Rhylo and Maddison: School Daze Part 3
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It has been one month since Rhylo and I made things “official.” After my little spat and him practically putting me in my place; we’ve been inseparable ever since. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I was still focused on my school work, so I guess it was good. The only bad thing was how addictive the sex between us had been. I wasn’t used to getting dick on the regular, but Rhylo had changed that. If we weren’t studying – me tutoring him sometimes – we were fucking. And, it scared me because that’s all I ever thought about. Like, now. Rhylo had his arm tossed over my shoulder as we walked out of our evening class together. My hand was wrapped securely around his waist, but making its way inside the band of the Nike shorts he was rocking. “Maddi,” he chuckled and grabbed my wrist. “Chill out.” “It’s mine,” I whined while shoving my hand inside anyway. I didn’t care what he was talking about. With a quick stroke, I massaged his dick with a grin on my face before he softly shoved me away from him. “It is yours, but we in public, mama. Relax. I got you when we get to my place,” he assured, but I still frowned. There was nothing wrong with a little PDA. Plus, I needed to let these chicks know who Rhy belonged too. When he went to wrap his arm back around me, I hesitated to move his way. A guy I had poetry class with was walking in our direction and was staring directly at me with a handsome smile. His cheeks had the nerve to have dimples in them as if having a beautiful smile wasn’t enough. God sure knew what he was doing when he created some men. Goodness! “Maddison, right?” he questioned, and I smiled with a nod. “Yes?” He glanced toward Rhylo before focusing his gaze on me. “I’m Drew. We have poetry class together, and I was wondering if you’d like to partner up for the duet we have to do. I was trying to catch you after class, but you walk fast,” he chuckled, and I swallowed hard. I honestly didn’t know what to say. I wanted to say yes because I had heard a few of his poems in class when we had to do impromptu’s, but I was conflicted with Rhylo standing next to me. Slowly, I licked my lips and glanced Rhylo’s way. He had a neutral look on his face, but his jaw was clenched tight. Drew shifted his weight from one foot to another, and I decided to answer him. “Sure. I guess we can discuss details in class.” “Fa sho. A group of us are going to Speak Up tonight around eight if you want to slide through,” he offered. Speak Up was a lowkey poetry lounge a few blocks off campus. I loved the vibe, so I’d definitely try to go. Well, I thought I would. “Nah. She don’t want to slide through. On the real, you should find another partner for that lil’ project and shit anyway. Maddi has one,” Rhylo spoke evenly and with authority. Drew licked his lips – thick, juicy lips – and chuckled. Damn! I was in trouble for feeling some type of way about him. I don’t even know what’s going on right now. “Shit, if Maddison slides through; that’s on her. As far as our project goes, I’ll let her decide on that as well. I mean… unless you control everything she does.” I frowned. What the fuck did he mean by that?
Rhylo adjusted his basketball shorts and pulled me into his side. “Don’t worry about what the fuck I do, nigga. Just know my girl won’t be sliding through anywhere or be your partner. Anything else, my nigga?” Rhylo gritted, and I squeezed his hand that I took ahold of. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, but I didn’t need him out here fighting. Drew’s eyes landed on me, straight up disrespecting and ignoring Rhylo. For some reason, his behavior had me curious about him, and I don’t know why. Especially when Rhylo was standing right next to me. “Nah,” he replied with that chuckle again. “Maddison… I’ll see you in class Thursday… or tonight.” He smirked before coolly strolling away. Had Rhylo not been standing there, I would have turned to watch him walk away in disbelief. Drew was bold. Much bolder than what I was used to. Hell, I was only used to Rhylo honestly. Feeling our bodies disconnect, my brows furrowed as Rhylo walked ahead of me. “What’s wrong with you?” I questioned catching up to him. “Don’t ask a question you know the fucking answer to, Maddison. Smiling all in that corny ass niggas face and shit,” he spat, and I jumped in front of him blocking his path. “Are you serious right now?” His jaw clenched. “Do I look mufuckin’ serious?” We had a stare down for a few seconds before he lightly moved me out his way and jogged up the steps toward the student union. “Rhylo!” I hissed, and he didn’t bother to turn around. Huffing with a roll of my eyes, I ran up the steps behind him. “Stop following me, yo. Go find that nigga to chase behind.” My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. “What?” “Stop fucking following me!” I shoved him in his chest and forced myself to hold back the angry tears I desperately wanted to let go of. Seeing a commotion, a couple of people turned our way, but I didn’t care. He owed me an explanation for the way he was coming out the side of his mouth right now. Grabbing his hands, I looked him in the face. A scowl was present, but his face softened up some when I began to speak. “What’s going on? Why are you tripping out on me for something so small?” Rhylo sucked his teeth. “Man,” he dragged and shook his head. “Cause’ I love your ass, aight?” My eyes grew wide, and mouth went dry. “What?” I whispered, begging him with my eyes to make clear of the words he just spoke. “You love me?” He shook his head again and smirked. “Yeah, I do. Shit crazy. I ain’t ever loved a girl this quick before. Shit, I never been the one to say those words first but you got me trippin’.” The smile on my face couldn’t be contained as I wrapped my arms around his waist. He loved me. I should have known by the way he just got so damn jealous. Only niggas in love do stuff like that. And, crazy ones. Maybe Rhylo was crazy, too. He had to be. “Awww, bae. You love me,” I cooed and kissed his chin. That’s how much taller he was than me. Sliding his hands down my back, and gripping my ass, Rhylo smiled. “That’s all this good pussy you been sliding up and down my dick.” As the words left his mouth, I felt his erection rise against my stomach. “Nah, for real Maddi. I do love you. I feel that shit all in my chest, mama. Feelings came out of nowhere, but I ain’t know what to do with em’. Sorry for disrespecting you earlier.”
Wow. I was stunned speechless. I knew we each had feelings for one another – clearly, him more than me – but I didn’t know they ran this deep. “You could have just said that. Why get all upset and hurt my feelings?” I pouted. Gripping my chin, he looked intensely into my eyes with a look he had probably given me once before, but I was just now realizing it. “I ain’t mean to hurt your feelings. I’m new to all this relationship shit, but work with me alright? I ain’t gone do you wrong,” he promised, and I nodded my head. With gentleness, he kissed my lips and held my frame tighter before whispering in my ear. “Now let’s get some food in you so I can get up in my pussy before class. You still got me fucked up for talking to that clown.” I chuckled and pecked his lips again. “Y’all were the ones talking.” “Mhm. I hear you,” he replied delivering a smack to my butt. Though he had confessed his love for me, I was still conflicted. Rhylo loved me, but damn was I feeling another type of way. Was I ready to be to tied down and committed to him?
As we were walking to the cafeteria, I couldn’t help but to think that Maddi didn’t tell me that she loved me back. I wasn’t telling her just to be pulling her leg; a nigga was really feeling her curly haired ass. I just wish I could have told her in a better setting. I was going to tell her this Saturday coming up and give her this diamond ‘R’ chain that I had in my room. I paid a thousand dollars for the shit, so the shit was real. It wasn’t the pussy that made me realized I loved her; it was the way she carried herself. She was smart, funny, and she kept a nigga in line. A nigga hadn’t even been fucking with no other bitches. I been turning them down and deleting and blocking them from my social media. Maddi really had a nigga on lock, bruh. If a nigga had of told me three months ago, that I would be in love and buying bitches jewelry just a month of being with them, I would have spit in his face, but her little ass got my heart. The whole time we were eating, I was quiet because I didn’t know how to say this to her without sounding like a dick. “Rhy, why are you being so quiet? You still mad?” she asked me as she seductively ate her fruit. “Maddi, I don’t want you to think that I control you or any of that, but I don’t want you fucking with Drew and I don’t want you to go to that poetry thing either.” She scrunched her nose up, and I knew that she was about to get an attitude that was going to piss me off. “Why not?” she asked. “I love Poetry, and I don’t even like him like that.” “It don’t matter. How would you feel if a woman stepped to me like that, and then I go to wherever she invited me to? That’s how people get in your head and into your relationships, thinking they can hit you with a few lines and all of a sudden, you disrespecting me. He’ll think he can do that shit anytime and I’ll have to break his fucking jaw. Plus, he one of those Frat niggas, and I just don’t trust them. Especially not the clique that he rolls with.” I had heard about the niggas that Drew rolled with and the crazy shit they be doing to women, but because everybody loved them, they could do no wrong. Especially when they have women taking up for them too. “Those are all speculations, Rhylo Washington. I’m going, and that’s final. And, I am going to be his partner. If he tries me like any of those things that I heard about him, I’ll be sure to let you know.” I sighed heavily because I didn’t want to argue with her but my blood was boiling. I couldn’t even finish my food. I got up to throw my tray away. She was coming behind me to throw hers away as well. She caught my hand and she thought that we were going to my car so we can go to my apartment, but nah, I was taking her to her dorm. I didn’t want to be around her anymore. “I thought that we were going—” “Nah, I’m going to let you get ready for your lil poetry thing tonight. I’ma slide over this bitch house that’s been wanting me to come over.” “Rhy,” she whispered in a hiss. “Don’t you be that way. I’ll fucking kill you and that hoe!” “Well, you’re just going to have to kill us. Go ahead and let me watch you walk in the dorm so I can go on about my way,” I said pushing her forward a little.
She walked away and then turned back to me with tears streaming down her face. My body and my mind were starting to betray me, so I had to look away from her. “Rhy, please look at me. You got me out here crying, and you keep hurting my feelings. If you fuck another bitch, I swear it’s going to be over, and I’m going to give Drew your pussy.” “Do what you gotta do, Maddi! That’s what you’re going to do anyway,” I said and turned away from her. I walked to my car and sent my brother a text about what happened, and five minutes later, he called me like I knew he would. I answered on the first ring. “Damn, bro! You in love and shit. That’s why you asked me for that extra thousand. I ain’t mad at you, but you can’t have your girl disrespecting you like that. Take your ass down there to that poetry thing and keep your eyes on her. If you don’t trust that nigga, then take your ass down there with your niggas. If he try some, make that nigga feel you. Your last name Washington. You my lil brother and this is the only time I’ll approve of you fighting, aight? I’m sending Kevin that way now, so if you go to jail, you’ll be right out in no time. Also, stop fucking that girl raw, I ain’t send you to school to be making no babies.” “Bro, I hit that shit raw the first time. I was her first. If I get her pregnant, I won’t be mad.” “You won’t be mad because you ain’t got to fork over no money to pay for the lil nigga. Pull out that girl mane. I need to come down there and see what girl got my brother head fucked up. Do like I said and take care of your girl, bro. Be easy. Love you. Peace,” my brother said and hung up the phone.
Later at the Poetry Slam…
Me, TJ, Devin, and two other niggas were sitting in the back waiting for some shit to pop off. I had them meet me here because I was going to make Maddi ride back with me. No one could see me because my hat was low. I hated these niggas and their ugly ass red and white jackets. It was like eight of those niggas steadily feeding the ladies drinks. I listened to my wifey say her poem, and I knew the shit was about me. She was smiling as she was saying it which made a nigga heart jump. Those ugly ass niggas were giving all the ladies drinks, but they were particularly feeding my girl drinks. I saw her turn the last drink down, but he whispered something in her ear, and she drunk it. I started to get up, but TJ grabbed my knee. “Not yet, nigga. Just wait.” The person called for the last person to say their poem and we slipped out the door. We were waiting against the wall in the parking lot so that we could see everything. I couldn’t see them, but I could hear them. “You let your nigga control you like that? You could do whatever you want if you were with a nigga like me,” Drew said to Maddi. “Nah, I’m good with my nigga. Rhy is not controlling. He just loves me a lot, as do I,” she slurred. I could tell that she was tipsy which pissed me off a lot more and I was going to break this nigga's face. “I bet I can change that. I’m sure my dick is bigger than his. Let me take you back to my house and show you.” “Hell nah, nigga! I’m about to go to the home I share with my nigga. Get off me, Drew!”
“Nah. You’ll be aight when you get to my house. Come on. Reese, come help me get her in the car,” Drew said. “NO!” Maddi yelled out. After she yelled no, I jumped from behind the wall. “I thought my girl said no, nigga!” I snapped. BAM! I punched that nigga in his shit, and he hit the ground and started to cover his face like I knew his bitch ass would. All those niggas in the red and white coats jumped out like they were power rangers. While I went to work on Drew’s face, my niggas went to work on those other niggas. All you heard were the screams from the other people in that had walked out of place. I wanted to kill this nigga as I kept raining blows on his face. His pussy ass never stood a chance with me. I could hear the sirens that were nearing. I felt someone grab me by my neck and yank me up. “Get out of here, Youngblood. Pigs are on their way. Your girl in the car with Devin.” “Kevin?” “Yeah, get out of here.” I ran to my car, jumped in, and sped out of the parking lot. I was so fucking pissed because I wanted to do more damage to that nigga. I wanted to break his ribs. My hands were swollen and bloody. My phone was ringing and it was TJ. I pressed the button on my car and I could hear the screams in the background. “BRO! MADDI IN HERE WIGGING THE FUCK OUT! SHE WANTS US TO TAKE HER TO YOUR APARTMENT. WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO? KEVIN STRONG AS FUCK BECAUSE HE GRABBED ALL OUR ASSES OFF THEM NIGGAS. WE FUCKED THEM UP!” TJ yelled over the Maddi screaming. “Nah, take her to her dorm! I ain’t trying to see her right now,” I spat and hung up the phone. I pulled into my apartment complex, hopped out and jogged up to my place. When I got inside, I looked at my hands the minute I flipped the switch on in the bathroom. It looked worse than it feels. I’m sure I’ll feel this shit in the morning. I cleaned them with some peroxide and then alcohol. I went into the kitchen and got the ice tray out the freezer and stuck both of my fists in them. BOOM! My door burst open, and it was a red faced Maddi. She had used the key I gave her to get in. “Maddi, I ain’t for your shit right now! Take your ass back to your dorm. I’ll deal with you whenever I fucking feel like it. Get the fuck out!” I snapped before she even said anything. “Rhylo Washington, look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” she pleaded. “Fuck you, Maddi! As your nigga, I tell you shit for the mothafuckin’ good of our relationship. I’mma know shit that you don’t fucking know! Now fucking look, if I wasn’t there, that nigga would have raped your lil ass… then what? I would have killed that nigga, and I would have been in jail. I tell you shit for a fucking reason. Next time your dense ass will fucking listen to me or the next nigga that you get with. I’m done with you.” The tears welled up in her eyes, and she started crying. I pulled my hands out of the ice and walked to my room with her on my heels. Next thing I know, this lil mothafucka started swinging on me. She pushed me on the bed and got on top of me and trying to fuck me up for real.
“We ain’t over nigga! I’m sorry, damn! We ain’t fucking over!” At this point, her fighting me was turning me on. I only told her it was over to see what she would do. I wanted to see if she would fight for our relationship. “Yes, we are Maddi. Get off me!” “I love you, Rhylo. Damn! I’m glad you went with your gut and followed me. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’ll listen to you more often!” she said. Before I could reply, this lil girl pulled my joggers down and took my dick into her mouth. She started sucking my shit like her life depended on it. The words were stuck in my throat as she took me in the back of hers. She was tightening her jaws something serious, snatching the nut out of my dick within minutes. I looked down at her as she swallowed my seeds with a smirk on her face. “You forgive me, daddy?” she whispered. “Yeah, get your ass up here and sit that pussy on my face.” I was still pissed about everything that went down today, and we will have a conversation in the morning, but for now…I’m about to eat the shit out of my lil woman’s tasty ass pussy.



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Rhylo and Maddi story was a great love connection, where two college students meet, fall in love and plan their future. However, I bet they will face a lot of obstacles, I would love to read more of their story

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