care, I’m due on Valentine’s Day.” she said, and left out the kitchen.
Suddenly, I felt like my chest was caving in. How the fuck could she be due on my wife’s birthday, and just because I been doing dirt for two years, Tee would have the baby on that very day. It’s just funny how life worked. I stepped outside to smoke, and call my dad.
My dad and I had a good relationship, but after my mom died, our bond became stronger, because it was just us. He hated that I was in the streets, but he couldn’t stop me. When Zoe stayed with him, and I was gone for most of the day, they kept each other company when she wasn’t studying. After my mom died, it took him like five years, and some convincing from Zoe to go on a date. He did, and now he’s remarried to my step-mom, Pamela. It’s like my mom literally came down and blessed us with Pam because she is really a Godsend, and I never had no problems out of her. She never had any kids, so she is waiting for me to give her a grandkid.
The phone rang a few times before my dad picked up.
“Son, you okay?” he answered the phone.
“Dad, why do you assume something is wrong whenever I call you? I can’t be calling you just to talk to you.”
“I mean, you a big baller, shot caller, you never know what may be wrong,” he laughed. “But you are my son, and I know when something is wrong, down to something as small as you being constipated. So, what’s up?”
“Um, quick question? You can answer this about mom or Pam, but how do you know when you’re happy. Like, if you cheat on your wife, does that mean, you’re not happy, or what? I kinda fucked up, and… yeah. I need some advice.”
“What’s kinda fucking up?” he asked.
“I kinda been had a mistress for two years, and now she’s pregnant, and due on Princess birthday. I love her, and I love my wife too. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up,” I said tapping the palm of my hand on forehead.
“Oh, Semaj,” Pam said in the background. “Sorry, for butting in but your dad’s phone is super loud. We are in bed.”
“Let me guess, you let one disagreement make you do something stupid, and now you’re stuck with someone that you think you love, and a baby,” my dad said.
“What you mean? I know I love Tee. She has good conversation. She cooks, and cleans. She a ride or die, man. Everything Zoe is not, but then I love my wife. She’s so fucking sweet, and innocent, but she not ride or die like I need her to be. I guess that’s what made me grow closer to Tee.”
My dad chuckled like something was funny before replying, “Where did you meet, Tee?”
“At one of my boss events that he throws every now and then. She was there by herself, and she gave me her number. Somewhere that Zoe never tries to attend. She’s always at home studying, putting that school shit before me. Before cooking. Before cleaning. Before everything basically. I have to make her do shit like that.”
“So, she walked up to you, and gave you her number despite you having that ring on your finger? If so, then she’s no good for you son. Nose may be wide open now, but trust me, when the high wears off, and trust me, it will… you’ll be able to see clearly, and the one person who thought was your ride or die will be nowhere to be found,” Pam said.
“No buts, son! Let me school you a little bit. I been around the block just a little bit longer than you. Did I ever cheat on your mom? Yeah, I have. Your mother and I were together way before you were born. We had you early. I was twenty, and your mother was eighteen, but we still loved you more than life itself. When I cheated on your mother, she never knew about the shit, and I felt like shit after every time. Also, we were not married, but I only cheated like three times. Me and your mother were together twenty years. We got married two days after we found out she was three months pregnant with you. After that, I took my vows seriously. I wanted to be the perfect role model for you. I wanted you to see what it is like to live and be in a loving and supportive environment, and sometimes I feel like I failed you because I never been in the street, but we not talking about that,” my dad said, and I instantly felt bad.
“You said you in love with that young woman because of conversation, but what type of conversation is she having with you? Are those conversations talking about investing your money so your grandkids can eat from the money you’re making today? Are those conversations about stocks and bonds? Or is she talking about how you can be the biggest drug dealer in the United States? What is she talking about that your wife is not talking about? Answer that for yourself. You said Ms. Tee is ride or die, huh? Why she ride or die because she be dealing with you and drugs? Is that why she ride or die? She makes a few runs for you. That’s why she ride or die. Nigga, please, the minute you get locked up, she gon’ sing like a canary to save her own ass, and you are going to be left on your own. You said you met her at an event for your boss, where all the rich niggas be. How many of those events you think she attended before she hooked a retarded nigga like you,” my dad ranted.
My blunt was finished, but my dad kept right on ranting. My dad was smart so I continued to listen.
“So, I supposed that you are not going to tell your wife. So, how are you going to keep this a secret from your wife, and be a full-time father because I didn’t raise you to half ass anything. Honestly, my advice would be to divorce Princess, and be with Ms. Tee, because your wife doesn’t deserve this. You say she put Pharmacy school before everything, but have you taken the time out to help your wife study? Your wife has been working her ass off for damn near TEN years so she could be successful, and she can help you better yourself, but she not ride or die. You’ve been to a pharmacy, you see all those medicines your wife gotta learn. She’s going to a doctor of medicine. A fucking doctor. What is Ms. Tee’s occupation?”
“She don’t work,” I whispered, almost ashamed that my dad was pulling all my cards, making me look stupid.
“Exactly. So, I suppose that you divorce Princess, and be with your ride or die. You are talking about Princess not being a good wife, but have your ass been a fucking good husband? You are mad because your wife wants a better future for you than yourself, and she is not ride or die because she doesn’t want to be caught up in your street life. Please. Divorce her, and be with Ms. Tee,” my dad finished his advice with the worst advice that he has ever given me in my life.
“Dad, I’m not divorcing Princess. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
“Well, I can’t tell because now you have to tell your wife that you have a baby on the way. I taught you to be a stand-up man. Do the right thing, and whatever consequence comes with it, it just do. Let me know what you come up with,” he said, and hung up the phone.
I was fucked up by that phone call. My dad snapped on me, and I just called him to ask him how does he know when he happy. My stomach started hurting at the thought of my wife leaving me behind this shit. I didn’t even go back in the house with Tee, I got in my car, and headed home. The whole way home I was thinking about everything my dad said. I was caught up with Tee, but I loved my wife as well. Shit, like I keep saying, I love my wife more than anything in this fucking world.
An hour later, I stepped into the home that I shared with my wife, and crept upstairs. The lamp was on so I thought that she was still up, but she wasn’t when I walked on her side of the bed. She had fell asleep with her reading glasses on, and had several books and highlighted papers scattered all over the bed. I gathered them up, and slid down to the floor. I looked over all this shit, and realized that my dumb ass couldn’t even read eighty percent of the words on this paper, let alone understand all this shit. My dad was right.
I have been a fucked up husband. I thought to myself, and if this shit ever hit the fan, I was going to lose the best thing that ever happened to me.
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