Only For A Night: Lorenzo & Andrea
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Only for A Night: Lorenzo & Andrea

Andrea was sitting in the restaurant twirling her noodles with her fork. She wished that she could enjoy the restaurant and its delicious food, but she couldn’t. Andrea knew that she was only there because her husband, Jason, had stepped out on her once again, and he was trying to make up for it by taking her on vacation out of the country. Last year, it was Mexico, the year before that, it was Thailand, and this year they are in the Dominican Republic.

“Andrea, why are you acting like this, mama? Aren’t you having a good time? This is our last night here, and you haven’t smiled since you’ve been here,” Jason spoke to his wife of ten years.

Jason knew that he had messed up and he knows that his wife loves the beach, so he had his travel agent hook them up with tickets to the Dominican Republic. She said that this resort was adults only, so they wouldn’t have to deal with all the bad ass kids running around. So far, everything had been nice, but Andrea still wasn’t talking to him, and Jason felt… well, knew that Andrea was at the end of the line with him. He knew that Andrea was getting ready to file for divorce because he saw the information in his wife’s history on her computer.

“The travel agent said that we would enjoy this place,” Jason said attempting to make conversation again.

“The same travel agent you fucked two years ago,” Andrea replied.

Jason sighed.

“I think that we should get a—”

“Don’t say it. We can make this work, Drea. I keep apologizing. I buy you whatever you want. You don’t have to work. What do you want me to do? You haven’t slept with me since—”

“Since you cheated on me last year. I’m just not interested in you sexually anymore and knowing that tad bit of information; you still stuck your dick in another woman. I’m tired, Jason.”

Sitting at the table next to them was Lorenzo Ackee, and he had been watching Andrea twirl at that same noodle since her food came. He thought that something was wrong with her food, but when he overheard her little argument with her husband, he knew that it wasn’t the food. Lorenzo was well-known around the Dominican, so he always wore his fedora low on his head, with a pair of dark shades. Lorenzo listened on as the couple continued to silently argue before Jason finally threw his napkin down on the plate and walked out of the restaurant, leaving Andrea alone. Lorenzo saw that as the perfect opportunity to take a piece of paper out of his wallet, and scribble a few things on it, before sliding it over to Andrea and leaving the restaurant.

On the way out of the restaurant, Lorenzo could hear Jason whispering into his phone, telling someone that he couldn’t call because he was on vacation with his wife. Lorenzo shook his head and walked past him and headed to his private villa.

In the restaurant, Andrea was still sitting in her seat stunned looking at the card that was handed to her.

            Come to Villa #3 at midnight, if you want to get treated right, only for a night.


 She never even got a good look at the mystery man, but she was hella intrigued. Andrea opened her purse, placed the card in it, and grabbed her wallet to get some cash out to place a tip on the table. After placing a tip on the table, she got up and headed out of the restaurant, and bumped right into Jason.

“Where are we going now? The night is still young,” Jason said, and Andrea looked at her watch to see that it was a little after nine.

“I’m going to bed. I don’t know or care where you’re going,” Andrea responded.

Andrea left her husband there with a stupid look on his face and headed to the room. On her way to the room, she stopped and looked up at how the bright the moon was shining, and it made her smile. Once she was back in her room, she pulled the card out of her purse and looked at it again. She wondered if she should do it. Jason had done whatever he wanted to do this entire marriage, why not?

11:45 PM had rolled around, and Jason still hadn’t made it back to the room. Andrea figured that he was at one of the bars on the resort. She had just gotten out of the shower and was putting on her favorite berry lotion from The Body Shop. Andrea only battled with whether she was going to see Mr. Zo for ten minutes before she was sliding on a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt, and walking out of the room. Andrea made sure to leave her phone on purpose. She walked for a couple of minutes before seeing a sign that directed her towards the villas. The closer she got to Villa #3, the harder her heart started to beat.

“This man could be a killer. A rapist. A kidnapper, or all three,” Andrea whispered to herself.

Andrea let her thoughts get to her, and she turned around to bolt away from the villas until a golf cart pulled up behind her.

“Leaving so soon?” Zo asked Andrea and stepped off the cart.

Andrea let her eyes roam over Zo’s body. He had on a pair of shorts as if he had just come from the beach with no shirt and a pair of flip-flops. His bronze skin was glowing under the moonlight, and his light brown eyes sparkled as well. His hair was cut into bald fade with his curly hair looking wet as if he had just gotten out of the shower. His body was chiseled perfectly, and the dark tattoos etched into his skin stood out.

“Drea?” Zo called her name.

“Oh, huh?” Andrea whispered still in awe of how good Zo looked to her.

“I asked if you were leaving?” Zo said and stepped closer to her, prompting Andrea to take a step back.

The last thing Zo wanted to do was make Andrea uncomfortable, so if she wanted to leave, then she could. Zo got an even better look at her, and she was even more beautiful up close. Andrea’s chocolate ass was proportioned perfectly. Her DD’s was sitting up perfectly in her shirt, and her thick waist and even thicker thighs already had Zo’s dick threatening to get out of his shorts. Zo took another step towards Andrea, and she didn’t move, and he took the chance to get all in personal space.

“Are you leaving, Drea?” Zo looked down into her dark brown eyes.

“N-n-no,” Andrea managed to stutter.

“Follow me.”

Zo held his hand out, so Andrea took it, and he led her into his villa. Once Andrea and Zo were inside, they kicked their shoes off, and Zo led her into the huge bedroom. Andrea was in awe at how good it looked in there. The curtains were pulled back, and the moon was shining brightly into the room. Andrea stood by the door while Zo took a seat on the bed.

“What do you want?” Zo asked her.

“What you mean?”

“What…do… you…want? How do you like to be fucked?”

“Um… I just go with the flow.”

Zo chuckled and got off the bed to walk up on Andrea. He could tell that she was extremely nervous. He led her over to the bed and laid her down. He straddled her and stared into her nervous face.

“Relax, sweetheart. I’m not going to hurt you, okay,” Zo whispered before placing a wet kiss on her lips.

The moment Zo’s lips touched Andrea’s, her body started to warm up. She began to kiss him back, before he parted her lips and slowly snaked his tongue inside of her mouth. Andrea happily accepted his tongue and started to suck lightly on it, while cupping his blemish and hair free face. Zo placed his knee in between Andrea’s legs, and he could feel the heat radiating off her pussy. Zo pressed his knee slightly into her pussy, applying pressure to her pussy, turning Andrea on even more. Her lips opened somewhat because the pressure Zo was applying to her pussy had her getting ready to cum just that fast.

“Keep kissing me, Drea,” Zo whispered against her lips.

Drea inhaled sharply as Zo applied more pressure to her pussy with his knee. Zo slightly gripped her neck, making her inhale even sharper.

“Keep kissing me, Drea!” he said with much more force.

“I ca-ca-can’t,” Drea stuttered while getting ready to let out the biggest orgasm she had ever had in her life.

The pressure to her neck, and her pussy at the same time had her getting ready to release tears from the pleasure. Zo stuck his tongue down in Drea’s mouth as far as it could go, while she was struggling to breathe. Their eyes were locked on each other, and Andrea felt as if she was getting ready to float to the moon that was basically right outside the window.

“Cum for me, Drea baby,” Zo whispered against her lips.

The light groan that escaped Drea’s lips let Zo know that he had got the job done. Zo loosened the grip on her neck, and slowly moved his knee away from her pussy. Her legs went limp against the bed, and when Zo let her neck go, her chest started going up and down fast.

“You okay?” Zo asked her.

“I don’t know,” Andrea replied.

Zo chuckled and tugged at the bottom of her shirt and slowly eased it over her head. She immediately covered her stomach with her hands, trying to hide what little stomach that she had.

“Move your hands please,” Zo whispered.

Andrea slowly moved her hands, and she watched as Zo eyed her body as if it was something on a dessert plate. The way he bit his lip made her blush a little. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra and pulled it off. Her DD cups fell as natural breasts do, and it didn’t take Zo long before he started to attack her nipples. Zo licked and placed soft bites into her chocolate gumdrop nipples, and it was turning Andrea on even more. Zo took his hand and started rubbing on her pussy through her shorts, and Andrea was slightly embarrassed that she had soaked her panties right through her shorts, and tried to close her legs, but Zo stopped her.

“Jesus Christ, it’s a faucet down here, baby girl.”

Zo kissed down the middle of her stomach and swirled his tongue around in her navel before placing kisses all over her stomach. Zo kissed right down her middle and started placing kisses on her covered pussy. Andrea couldn’t take it anymore and tried to pull her shorts to the side, but Zo wasn’t going. He continued to nip at her clit through her shorts, and it was driving her crazy.

“Zo, please…” Andrea begged. “I need you to touch me!”

“We got all night, baby girl.”

With the tip of his tongue, Zo applied pressure to her clit while using the pad of his thumb to make circles around her opening. Andrea arched her back to make him apply more pressure to her clit. Reading her body language, Zo did exactly what Andrea wanted to do, and from the slight jerk of her body, Zo knew that she had cum for him again. He could tell that she was extremely backed up.

“Oh my God!” she whispered breathlessly. “Please stop teasing me,” Andrea begged.

At this point, Andrea was getting ready to lose her damn mind. She felt that Zo kept stalling because he had a small dick or something. She knew there was no way that this man could have head this good with good dick to match. The moment Zo tugged at the waistband of her shorts, her heart started to beat fast as hell. She lifted her ass off the bed just enough for him to slide the shorts to the middle of her thighs. She tried to take them all the way off, but Zo stopped her.

Zo got between Drea’s legs, making her rest her legs on his back, and he placed small wet kisses up and down her bikini lines, before running his tongue up and down them both. Zo was extremely pleased with how wet Andrea was. The moon was shining bright enough in the room to give Zo all the light he needed to see how fat and juicy Andrea’s pussy was. Her clit was protruding through her fat lips, and it made Zo’s dick harder. To make Andrea sweat a little more, instead of attacking her pussy the way she wanted him too, he started sucking lightly on the inside of her thighs, while keeping an eye on her pussy. The twitching of her pussy had Zo turned on to the max. No longer being able to take it, he ran his tongue down Andrea’s slit.

“Sssssss, Zo,” Andrea hissed.

Zo took the tip of his tongue and started flicking it across Andrea’s clit. Not fast. Not slow. A perfect medium and it was driving Andrea crazy. She tried to scoot back, but Zo followed her all the way until the top of her head was against the headboard, never wavering his tongue movements.

“ZO!” Drea screamed.

“Uh-huh! Where you going?” Zo spoke.

Andrea’s mind was in another universe as she continued to receive the tongue flicks from Zo. Her soul screamed as she released another mind-blowing orgasm. Andrea’s body shaking as if she was cold didn’t stop Zo from assaulting her clit. Zo took his thumb and started rubbing it around her sopping wet opening before slowly sliding his thumb inside her. After he was satisfied with how wet his thumb was, he reached up and rubbed his thumb across her lips. Zo came up between her legs and placed his lips on Drea’s juicy lips, before sliding his tongue in her mouth. Andrea happily accepted his tongue. Tasting herself always turned her on.

Zo pulled back and looked into Andrea’s lust filled face and smiled showing off his perfect thirty-two teeth.

Before Andrea could catch herself, she asked, “Can I suck your dick?”

Zo’s eyebrow raised because he had never had a woman that straightforward about sucking his dick. Tonight was about Andrea, the woman who was unhappy in her marriage, and needed a couple of orgasms, but if she wanted to suck his dick who was he to stop her. Zo didn’t respond to her question, so Andrea started to reach inside of his shorts to get to his monster. He scooted up a little more, so she could get to the monster she wanted so badly. Zo had already fallen in love with kissing on Andrea’s juicy lips, so he started making her love to her mouth again.

Once Andrea found her way to Zo’s dick, she gasped. She wasn’t expecting the length. The girth. The extremely thick head attached to it. The very thick blood-filled veins protruding through the shaft. She mentally counted at least four of them. His dick was the definition of  ‘ribbed for her pleasure.’ When she gasped, Zo kept kissing her and sucking in her air at the same time, making it hard for her to breathe, and he knew it. He didn’t care that he was taking away her air.

“Stroke it, Drea,” Zo whispered into her mouth. “You wanted this mothafucka, now stroke it.”

Doing as she was told, Drea stroked Zo’s big ass dick. While she stroked him, Zo kept kissing her, emitting low growls into her mouth every time she rubbed her fingers across the tip of his pre-cum filled head. Drea ran her fingertips up and down Zo’s veins, and that made her even wetter. While Drea was stroking Zo’s dick, he continued to kiss her like he would never kiss her again. Zo took two fingers and started running it up and down Andrea’s clit. Andrea was so turned on that Zo could feel her clit pulsating between his fingers.

“Ahh,” she groaned into his mouth.

“Oh yeah, you like that shit?” Zo asked her.

“Zo…” his name fell from her lips.

“Drea…” Zo whispered her name. “Cum for me, beautiful. Cum for Zo. Zo making that pussy cum?”

Andrea used her free hand to grip onto Zo’s waist as she tight as she could. Andrea’s body relaxed, and she knew what was coming next. Zo was making her having orgasms back to back. Tears sprang into her eyes as she screamed Zo’s name at the top of her lungs, and he didn’t let up. Zo gazed at her as her face twisted into many different forms as she released her orgasms. Andrea opened her eyes, and the tears slowly rolled down her eyes, but he didn’t care, he kept rubbing her swollen clit.

“Zooo, please!” Andrea begged, but Zo didn’t let up.

“Don’t beg. It’s not becoming of a beautiful woman like yourself. You can take this shit. This is light compared to what I could be doing to you. And why you stop stroking my dick?”

Zo dipped his head between her legs and put his face in between Andrea’s wet lips. He snaked his tongue inside of her wet hole, swirled it around inside of her. After Andrea started tapping the bed, he came back up and gazed at her. Zo’s face was filled her with her juices from his nose down to his chin. Andrea gripped him by the back of his neck, and brought him down to her face, so she could start sucking her juices off his chin.

“Oh yeah? You nasty like this… I feel that” Zo groaned, getting even more turned on that Andrea decided to suck her juices off his face.

When she was done, he pulled her shorts all the way off and threw them on the floor. He stood up in the bed and pulled his shorts off. Andrea’s mouth fell open at the sight of his curved rod. She felt his dick, but to actually see it was another thing. It was two shades of brown and sexy as hell.

“My God,” Andrea whispered, and her mouth watered.

Zo laid down in the bed next to her, and his dick fell all the way to the left.

“Get on your knees, and get this shit,” Zo ordered Andrea.

Her body was so damn weak from all the orgasms that she could barely move. She tried to move, and it felt as if her lower half was non-existent.

“Oh, you not going to move. I see what’s going on? You want me to get up there and fuck your face, don’t you?” Zo queried before sitting up in the bed.

Andrea had never had her face fucked before, but she had no limits for tonight. It’s only for one night, right? Andrea took to long to answer Zo, so he straddled her chest, and started tapping the head of his dick against her lips. Andrea opened her mouth and accepted the head of his dick. Zo gripped her hair and started moving her head backward and forwards on his dick. Andrea tried to grip his dick, but he smacked her hand out of the way.

“Oh nah, no hands on this dick,” Zo said.

Andrea started getting used to it and gripped Zo’s ass cheeks so that he could push more of himself into her mouth. Drea started sucking like her life depended on it. She didn’t even believe that she could get Zo’s dick as wet as she was getting it from this position.

“Oh God, please tell me you can take more of my dick,” Zo groaned.

Andrea smirked as he pushed more of himself into her mouth, but she wasn’t satisfied. She pulled him forward until his whole nine, and a half dick was pushing past her tonsils.

“Shhittt,” Zo whispered as he tried to pull back, fearing that he might choke her, but Drea kept him right there. “Drea… oh my God.”

He pulled back to let her breathe for a moment before pushing his dick back passed her tonsils. Zo felt that familiar tingling in his balls and pulled himself out of Drea’s mouth.

“Shit. I’m about to cum,” Zo warned her.

Drea pulled him back in her mouth as he released his cum down her throat. When he pulled back, Drea wiped her mouth and looked up at Zo, who was gazing down at her with his bottom lip pulled in between his teeth.

“Goddam girl,” Zo finally said. “That shit just fucked me up,” he chuckled.

“You ready for this dick?” Zo asked her.

“You’re still hard?”

“I am.”

Andrea’s eyes got big as Zo got between her legs and pushed them apart. Zo started rubbing the head of his dick around her opening, spreading her juices everywhere.

“Relax, Drea,” Zo said when he noticed that she had tensed up. “I need to eat your pussy again.”

Drea closed her legs around him as if that would stop him from eating her pussy again. He pushed her legs open again and eased himself inside of her warm, tight, and extremely wet hole.

“Oh my gosh,” Andrea moaned when Zo filled her all the way up.

Zo had to pull out of her and push inside of her again to get that same reaction again. In all of Zo’s thirty-two years of living, he had never felt any pussy like this before. He thrust in and out of her with strokes of precision. Zo leaned over and started slowly making love to Drea’s mouth while he pushed in and out of her just as slow.

“Jesus. Jesus. Jesus, please,” Andrea called out as I stroked her g-spot.

“Try that again, but with my name, beautiful.”

Her mouth was open, but nothing came out because Zo had started to speed up. He held her thighs apart while he dug her immaculate pussy out.

“Zo! Zo! Zo! Zo! Zo! Zo!” Andrea screamed.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, mam! Give me that fucking nut, Drea!”

“What kind of dicckkk is thisssss? Oh my gosssshhhhh!” she moaned as she creamed up his dick.

“This the dick you needed. Turn that ass over.”

“Zo, I can’t moveeee,” Andrea whined.

“Aight, bet. You ain’t got to move,” Zo replied.

Zo grabbed three of his big ass pillows and stacked them on top of each other. He flipped Drea over onto the pillows as if she was a rag doll. The way she was laying on the pillows had her body in the perfect arch. Zo positioned himself behind her and eased inside of her pussy. Zo gripped her thick ass cheeks and spread them apart so that he could go deeper inside of her.

“Oh, shit, Zo,” Andrea whispered.

“Your pussy so fuckin’ good, Drea baby,” he groaned.

Drea started throwing it back as much she could, and that excited Zo even more.

“Oh yeah, you ready to throw that ass back? Bet.”

Zo moved the pillows out the way, so Drea could throw it back the way that she wanted too. Drea started matching Zo’s strokes, and the only thing that could be heard was Zo and Drea’s skin smacking and low groans. Zo was beating Drea’s pussy down, and they both were loving every minute of it. Zo grabbed both of Drea’s wrists and pulled them behind her.

“Raise up, Drea.”

Zo had pulled her backward by her wrists, so her back was almost against his chest. Zo started to pummel her pussy. Drea started throwing her shit back as much as possible, and Zo loved every minute of it. In this position, Zo was able to hit that G-spot perfectly.

“ZOOO! I’m about to cum!”

“Cum then! You ain’t gotta tell me shit!”

Zo let her wrists go and caught her by her lower stomach and gave it a gentle squeeze while he continued to beat Drea’s pussy up.

“Shittttttttttttt!” Drea screamed while she came and started squirting at the same time.

“Yes, baby girl. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about. Rain on me! Fucking rain on this dick. You deserve this shit every time you fuck, Drea! You deserve to nut to like this, Andrea! This pussy grip to tight to not nut like this every time you bust it wide open.”

“Oh my, Zo…” Andrea cried as Zo continued to squeeze on her and fuck her at the same time.

“Keep fucking raining on me, Drea. You deserve this. Shit. I’m about to cum.”

Zo pulled out of Andrea and skeeted his nut all over her ass. Andrea fell flat to the bed, and Zo watched her shake for a little while before climbing out of bed to grab a couple of towels for them both. After Zo ran warm water on the towels, he came out to clean Andrea up, and she was fast asleep, light snores an all. When he cleaned her up, she didn’t even move a muscle. Her pussy was so swollen, and he knew that she was going to feel it tomorrow.

Zo put one of his shirts on Andrea’s body and her shorts back on without her panties. Throughout all of that, she was still knocked out. He carried her out to his golf cart and eased in it with her on his lap. He drove to her building and carried her up to her room. He used his master bracelet to let himself in the room she shared with her husband. Jason was laid in the bed half-naked. He was still knocked out from his special drink that Zo had the bartender make him. Zo laid Andrea on the bed, placed the blanket over her, lightly kissed her cheek and eased out of the room like he had never been there.

The next morning Andrea opened her eyes, and she was laid next to Jason. She rolled her eyes, mad that she had woken up from a terrific dream she had about a man she met at a restaurant her and her husband were at last night. When she realized that they were about to be late for check-out, she hurried and woke Jason up. She was lucky that she had packed most of their things two nights before. She eased out of bed, and the ache between her legs made her pause. She looked back at Jason and saw that he was half-naked, and she couldn’t believe that she had fucked her husband.

Thirty minutes later they were hustling to check out.

“Mr. and Mrs. Reed, you two are good to go, but can you wait right here. My boss is here today, and he loves to shake hands.”

“While we wait, can I get some headache medicine. My head is pounding,” Jason spoke, and the man nodded his head and walked away.

“Jason, don’t you ever touch me again!” Andrea hissed.

“What are you talking about, Andrea? It’s too early for that bullshit.”

Before she could respond, the man that emerged out of the office made a lump in Andrea’s throat form.

“Hey, I’m Lorenzo Ackee, and I’m the owner of this resort. Did you two enjoy your stay?”

Andrea was stunned. She couldn’t say anything.

“Yeah, we did. Where the headache medicine?” Jason rudely questioned.

Lorenzo could tell that Andrea was shocked. He grabbed his ear and Andrea’s eyes grew large when she noticed her missing diamond stud was in his left ear. She thought she had lost one of them while she was swimming and hadn’t noticed it until this morning. She smiled at the thought of her night with Zo and was even more excited to know that it wasn’t a dream. She had met a gorgeous man and gotten her rocks off. Shun, the front desk clerk, interrupted Andrea’s gaze. He handed Jason the medicine, and he immediately threw them in the back of his throat.

“And how about you miss? Did you enjoy your stay?”

“Yes…” Andrea managed to whisper.

“Wonderful. I’m glad that you were able to be serviced to perfection. That’s what we strive for. I hope to see you guys back here, soon.”

Andrea blushed knowing that Zo was talking about last night more than anything.

“Who knows. Drea let’s go,” Jason said and started dragging her away.

Andrea turned around and looked at Zo one last time, and he gave her a slight wink.

“Bossman, you think they’ll come back,” Shun asked Zo.

“They always do,” Zo spoke just above a whisper as he watched the shuttle drive away.




Cover by: AubreePynn (IG)


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