Luv Cum Down: Story One: Celai, Kay, and Thomas
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Luv Cum Down


An Erotic Short

Story One

‘Happy Anniversary’





This story contains very explicit language. If this is not your thing, this is not the story for you.

This story contains Lesbian scenes. If you deem that offensive, this is not the story for you.

This story is not to be read in public because you WILL need to change your underwear! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!





Thomas and Kay Fields have been married for fifteen years, and Kay wanted to give her husband the surprise of a lifetime.







Play List:


1: Anniversary – Tony! Toni! Toné!

2: Any Time, Any Place – Janet Jackson

3: …’Til the Cops Come Knockin’ – Maxwell

4: Get Up On It – Kut Klose

5: Stroke You Up – Changing Faces

6: Last Night – AZ Yet

7: Lay Your Body Down – Pretty Willie

8: Freak Me – Silk

9: Red Light Special – TLC


Happy Anniversary

Kay stared at herself in the mirror as she waited for her surprise guest to arrive at her home she shared with her husband. She was on pins and needles as she rubbed her hands up and down her short and thick chocolate frame.

Thomas, or Tommy, as he liked to be called, and Kay Fields had been married for the last fifteen years. Kay was sure that she had snagged one of the few good men left on earth. Thomas worked while Kay stayed home with the children. Thomas spoiled her along with their three children, and she couldn’t be more appreciative. During their fifteen-year marriage, Kay had never had to worry about Thomas doing anything that he shouldn’t have been doing. He would probably object to the surprise that Kay had for him for the sake of their vows.

Ding Dong!

            The doorbell rang, and Kay knew it was the surprise. She pulled her robe over her shoulders and walked downstairs. When Kay opened the door, Celai was standing there looking good as fuck. Celai was twenty-one years old and had the body of a goddess. A couple of inches shorter than Kay, Celai’s dark brown skin with dark brown eyes to match would have any man groveling at her feet. Not only was Celai’s skin beautiful and blemish free, her waist was small with a very plump and soft ass, and her breast… they sat up perfectly.

Celai noticed Kay eye fucking her and she felt her cheeks warm up. Celai was nervous out of her mind about what was about to take place, but she knew that Kay was going to do everything to ease her nerves. Celai met Kay in a grocery store. Celai had only been with a couple of women in college for fun but it was something about Kay that she couldn’t take her eyes off her when she first saw her. Kay was chocolate and Celai loved chocolate women. Kay told her she had three kids, but she would have never guessed it. Kay’s body was still snatched.

Celai had followed Kay around the grocery store like a lost puppy until Kay had spoken to her. Her voice… Celai knew it was over once she heard the sound of Kay’s voice. To Celai, Kay’s voice sounded so good and she imagined what it would sound like to hear her moan. After Kay introduced herself to her, they talked for a while, and then exchanged numbers. Celai and Kay talked on the phone for weeks before Kay proposed the idea to her. Celai hurriedly accepted the deal.

“Come in, beautiful,” Kay said to Celai.

Celai walked in with her bag on her shoulders. Kay made sure to have her come in a few minutes before Tommy would come home. Kay wanted Celai to be comfortable before things took place.

“Are you okay?” Kay questioned Celai as she looked at all the pictures on the wall.

“Yes, Mrs. Fields,” Celai turned to answer her, making Kay lick her lips. “Mr. Fields is so damn fine.”

Kay loved the sound of Celai’s voice, and calling her Mrs. Fields turned her on more than it should have.

“Let’s go upstairs and get ready. Mr. Fields will be home in a few minutes,” Kay said to her.

Kay grabbed Celai’s hand and led her upstairs to the bedroom she shared with her husband. Once the pair was upstairs, Celai was hesitant to let Kay’s hand go… not because she was afraid, but because her skin was so soft. Celai had only seen Kay once after they met at the grocery store and that was to meet Kay with her STD results. Kay noticed that Celai hadn’t let her hand go, so she picked up Celai’s hand and kissed the back of it. Celai’s body started to heat up.

“Calm down lady. There will be so much time for that,” Kay said to Celai, making her smile wide.

Celai and Kay spent the next ten to fifteen minutes getting the room together. They set up candles, rose petals, and chilled wine. Kay had even set up a massage table. She planned to cater to her man as much as she could because he deserved it. Kay’s heartbeat started to increase once she realized that time had flown by and Tommy would be coming through the door any minute now. Kay had Celai go turn the shower on, so the water could be a great temperature when he came in. When Kay heard the garage door open, both her and Celai got undressed and held glasses of wine for Thomas once he walked in the room.

Downstairs, Tommy came in through the garage door with roses and a card. He was so eager to get home so he could get dressed and take his wife of fifteen years out to eat. Thomas thought that the car he saw outside belonged to the babysitter his wife called over to watch the kids, not knowing that Kay had sent the kids to their grandparents’ house, hours ago. He walked up the stairs and opened the door to his bedroom and got the shock of his life. Kay, the love of his life, was standing there… naked… with a beautiful young woman standing next to her who was also… naked. They were both holding flutes of champagne.

“Happy Anniversary, love of my life,” Kay said and sauntered over to Tommy, handing him the flute of champagne.

“Kay… what… what is this?” Thomas stuttered, setting the roses and the card on the nightstand.

“Your surprise, baby. Don’t look at me like that. This is not a joke, I promise,” Kay whispered into Thomas’s ear.

Thomas was unable to speak. He knew that his wife had a thing for women and often talked about bringing another woman into their bedroom, but he had refused. Thomas never wanted his wife to feel like she wasn’t enough for him, because she was. Thomas had been in love with his chocolate beauty ever since the day he laid eyes on her. He loved taking care of and coming home to Kay. She was the best mother ever to his kids and constantly let Thomas know how much she appreciated him.

“Celai, can you come over and help me get Mr. Fields undressed, please?” Kay turned and asked Celai.

Thomas eyed Celai as she sauntered over to him. She had the body of a goddess, and he knew that she had men lined up to please her. Thomas downed the first glass of champagne once Celai made it to him. His body had tensed up at the touch of another woman. He was completely okay with only Kay touching him for the rest of his life. Thomas accepted Celai’s flute of champagne and started to down it while Kay started unbuttoning his shirt and Celai squatted and started untying his boots.

Kay gazed at her husband’s face while both she and Celai were undressing him. Thomas had his eyes closed and she knew that he was starting to get into it. Kay finally got his last button undone and she slid his shirt off. She then pulled his t-shirt over his head and now the top half of his body was on full display. The tattoos etched into his caramel skin were so fucking sexy.

“Wow!” Celai whispered once she got Thomas’s pants off and saw his dick had hardened through his boxer hole.

Thomas’s dick had to be ten inches long and had the thickness to die for. Celai slowly slid his boxers down and Thomas stepped out of them.

“Big, huh? You think you can handle this, Celai?” Kay asked her.

“Yes, Mrs. Fields,” Celai whispered while her eyes were still glued to Tommy’s dick.

Celai couldn’t take her eyes off Tommy’s dick. She had never had a dick this big and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her. Hell, Celai couldn’t wait to taste him. Celai was so turned on that she didn’t care that he had just come from work, she wanted to take his sweaty dick into her mouth. She wanted to taste his salty balls, but she didn’t want to jump the gun. Celai stood up slowly and eyed Mr. Fields’ body, and he had a body to die for. Celai counted his abs and saw that he had an eight pack. She finally made it to his face and it was so fucking handsome that she couldn’t help but reach up and place her small hand onto his cheek. When Thomas ran his thick, pink tongue across his full bottom lip, Celai’s flood gates opened. The way Thomas stared into Celai’s eyes made her cheeks burn. Thomas’s eyes were definitely hypnotizing her.

God he’s a god, Celai thought to herself.

Kay looked on in amazement as Celai admired her husband’s body from his feet all the way to his face. Kay knew that her husband looked good as fuck and had no problem with any woman admiring her man. Kay knew that God took extra time when he created her husband. Tommy was six-foot five and weighed two hundred and fifty pounds, all muscle. His skin was caramel and not a blemish or scar was on any part of his skin. His eyes were light brown and could hypnotize you if you stared at him too long. His bushy eyebrows were so beautiful, along with his closely faded mustache and beard. His teeth were perfect and white, so you know he had a smile to die for. His lips… perfect. His bottom lip was slightly bigger than his top, which made his lips even more perfect.

“Come,” Kay spoke, while taking the empty glass out of her husband’s hand and sitting it on the nightstand, next to the other glass.

Both Celai and Kay grabbed each of Thomas’s hands and led him into the bathroom. Kay slid the glass door back and got in, followed by Celai and Thomas. The temperature of the water was perfect. Once the water hit each of their skin, both Celai and Kay grabbed towels and started to wash Thomas’s body, and he leaned his head back and let the ladies do their thing. He was in heaven.

After fifteen minutes of Celai and Kay washing Thomas’s body, he rinsed off and then turned to the ladies who were staring at him. He gazed at the water gliding down each of their bodies, and he couldn’t help but to lick his lips. Both of their bodies were so beautiful. If Tommy didn’t know his wife, he would swear that Kay didn’t have three kids. Celai walked up to Thomas and started placing small kisses on his neck, which was his spot.

“You… you… you told her about my neck,” Thomas stuttered out while Celai was kissing on his neck.

“Yes, I did. Are you enjoying it?” Kay asked Thomas while she looked on.

“Ye-ye-yes,” he whispered.

Thomas’s dick had gotten hard as fuck as Celai kissed up and down his neck. Celai started kissing him along his jaw line and made her way to his lips, but he slightly turned his head. He didn’t know the rules of this threesome, and he was waiting to get confirmation from his wife before he lip locked with another woman.

“Celai, would you like to kiss Mr. Fields?” Kay asked her.

Celai turned and looked at Kay and nodded her head.

“Yes, I would love to kiss Mr. Fields,” Celai spoke just above a whisper.

When Kay nodded her head, Celai stood on her tip toes and placed her lips on Tommy’s. The hairs on her body stood up as Celai slid her tongue into Tommy’s mouth. Their tongues danced around into each other’s mouths. Celai almost lost her mind when Tommy started sucking on her tongue. When she got her tongue back, she pulled back from the kiss before she passed out. Celai looked at Kay and she started smiling.

“Come!” Kay spoke.

Thomas turned the water off and they all stepped out of the shower. Both Celai and Kay grabbed towels and started drying off Thomas’s body. After they dried him off, they led him back out to the bedroom. He followed them over to the massage table.

“Lay down on your stomach,” Kay ordered Tommy.

“Umm, Wifey, I don’t know if I can do that,” Tommy replied and looked down at his dick that was sticking out, making Celai giggle at his comment.

“So, you want to skip the massage?” Kay asked Tommy.

“Mama, we can skip the massage. I promise I won’t be mad,” Tommy chuckled, looking at both of the beautiful women that stood before him.

“What do you want? Tonight is about you, Daddy!” Kay spoke.

Thomas didn’t know where he wanted to start with these beautiful women. It could go so many ways. Thomas was taking too long to make a decision because Kay got on her knees in front of him, followed by Celai. They both started kissing up and down the shaft of his dick before Kay popped his thick, mushroom size head in her mouth and started lightly sucking on it. While Kay was making love to the head of Thomas’s dick, Celai started sucking on his balls. Just as Celai cupped his balls and placed them in her mouth, Kay deep throated him.

“FUCKKK!” Thomas moaned out.

Thomas palmed the back of both Celai and Kay’s heads. He gripped their hair as they went to work on his dick and balls.

“Suck that dick, wifey… you the fucking best at this shit, I promise,” Thomas whispered. “Suck those balls, Babygirl.”

Kay loved making her man feel good and she could tell that he was getting weak because his knees started to buckle. Kay was getting Thomas’s dick sloppy wet, just like he liked it. She loved when his dick was in her throat.

“Gag on this fucking dick! Gag on it, Kay!” Thomas moaned.

Doing as she was told, Kay pushed her lips all the way to the base of his dick until she gagged. She pulled back and his dick was covered in saliva. Celai came up and started attacking the head of his dick along with Kay. They both were licking all over it at the same time and Thomas was visibly losing his mind.

“Goddamn it! Daddy finna fucking nut! Fuck! Ohhh fuck! Ohh fuck!” Thomas groaned out.

Thomas was trying to hold his nut but it was becoming harder and harder. Thomas lost it when Celai used one hand to fondle his balls and the other hand to stroke him. Kay used one of her hands to stroke Thomas as well. Thomas pulled his bottom lip into his mouth trying to hang on, but two beautiful women stroking him at the same time sent his body into overdrive.

“FUCKKK!!!! Y’all better catch this fucking shit! Y’all better catch all of it…” Thomas ordered.

They both pulled back and waited for Tommy to cum into their mouths. Tommy stroked some of his nut into Celai’s mouth and the rest in Kay’s mouth. After they caught Tommy’s nut, Celai and Kay started engaging in a passionate kiss. They were kissing so hard that they were swapping spit and Tommy’s cum into their mouths. Tommy looked on in amazement and his dick immediately began to harden back up watching his wife lip lock with another woman. Tommy went and sat on the bed and stroked himself while watching them continue to kiss.

Celai started massaging Kay’s breast, and the moan that Kay let out turned Celai’s pussy into a faucet. Celai pulled back from the kiss and started sucking on her neck in the same spot that she had sucked Tommy’s. Celai rubbed her hand down Kay’s sexy ass body until she got between her legs. Celai found Kay’s love button and started to run her finger over it, and Kay was starting to lose her mind, which Celai loved. Kay grabbed her chin and brought her lips back to hers. Celai pushed her tongue into Kay’s mouth and Kay happily accepted it. While they were tongue wrestling, Celai pushed one of her fingers into Kay’s pussy, and she almost came at how Kay’s pussy closed around her finger.

“Damnnnnn!” Tommy moaned.

They stopped and looked at him stroke his dick.

“Damn, y’all ain’t have to stop. Shit was sexy as fuck. Bring y’all ass over here, now!”

“Yes, Mr. Fields,” Celai said.

Thomas watched as they stood up, walked over, and sat on each side of him. He stood up and pushed them back on the bed. He used both of his hands to play with each of their pussies at the same time. Thomas was ambidextrous, so he could use both of his hands perfectly. He pushed two fingers into his wife’s tight hole and thumbed her clit, and did the same thing to Celai. Thomas bit his lip at how tight Celai’s little pussy was. Celai grabbed his wrist to try and control his speed but it was no use.

“Check this! I want both of y’all to cum at the same time. If y’all don’t, guess what, we gon’ fucking go again!”

“Daddyyy,” Kay whined because Tommy knew his wife was already close.

“Don’t whine, Mrs. Fields. You better hope Babygirl cum with you, or it’s going to be worse,” Thomas warned.

“Mr. Fields, oh my Godddd! Please don’t stop!” Celai moaned.

“Fuckkk,” Kay moaned, trying to grab at my hands. “Celai, plleeeasssee say you close, baby! Please!”

“Yes, I’m about to… ah, ah, ah, Goddddd!” Celai released on Thomas’s fingers and he immediately pulled out of both of them and straddled Celai, making her eyes pop open.

Thomas leaned over and got so close to her face, Celai thought they were about to kiss.

“Baby girl, I said same fucking time. You cum before I tell you to again, I’m going to spank the shit out of you. Do you want that?” Thomas questioned.

“No, sir,” Celai responded.

“Good,” Thomas said and smiled.

Thomas climbed off her and got back where he was, in between both ladies. He pushed two fingers back in both Celai’s and Kay’s pussies. Thomas found his rhythm as he finger fucked them both while playing with their love buttons.

“Mmhmhh,” Celai moaned.

“Daddyyy,” Kay groaned.

“My babygirls ready to cum for Daddy?” Thomas questioned them both while he continued to finger fuck them and play with their swollen clits.

“Yes Daddy!” they both responded.

Thomas leaned over to Kay and stuck his tongue in her mouth. He pulled back and stared into her eyes.

“Who’s Daddy?” Tommy asked his wife.

“You are Daddy,” Kay responded.

Thomas leaned over to Celai and pushed his tongue into her mouth. They tongue wrestled for a few seconds before he pulled back and repeated the same question that he asked his wife.

“Who’s Daddy, Babygirl?”

“You are Daddy, Mr. Fields.”

He leaned back up and stared at them both while they were squirming and trying not to cum before Tommy told them to. He could feel both of their holes squeezing his fingers, ready to release for him.

“Cum for Daddy, Babygirls! Cum for me…” Thomas groaned.

Both of the ladies came hard for Thomas. Their cum was running down his fingers. He slid his fingers out of them both and told them to sit up. He placed the fingers he had in his wife in Celai’s mouth, and placed the fingers he had in Celai in Kay’s mouth.

“Y’all taste good to each other?”

“Mmhhmm,” they both moaned as they continued to devour Thomas’s fingers.

“Baby girl, would you like to taste Mrs. Fields’ pussy?” Thomas questioned Celai.

Celai’s eyes lit up when Thomas talked about eating Kay’s pussy. She had been waiting on that moment since the first day she met her. Thomas told Kay to lay back, and she did. Celai crawled in between Kay’s legs and stared at her pretty chocolate lips. Not being able to help herself, Celai pulled Kay’s lips apart and stared at how pink her insides were. Celai’s mouth watered at the sight of it. Celai placed small kisses all over her pussy before taking one of her pussy lips in between her teeth and lightly sucking and nibbling on it.

“Hmmm,” Kay moaned out, exciting her.

Celai nibbled and sucked on her other lip before running her tongue over Kay’s swollen clit, making Kay gasp. Celai cut her eyes to Tommy and he was watching while stroking himself. Celai started making love to Kay’s pussy with her mouth. Kay really lost her mind when Celai pushed her tongue inside of her soaking wet hole. Celai sopped up her juices. She was getting turned on just from the sounds that Kay was making. She pushed her middle finger into Kay’s hole while sucking lightly on her clit. Celai showed Kay’s G-spot no mercy as she tapped on it.

“Damnnnnnnn! Fucckkk! I’m about to cum!” Kay moaned out.

Celai took pride in making Kay cum because she’d been wanting that since the very first day. She pulled back when Thomas joined her in between her legs, but Thomas told her to keep eating. Both Thomas and Celai started attacking Kay’s pussy. They both had their tongues all over her pussy, and they both had their middle fingers inside of her hole finger fucking her.

“MY GODDD!!!!” Kay screamed out as she squirted in both Thomas and Celai’s face.

They both pulled back and started kissing each other while Kay tried to catch her breath. Kay sat up and joined them in the kiss. Three people kissing was one of the sexiest things that you could do.

“Daddy, can you make me squirt, like we did Mrs. Fields?” Celai asked very innocent like.

“Yes, Babygirl. Lay back. Have you ever squirted before?”

“No, Daddy, I haven’t.”

Celai laid back and spread her legs. She watched as Thomas and Kay licked their lips at the sight of her pussy.

“Ain’t her pussy so fucking pretty, Mama?” Thomas asked Kay.

“Yes, Daddy, it is,” Kay replied.

She laid in between Celai’s legs and started to lick on her pussy as if it was some ice cream. Celai could barely sit still with Kay between her legs devouring her like she was. It got worse when Tommy had joined in with her. Celai could feel both of their tongues on her clit, and it felt so damn good. They had her body on fire to the point where she would be okay if she went home without dick. Celai couldn’t handle the pleasure. Thomas pushed two fingers in Celai and came up to kiss her lips, while Kay worked her magic on Celai’s throbbing clit. Thomas pushed his tongue in her mouth and Celai happily accepted.

“Baby girl, I feel you squeezing my fingers. You ready to squirt for me?” Thomas whispered against her lips.

“Yes, Daddy, I am,” Celai whispered.

“Kay, stay on her clit… and push it down with your tongue,” Thomas ordered Kay.

While she did as she was told, Thomas started to dig deeper into Celai. Celai started bucking her hips but Kay got control of her body. Tommy placed his hand around her throat while assaulting her hole and G-spot.

“Mmmhhhmmmm! Mmhhhmmm! Mhhhmmm!” Celai couldn’t form one word.

“Let it go, Babygirl! Let it go! Push it!” Tommy ordered Celai.

“AHHHH!” Celai let go and pushed, making her juices spray out of her like a sprinkler.

Kay didn’t let up off her pussy and Thomas didn’t stop fingering her. The more Celai tried to buck, the more she squirted.

“Fuucckk, please! I can’t take no more. I can’t take no more,” Celai pleaded, while she continued to squirt.

Thomas eased his fingers out of her and Kay eased up off her clit, and Celai just laid flat on the bed trying not to have a heart attack. Celai had the best orgasm in her life, and she was floating. At this point, if Thomas and Kay wanted to send her home, she would be the happiest girl in the world. Celai’s moment of bliss came to an end when Thomas straddled her and started stroking his very hard dick. Celai loved the veins in his dick and she knew she was going to feel them rubbing against her tight walls. Tommy placed his head at her opening and started pushing inside of her, making Celai tense up at his width.

“It’s ok Babygirl, I won’t hurt you,” Thomas moaned as he continued to slide in her.

“Mr. Fieldsss, you’re so big, Daddy,” Celai moaned.

Thomas gripped her thighs and held them apart as he slow stroked her. Celai’s moans were so damn sexy.

“Oowwee, Mama, Celai’s pussy so fucking tight,” Thomas moaned out to his wife.

Kay was enjoying watching her husband fuck Celai. She was sitting up on one elbow and using her other hand to play with her pussy. Kay’s pussy was so damn wet, and she couldn’t wait to feel her husband’s dick inside of her. Looking at Celai’s twisted up face as she tried to take Tommy’s dick had Kay cumming.

“I see you, Mrs. Fields, keep making that pussy cum for Daddy! I love that shit!” Thomas groaned.

Thomas pushed Celai’s knees by her chest and started to dig in her guts. Celai’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. Tommy watched as Kay maneuvered in their king size bed, so she could get close to Celai’s face. She placed her lips on Celai’s and used one of her hands to start toying with her clit. Thomas could hear Celai moaning into his wife’s mouth. One of Celai’s hands was filled with the sheets, and the other hand was used to scratch Kay’s back.

“Ooohh shit!” Thomas moaned out. “Mrs. Fields, come look at Celai nutting the fuck up on my dick. She creamy as fuck!”

Kay pulled away from Celai’s lips and got on her knees next to Thomas to watch him plow into Celai’s tight ass pussy.

“Fuck!” Tommy grunted.

Kay and Thomas shared a kiss while he continued to pummel Celai’s pussy. Kay started biting on her husband’s neck and he was starting to lose his mind.

“Baby, I’m about to nut! Damn!” Thomas grunted.

“Nut in her fucking pussy, Thomas Fields! Nut in her tight ass pussy!” Kay urged Tommy.

Thomas slow stroked his nut into Celai’s pussy and didn’t pull out until he drained his dick. He sat back on the bed and tried to catch his breath. Thomas’s eyes widened at Kay getting between Celai’s legs and sucking his nut right back out of her. Thomas knew his wife was a freak… but not this big of a freak. He looked down at his dick to see him growing down his leg again. Kay slurped on Celai’s pussy until she had sucked all of Thomas’s nut back out of her.

“Mrs. Fields, can I taste your pussy again?” Celai asked her.

“Yes, you can, Babygirl.”

“Mama, get into sixty-nine, I’m about to beat that pussy up while Celai suck on that clit,” Thomas spoke.

Kay climbed on top of Celai’s face and slowly started riding her face. Kay loved that Celai was so experienced in eating pussy. Feeling Celai’s small, soft hands all over her thick, round ass, Kay started getting chill bumps all over her body. Kay couldn’t even focus on eating Celai’s pussy because of how good she was making her feel.

“Oooo shit!” Kay moaned out when Celai slid her tongue inside of her warm hole.

“Bend over and eat her pussy, Mrs. Fields,” Thomas ordered her.

Doing as she was told, Kay leaned over and took Celai’s engorged clit into her mouth and started sucking slightly. Kay spread Celai’s pussy lips wide open and gave her two long licks up and down her soaking wet slit. Celai’s pussy was swollen because of the beating that Tommy had put on it. Kay was so turned on that she was already cumming into Celai’s young mouth.

“Mrs. Fields, your pussy tastes amazing,” Celai whispered, and took Kay’s clit back into her mouth.

Thomas looked on in amazement for a few moments as he watched both ladies cum in each other’s mouths. Thomas was particularly looking at how sexy his wife’s ass was in the air. He got behind Kay and held her ass cheeks wide open and started running his tongue up and down her ass while Celai continued to attack her clit. Every time he ran his tongue over her ass hole, he pushed his tongue in her ass a few times before he made it down to her pussy hole and pushed his tongue in there.

“BABYYY! OOOWWEE SHIT!” Kay screamed out in pleasure before cumming.

Both Celai and Thomas pushed their tongues in her hole to make sure they didn’t miss a drop of Kay’s sweet nectar.

“Oowwee,” Kay continued to moan as she rode both Thomas and Celai’s tongues at the same damn time.

Thomas ran his tongue up his wife’s ass one more time before he positioned the head of his dick at her opening. Celai had taken her place back on Kay’s clit while he pushed himself inside of her. He couldn’t help but to close his eyes when the base of his dick had finally met his heaven on earth. He grabbed onto Kay’s waist while he fucked her slowly. Kay was so wet that every time Thomas pulled out of her, her juices dripped onto Celai’s face. It wasn’t long before Tommy felt Celai’s mouth cover his balls as he slow stroked Kay.

“Godddamnn it!!” Thomas grunted as the pleasure of feeling his wife’s pussy and his babygirl’s mouth cover his balls was beginning to take over.


            Thomas smacked his wife’s ass and she groaned and tightened her pussy up around her husband’s pulsating dick.

“Kay, let me go, ma! Stop tightening your shit up around my dick! I don’t wanna cum yet!” Thomas groaned. “Shit, Babygirl, come from under there and go put your pussy in Kay’s mouth some more… she need to keep busy!” Thomas ordered Celai.

Celai sucked on Thomas’s balls one more time before she slid from under them. She positioned herself in front of Kay and the sweat that was pouring down her face had turned Celai up even more. She laid down in front of Kay and spread her legs as wide as she could. She grabbed Kay’s neck and guided her to her pussy.

“That’s right Babygirl, make Mrs. Fields eat that pussy while I tame her ass back here,” Thomas groaned.

Kay was in a good position to arch her back the way Thomas liked it. She arched her back and Thomas spread her ass cheeks and dug as deep in her as he could. Kay closed her eyes and took the pummeling like the champ that she was. She continued to suck on Celai’s clit and take the pounding that Thomas was giving her.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

            “That’s what the fuck I’m talking about! Talk to me! That pussy talking to me, Mrs. Fields. Baby girl, you hear Mrs. Fields’ pussy talking to me?”

“Yes Daddy! She’s so… so… uugghh… she’s so wet,” Celai moaned in between the orgasm that Kay was bringing her to.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

            “Baby girl, you wanna taste this nut out of Mrs. Fields’ pussy?”

“Yes, please! Please! I love tasting you, Mr. Fields!” Celai pleaded.

“Shit!” Thomas grunted as he came inside of his wife.

Thomas slowly pulled out of his wife and beckoned for Celai to come get her fill. Celai positioned herself under Kay. Kay was getting ready to sit on Celai’s face, but Thomas stopped her.

“Nah, push it out and Babygirl is going to catch it,” Thomas said.

Kay pushed a little and Tommy’s nut came sliding out of her, and Celai caught every last bit of it and swallowed it. Celai gave Kay’s pussy a little kiss before she crawled off her and fell on her back. Kay’s body was spent, and she didn’t think that she could go again. Kay looked over at her husband and saw that his dick was growing down his leg again! Kay forgot that her husband was an animal in the bedroom and had the stamina of a bull.

“Who wants this dick?” Tommy asked as he was stroking himself.

“We do…” Celai answered for them both.

“Alright, Babygirl, bend over and arch that shit. I want that thick ass up in the air and your chest on the fucking bed. You understand me?” Thomas spoke to her.

Celai bent over and arched her back just like Tommy wanted. Tommy eased himself inside of Celai’s wet pussy and he started fucking her so hard. Celai knew that her pussy was going to be swollen and she was going to be walking gap legged tomorrow.

“Dadddyyyyy,” Celai moaned out.

Celai was clenching the sheets so hard that she thought that her knuckles might break. Tommy had the best dick that she’d ever had in her life. Tommy clenched her waist and started power driving her young pussy.

“Baby girl, don’t… you…fucking…run!” Thomas grunted.

“Agghhh, Shit! I can’t take this dick!” Celai moaned and tried to run again.

Smack! Smack!

            Tommy delivered two hard smacks to Celai’s ass and she arched it back the way she was supposed to. Tommy looked over at his wife who was laying back with her eyes on him, while playing with her pussy. He shook his head at how beautiful and nasty his wife was.

“Take this dick, Celai!” Tommy ordered.

Celai’s pussy tightened around Tommy’s dick and she came so hard. After she came, Celai fell flat on the bed trying to catch her breath.

“Come over here and clean me up, so I can give Mrs. Fields some dick.”

Celai picked herself up off the bed and turned around towards him. Thomas’s dick was dripping in her juices. She placed the tip in her mouth and started sucking on it. She deep throated him and took her time sliding him out of her mouth. When Celai finally pulled back, his dick was free of her juices. Celai looked up at Tommy and they both licked their lips at the same time.

“Come here, wifey! Bend that ass over!” Tommy ordered her.

Kay bent over in front of her husband, and he eased the head of his dick inside of her warm, inviting pussy. He leaned over and started kissing on her neck.

“You know I saved my last nut for the only woman I have ever loved in my life,” Thomas whispered in her ear.

Kay instantly started gushing at the words her husband whispered in her ear. He spread her cheeks and started delivering her very long and slow deep strokes. Thomas leaned over on Kay’s back, making her fall flat to the bed. He raised up enough, so Kay could toot her ass up. Tommy started riding his wife’s ass very slow. He took his hands and rubbed them slowly up her arms until he grabbed both of her clenched fists in his huge hands.

“Mama, I love you so fucking much!” Thomas moaned in his wife’s ear.

“Agghhh,” Kay moaned out.

“Don’t tell me you finna tap out on me?”

“Daddyyy,” Kay whimpered.

“What is it baby? Tell Daddy what it is.”

“It feels so good, Tommy.”

“I know, Mama! Toot your ass up a little more. Let me get deeper and I promise that Daddy is gonna cum in a few minutes, okay?”

Kay nodded her head and tooted her ass up even more for her husband. Before Kay closed her eyes, she looked over at Celai who was making slow circles around her swollen clit. Celai was loving the scene before her. She could tell that Thomas was so in love with his wife. She could tell because of how careful he was with Kay’s body at this very moment. He was no longer fucking her. He was making love to his wife. Celai knew the moment that they came, she was going to cum to. It was so beautiful.

Thomas was hitting his wife’s G-spot and her body started to shake under him. He was close, but he wanted to make love to her just a little longer. Thomas looked over at Celai and winked at her, making her smile.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

            Every time the base of Tommy’s dick hit his wife’s fat pussy, it spit out some of her juices. Kay clenched her muscles around Tommy’s dick and he couldn’t hold on any longer. His slow moans turned into slight grunts as he released inside of his wife. He slid out of his wife and fell next to her to try and catch his breath. He looked down at his dick and he was sure that it was done for good this time. Kay crawled on his chest, and Thomas wrapped his arm around her. They engaged in a passionate kiss before Tommy nodded his head at Celai. She crawled on the other side of Tommy’s chest. Tommy placed his lips on Celai’s and shared a passionate kiss with her as well.

Looking up at her husband, Kay spoke, “Happy Anniversary, Daddy.”

He responded with a wink and a kiss to the forehead.

A happy anniversary it was, Thomas thought to himself as he and his two ladies drifted off to sleep.







Cover by: Briann Danae

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