Rhylo and Maddison: School Daze Part 2
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Rhylo and Maddison: School Daze Part 2

In part 2, Maddi gets dragged to a house party with Nell. She’s not the party type, but that quickly changes. Rhylo, on the other hand, is down for the party life and finds himself in a sticky situation. Enjoy!
“Whose party did you say this was, again?” Leaning in toward Tinell, I semi-shouted the question in her ear for the second time. The music was blaring extremely loud in the loft style apartment, and I’m sure she hadn’t heard me or wasn’t trying to hear me. But, she had. “Drew from the basketball team,” she answered as we moseyed over to the table where an orange cooler was sitting. I didn’t drink. Well, I didn’t like to drink. Let’s put it that way. But, whatever was inside this cooler was so good. The tangy mixture of fruits and hint of alcohol had us doubling back for my second cup, Nell’s third. I simply nodded my head as she dispensed the concoction into my Styrofoam cup and handed it to me. My eyes scanned the dimly living room slash dance floor, and I grinned. With the week I had, I deserved to kick it for once in a while. If I completed one more assignment weeks before it’s due date; Nell promised she’d hide my MacBook. “This shit is so good,” she cheesed in my face before taking a generous sip. “You’re going to be fucked up.” “I hope not. I have a study session tomorrow at noon.” I was inwardly groaning at the thought of harboring a hangover. “Girl,” Nell said with a suck of her teeth. “Fuck that study session. You’re the smartest bitch I know.” “Tinell,” I hissed. “She doesn’t take too kindly to that bitch word.” I knew the voice before I saw his face. Rhylo’s words came out slowly, in a husky tone as one of his long boney ass arms made its way over my shoulder. From being around Nell, I knew what weed smoke smelled like, and Rhylo smelled like a mixture of that and a cologne I had only ever smelled on one other man; my daddy. Looking up at him, I gave him a soft smile even though I don’t know why. I was still pissed at him for tossing his drink on me and calling me a bitch. Now that I think of it, he never even apologized. As my grin dropped, and I grabbed one of his fingers between my index and thumb and gently removed his arm from around me. “You would know, huh?” Nell snickered. “What’s up, ya’ll?” I hadn’t realized his friends Devin and TJ were standing close by until Nell acknowledged their presence. They each gave a subtle head nod as a blunt was passed between them. TJ peeked inside Nell’s cup before grabbing it and taking a sip. With questioning eyes, I glanced at Nell who just smirked in return and retrieved her cup back from him. “Shit is good as hell. You gon’ make me a cup?” TJ asked, and Nell blushed. If I didn’t know any better, I’d surely think the two were flirting with one another. Nell just nodded her head and turned to make him a cup. That was strange; I thought to myself before I was pulled in the opposite direction of the crowd. My body was getting maneuvered through the crowd so swiftly; I couldn’t even tell Rhylo to slow up some. I wasn’t wearing heels or anything, but my drink was finally starting to sneak up on me. Finding an open spot on the brick wall, I leaned against it as he stood directly in front of me. Dressed casually in a pair of… freakin’ black jogger shorts that went past his knees, and a white Champion t-shirt; I had to admit, Rhylo looked even better than before. Maybe it was the liquor. No. It definitely wasn’t the liquor. Rhylo was fine, with a capital F.
“Where yo’ clothes at Maddison?” he questioned while tugging on the ripped jean shorts I was wearing. I paired them with a black onesie that was cut low in the front and my classic Adidas. If I were back home, I wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit. Not that I didn’t like it, but because my parents would kill me if I left their house dressed as such. “On my body, Rhylo,” I replied and took a sip from my cup. He smirked, and my stomach churned. How could something so simple be so damn sexy? Was he even trying? Looking over my frame with the expertise of a detailer in search for anything out of place, his scrutiny set my skin ablaze. “On my body, Rhylo,” he mocked making me giggle. That giggle came to an abrupt halt when he inched closer. Placing his hand on the small of my back, I drew a quick breath in when his lips grazed my ear as he began to speak. “I like this outfit on you. And, you smell so fucking good.” “Thank you,” I mumbled out breathlessly. “I’ma have to start getting you wet more often,” he whispered in my ear, and I pushed him away some to look in his face. “What?” “You’ve been wearing your hair down ever since that day at the café when I got you wet,” he answered with a smirk. His observation made me grin. I had indeed been wearing my hair down instead of the bun I rocked. “Yeah… I’m still waiting for an apology, too,” I sassed. Trading places, Rhylo leaned against the wall and before I could protest he had my body flushed against his from behind. Wrapping his arms around my waist, I squirmed to break our hold which only gave him access to the side of my neck. My spot that he magically knew was my spot as he nestled his face in the crook of my neck and inhaled a deep breath. “I apologize for calling you a bitch, but I’ll never apologize for tossing water on you. That was payback for your ass. Shit, you owe me.” “I do not. You started this. And, why are you holding onto me, Rhylo?” “Cause’ I like the way your little booty feels against me, and I’m fucked up baby,” he chuckled, and my eyes went wide as he leaned us both into the wall. His arms never left my waist. In fact, one was on my waist, and the other was making small circles around my belly button. “You’re drunk?” I whispered softly. I felt him nod then reply, “And high. Can I get a dance?” My eyes couldn’t scan the premises for Nell fast enough. I didn’t dance. Not anymore at least. Hell, there were a lot of things I didn’t do, but dancing was one I hated to be called out for. “All these girls in here and you want to dance with me?” I questioned as I looked up into his brown eyes that were in slits. He was fucked up, and that smirk on his face just kept getting sexier. “Are any of these girls getting my attention? If you can’t dance, just say that,” he chuckled and gripped my hips to move them in a circular motion. I didn’t need help, though. With my strict upbringing, my parents had me in every dance class imaginable. All night I had been bobbing my head to the beats of jams the in-house Deejay was mixing, but it wasn’t until now that I had actually paid attention to the lyrics. Chris Brown’s voice was crooning through the speakers and serenading a woman about not being able to make
it to his bed. With the little liquid courage I had and the feeling of Rhylo’s piece poking me in my lower back, I bent over, rotated my hips a little and looked over my shoulder at him. What was supposed to be a little tease turned into Rhylo pressing his hand into my back and making me arch it without trying. “Nah, gon’ head and show off them little skills. I knew you weren’t shy.” As the song took over my body right along with the liquor, Rhylo kept up with every move I made, every dip I dropped low and caressed my frame the entire time. He was very touchy feely, but I wasn’t complaining at all. Right when the song ended, I lifted up with a grin and turned around to see him biting his bottom lip. “Was that good enough?” I questioned with a smirk. “Better than good. You got my dick hard as fuck with your pretty self. Who taught you to move like that?” “Why you worried about who taught her how to move like that? The bitch wasn’t even all that,” I heard being spat behind me. Whipping my head around so fast, I frowned at the brown skin girl who had a scowl on her face and arms crossed over her chest. She must not have gotten the memo about that bitch word. “Do I know you? And you should really watch who you’re calling a-” “Shae, take your ass on man,” Rhylo spoke up, pulling me to the side of him as he stepped forward. Her scowl deepened, wrinkling her forehead even more. “Make me. I know you’re not about to sit up here and try to play me for a freshman.” Rhylo didn’t give her a verbal response. Instead, he took his position back on the wall and pulled me in front of him. Grabbing the cup I still had in my hand, he drank the last little bit of my drink and wrapped his hand around my abdomen. The look on Shae’s face was one of straight hurt. “You played yourself, ma,” he replied cockily, which caused me to smirk. But, that smirk was wiped from my face quicker than it appeared as the cold liquid from her cup splashed onto us. This was going to be the last damn time someone called me out of my name and threw a drink on me. Breaking free from Rhylo’s embrace, I went to swing on the girl, but he snatched me back quicker than I could blink.
In order for me to not beat Shae’s ass for throwing her drink on Maddison, I grabbed shorty and pulled her behind me. Shae had fucked up my whole vibe, so I was ready to go. My high was gone, and my liquor wore off fast as fuck. “You’ll be back because you like getting your dick sucked and you know ain’t no stuck- up ass bitch like her going to suck your dick like I do!” Shae yelled. I was pissed. “Yes, the fuck I will bitch! Rhylo, you better get your fucking hoes, bruh!” Maddison yelled in my ear, before stomping away. I grabbed Shae by her throat and pulled her to me. “I swear to God, if you even think about calling me again, I’ma crack your fucking face wide open. You’ll never get this dick again.” I growled in her ear and backed away from her. I walked up to Tinell, and she was standing there with TJ looking at me with an attitude. “Where Maddison go?” I asked her. “She went outside. You better be glad you handled that bitch because I was on my way over there until TJ grabbed me and told me to mind my business. I still may give her the business, just because.” I dapped TJ up and walked outside to see Maddison sitting on the bench in front of the building. I plopped down next to her, and she tried to get up and walk away, but I grabbed her by the bottom of her jean shorts. Pulling her down onto my lap, I made her straddle me. “I’m sorry about that, ma. Some broad I used to fuck—” “I don’t give a fuck about those broads you use to fuck. You just need to keep them in their fucking place,” she spat rolling her neck at me. I don’t know what she had on her lips but they were shiny, and her lips were so fucking juicy. I licked my lips at the thought of sucking on them. “Rhylo, are you even listening to me,” she punched me in my chest. “Honestly, I wasn’t. Maddi, your lips are so fucking juicy and sexy, I just want to suck on them, to be honest.” “You will never touch—” I cut her off by snatching her by her shirt and pulling her down to my lips. Whatever was on her lips tasted like pineapples. I sucked on her bottom lip, and she let out a stifled moan making my dick jump in my joggers. She pulled back some, and I could tell that she was flustered. “Rhylo, don’t… don’t…” she cleared her throat. “Don’t do that again.” “Don’t tell me what to do. I’m not feeling this party anymore, so come with me to my apartment. It’s only right up the road.” “I don’t know if I should, Rhylo. You may have a slew of hoes and I just—” I shut her up again by bringing her head to my lips once more. I ran my finger over her left nipple, and she moaned out. She moved back again, and I could hear her swallow. I stood up with her, and she wrapped her legs around me. “You are so strong. Little bony ass,” she grinned. “Mane, I ain’t bony. Chill.” I walked with her the entire way to my Mercedes. I popped the locks and put her in the passenger side, before walking around to the driver’s side and hopping in.
“How does a Sophomore have a Mercedes? You’re not a drug dealer, or nothing are you?” she asked me. “Nah, Mama. My brother got this for me when I graduated high school. He was proud of me for being the first in my family to go to college,” I replied to her. She ain’t need to know this, but if I hadn’t decided on a major by Junior year, I was going to drop out and hit the streets. It worked for my brother; it could work for me. I pulled through the gates of my apartment complex, and it was quiet. Even though it was close to the school, not many college students stayed over here because it was expensive. My brother got me a two- bedroom apartment, so most times Devin and TJ stayed over here. They took turns with the air mattress. “Your brother spoils you, huh?” she asked when she walked through the door my lavishly styled apartment. “Yeah. He does for the most part.” She followed me into my bedroom and took her shoes off. She sat at my desk while I laid on my queen-sized bed and turned the TV on. I could tell that she was nervous because every time I looked at her, and she cut her eyes to the floor and pushed a piece of her pretty ass hair behind her ear. “Come here, shorty.” She slowly got up and sat on the bed. I pulled her down on my chest. Her hair smelled even better now that I had sobered up some. I took out my phone and started playing some slow jams, before going to my Snapchat app recording us. Shyly, she covered her face. “Look, Mama,” I told her. “Nah. I look a whole mess.” Chuckling, I sent the video to my snapchat, and put my phone back down. I pulled her on top of me, and we stared at each other. “I like kissing you, Maddi. Can I call you Maddi?” She nodded her head, and I tugged at her shirt. I wasn’t spitting game. Her lips are soft as shit. I kissed her again and then rolled us over so I was positioned atop her. I started kissing her on her neck, and her lips weren’t the only soft thing on her body. I needed to have her. I had to have her. As I began to unbutton her shorts, she placed her hand on mine to stop me. “Rhylo, I have something I need to tell you. We can’t… Um… this is—” “This is what?” “My first time,” she whispered. “You were my first kiss, too.” Damn, I thought to myself. This just made her even sexier to me. Nobody has touched her in no type of way; I’m going to be the first. “Mama, I promise to be so gentle. It’s going to hurt, but it’s going to hurt so good. I promise you,” I said in a hitched breath. I couldn’t wait to get inside of her, but I needed to take my time. I promised her that I would take my time and I would. As I slowly undressed her, I couldn’t help but marvel at her perfect shape. I could tell that she was shy. I placed wet kisses all over neck, and she let out soft moans. I sucked on her perfect B cup sized titties once her bra was removed, and kissed all the way down to her mound. She was freshly waxed as if she was waiting to get this thang sucked on. Her pussy was so plump. Her lips were hiding her bud that I couldn’t wait to taste. I placed wet kisses on her second set of lips, and she started going crazy. “Oh my God!” she sighed.
I ran my tongue up and down her slit before her bud made it’s appearance. I started licking and sucking on it. Her body started to shake like she was having a seizure. I spread her lips and started sucking faster. “Rhhyyyy, baby! My body… I feel… please, oh my God!” She moaned as I watched her juices flow out of her. I ain’t never liked for anybody to call me Rhy, but at this moment, when it rolled off her tongue, a nigga didn’t even care. I kept sucking, and her legs were shaking so fast. “I can’t take it anymore, Rhhyy, baby! Baby! Baby!” she cried out in pleasure. I raised up and stared at her face. It was flushed, and her forehead was glistening with sweeat, even though my room was cold. I pulled my clothes off, and when my dick sprang free from my briefs, her eyes almost bucked out of her head. My dick is a smooth nine inches with a lot of girth. “How does a Sophomore have that between his legs?” she asked breathlessly. “Will you be able to fit all of that in me?” “If you let me get in there, I will fit,” I chuckled. I straddled her and played with her clit with the head of my dick. Her pussy was soak and wet. I pushed the head of my dick inside of her, and she jumped back. “Mama, relax as best as you can, or it’s going to hurt more. I just want to please you, aight? This night is about you,” I said brushing the hair that was stuck to her forehead out of her face. I placed my lips on her and pushed my tongue into her mouth, and when I pushed more inside of her her mouth opened, and head went back. I started biting and sucking on her neck while I pushed more and more inside of her. “You want me to stop, baby?” I looked into her eyes as the tears rolled down the sides of her face. I didn’t wait for an answer as I pulled out and went back down to start eating her pussy. I pushed two of my fingers inside of her and started fingering her. She came for me again, and I came back up and pushed inside of her while she was still coming down from the orgasm. “Rhyyy,” she moaned as I started moving in and out of her. “Maddi, baby girl. I swear this feels so good,” I groaned out in pleasure. I have taken a few girl’s virginities back in the day, but taking Maddi’s had so much meaning. I knew that I would be the first and last person to be inside of her. At least I hoped I was. I don’t know where this feeling came from suddenly, but I never wanted it to leave. “Rhhy, baby!” she cried. I looked down at my dick, and she was cumming again. Oh, my fucking goodness. I wanted to wild the fuck out inside of her. “Maddi, can I fuck you?” I asked her. “You are fucking me.” “Nah, fuck you… fuck you… I wanna be in your guts right now. I’m making love to you, now.” I said barely able to contain myself. When she nodded her head, I almost lost my mind. I grabbed her ankles and spread them apart as wide as they could go and I started slamming into her. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I went deep as I could in her and started pummeling her tight ass pussy. “Oowwwee, Rhy! Oh my God! Oh my God!” she screamed out.
I put her legs straight up and then pushed them back to where her knees were touching her fucking chest. I used one hand to keep her legs back and the other one to start playing with her clit while I continued to have my way with her. “RHHYY!” she yelled and was bucking at the same time. “What you finna do, Maddi? Your body finna do something ain’t it? Don’t hold back, let it go. Give it to me, Ma!” I growled. “RHHYLLOOO!” She screamed just as she squirted all over me, but I didn’t stop playing with her pussy while fucking her. Every stroke her cum was running out of her. “I’m finna nut, baby! Damn! You feel that dick jumping?” She couldn’t answer me because she was in whatever alternate universe her soul had ventured off to. I had her mind body and soul. I pulled out of her and nutted all over her swollen pussy. I had to sit there for a while to get my life together because that took a lot out of me. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a hot towel because I knew my shorty was going to need it. When I took it to her, she was already asleep. I cleaned her up, put her under the covers, and got in next to her. As if she knew what to do, she turned over and laid on my chest. I grabbed my phone to turn the music off and opened Snapchat to fifty notifications, but I wasn’t even going to check them. I just posted another picture of Maddi sleep while I looked into the camera, and I captioned it Mine.
One Week Later… It had been a week since I seen or heard from Maddi. She didn’t even come to the class that we had together. After we had sex, the next morning I woke up and she was gone. I was worried about her and everything. I don’t know what happened because I thought that she had a good time. I hope she wouldn’t say a nigga raped her or some dumb sht like that. I was losing my mind, and that wasn’t like me. I mean, I cared about a few females before but not how Maddi’s lil’ ass had me trippiing over her. After class was over, I caught up with TJ and Nell. “Yo, where Maddi at? I been looking for her and I just… I need to see her.” “Um, that’s none of my business what y’all got going on.” “Please, man! I need to see her. I’m losing my mind. She’s not hitting a nigga back or nothing,” I begged. I had found her Snapchat from looking at Nell’s friend’s list. “Mane, come on. She in the room. She said she’s sick, but I don’t know what’s going on. What did you do to her? I know she left with you last weekend,” Nell rolled her neck at me as her eyes squinted. I didn’t want to spread our business, so I didn’t say anything. I followed her to their dorm. TJ kept giving me looks, but I wasn’t giving away anything. If Maddi hadn’t told her, then neither was I. When we made it to the dorm, I followed them inside. Their dorm was set up like an apartment. It was made for four people, but only two people lived in it. She made me and TJ stay out in the living room area while she went into her room. I went and stood by the door so I could hear what she was saying. “Hey, Maddi, you need to get up. You’ve been in bed all week. Is everything okay? Do you want to talk about it?” Nell asked her. She started sniffing, and my face frowned up. “Nell, I lost my virginity to Rhylo. A boy that I haven’t even known for two full weeks yet. I don’t even know his last name. I know he thinks that I’m some type of hoe or something. I
have been able to hold on to my virginity for eighteen years, and one boy was able to come in, and sweet talk me out of my cookies. I can’t see him anymore,” she cried to Nell. Mane, fuck this… I thought to myself. Pushing the door open, I said, “My last name is Washington. Rhylo Demetri Washington. Maddi, I don’t think you are a hoe. You gave me something so precious, and I’m happy as fuck that you decided you wanted it to be me. I don’t care that I’ve only known you two weeks.” She cut her eyes to me, and I smiled at her, but I was getting ready to curse her pretty ass out. I sat on the bed and Nell left out giving us a moment alone. “Rhy—” “Nah, Maddi, you selfish man. Here I am, losing my fucking mind, can’t think or sleep, damn near can’t eat, and you in here crying because you think I wouldn’t like you anymore. I’m pissed. Why the fuck you wouldn’t just hit me up and ask like a normal fucking human being?” She shrugged her shoulders, and I wiped away the tear the rolled down her cheek. “You better be glad you pretty mane and you making me a sucker for tears. Scoot over.” I kicked my shoes off, got in the bed behind her and wrapped my arm around her waist. “Rhy?” she called out, as I nuzzled my face in the crook of her neck. “Yes, mama.” “Can we have sex again? You know, if you want to.” Smirking, I placed a hand between her legs. She was already wet. “My mothafuckin’ pleasure.”
Not even five minutes later, she was moaning my name so damn angelically as I licked and sucked all over her body. We were about to turn this mufuckin’ dorm out!




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