Luv Cum Down: Mayhem & Olena
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Luv Cum Down


An Erotic Short

Story Two

“Daddy’s Playground”





This story contains very explicit language. If this is not your thing, this is not the story for you.

This story is not to be read in public because you WILL need to change your underwear! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!




Olena Bailey disobeyed her husband and she had to be punished… but her punishment turned out to be a fun time for both Mayhem and Olena.

Daddy’s Playground


Mayhem was waiting for his wife, Olena Bailey, to bring her ass home from the mall. Mayhem was fuming because of the text message from the bank that he had gotten while she was out. Olena had spent ten thousand dollars more than what he told her to spend AND her ass had been out way past the time he told her to be back. Mayhem wasn’t really mad about the money she spent but because she had been gone for to long. Olena had been out since one o clock spending money and Mayhem told her to have her ass at home at seven and it was now forty-five minutes past nine. Mayhem gathered up the kids and took them to his parents’ home because he needed some alone time with his wife. She was going to regret disobeying him.

Sitting in the parking lot of the mall, Olena was staring at the time on the dashboard. It was almost ten at night and she knew that Mayhem was probably pacing the floor about to call Frank and put an APB out on her. Olena looked at her phone to see that Mayhem hadn’t even called or texted her which mean that he was very upset. Olena had no choice but to go home and face the music. Olena knew that only one of two things would happen when she get home…one being Mayhem is waiting at the door ready to curse her out or two, Mayhem standing at the door with his crop. Olena was more prepared for the cursing out than she was the crop. Olena hadn’t been to the Playground or, Table Room since they moved in their brand-new house a few months ago but she had a feeling that Mayhem was going to want to take her there. Mayhem had changed the name from the Table Room to Daddy’s Playground since the room was much bigger and he had gotten so much more stuff installed. Olena hadn’t even been in there to look around.

Olena pulled into the yard thirty minutes after ten and the house was pitch black. She was confused because the twins are always up late terrorizing the house on the weekends. Olena got out her car, took her shoes off, and crept up the stairs. She used her key to ease into the house. The house was dark as fuck with the exception of some tea lights on the floor leading up the hallway. Olena blinked her eyes and saw that it was a white piece of paper on the floor.

Doll… is what the paper said and Olena gasped and dropped it. Olena hadn’t been to the Playground in months and her heart was starting to race.

Maybe I can just stay down here and pretend that I didn’t see the note, Olena thought to herself.

Olena placed the note back in its spot and took a slight detour in to the living room. She felt around for the chair that she normally sits in and sat there. She eased her shoes onto the floor, careful not to make any noise. She had only been sitting there for a few minutes before the light clicked on, making her jump. She looked across the room and say Mayhem sitting in the other chair with his legs crossed and a crop laying across his lap.

Mayhem knew exactly what his wife was going to do when she walked in and saw the piece of paper. Mayhem thought it was time to set some shit straight because his wife had been doing a lot of crazy shit lately and he had been overlooking it. It was time to put a stop to it and make his wife remember who the fuck he was.

“Um… hey babe, why were you sitting in the dark?” Olena stuttered.

“The same reason you were sitting in the dark. Don’t even play with me, doll,” Mayhem replied.

“Let’s go,” he spoke and nodded his head towards the hallway.

“I can explain though, babe…” Olena pleaded.

Ignoring his wife, Mayhem stood up and walked slowly towards her. He extended his crop and placed it under her chin, slightly raised her head.

“I didn’t ask you to explain. Now, get up!” Mayhem ordered her.

Slowly, Olena stood up and stared into her husband’s face. Mayhem placed the bar of the crop into Olena’s mouth. He turned her around and used both of his arms to wrap them around Olena’s arms. Olena had no choice but to walk directly in front of her husband. She could feel his dick through the thin black pants that he was wearing. They walked slowly throughout the house.

“You been trying me for the last few months and I been letting you get away with shit. You must been wanting to see the new Playground,” Mayhem whispered in her ear.

Olena shook her head slowly but in fact she was ready to see it, but tonight wasn’t the night she wanted to see it. Time really had gotten away from her at the mall. She knew that was she supposed to be home by seven.

“You know how I am when you be gone away from me for to long, right?” Mayhem continued to question her.

Olena nodded her head as they made it down into Mayhem’s mancave, and to the door that had a lock on it. He grabbed his key off the hook and opened the door. Olena had to close her eyes because of how bright the lights were in there. Her mouth fell open, letting the crop hit the floor. The Playground was much larger than the Table Room across town. Olena’s heart started to beat faster than normal. There was so much shit in this room that it looks like an obstacle course. Olena was in awe of the mirrors and the way that they were set up.

“I think you know by now what I’m—” Mayhem started.

“The… the… the kids… Where are the kids?” Olena asked trying to buy time.

“Undress, pick a table, and don’t worry about the fucking kids,” Mayhem ordered her, and let her go.

“They might…” Olena started.

“Nah, they ain’t gon hear shit! Get naked, and picking a fucking table, doll.”

“But… I can explain…” Olena started.

“Oh, I see where this about to go… so hold on,” Mayhem said and chuckled.

Mayhem walked over to the floor length cabinet and opened it. There were little gadgets everywhere. Olena saw Mayhem pick up the ball that was going to go in her mouth and she immediately skirted away to pick a table. While she was walking around the room, she could feel her husband’s eyes piercing through her back.

“Doll,” Mayhem called out to Olena by her sub name.

Olena slowly turned around and she saw that Mayhem was tapping his foot against the bottom of the spanking table.

“Maître…” Olena started, calling Mayhem by his Dom name.

“Do not call my name. Come over here, now!” Mayhem ordered her.

Slowly, Olena moved towards Mayhem but stopped when he was looking her up and down.

“Wha-wha-what are you looking at?” Olena questioned.

“Trying to figure out why you still got on some fucking clothes, when I know the first thing I told you to do was get fucking naked! You love disobeying me!” Mayhem hissed.

Olena slowly stepped out of her short shorts that her and Mayhem argued about before she left the house. She knew that he was going to somehow tie that into her getting a spanking. She pulled the tank-top over her head and her D-cup breasts fell naturally. Mayhem loved her bigger breasts but hated when Olena wore tops that showed all her cleavage. He wanted to be the only man to lust over his wife, but he knew that it wouldn’t be possible, so he just deals with it. After getting naked, Olena stood there until Mayhem beckoned for her to come to him.

When Olena got close to him, he grabbed her, and laid her down on the table, placing her legs and arms where they needed to be, so he could tie her down. The way the spanking table was set up, Olena had to lay across the table and hold her arms down to the side so they could be cuffed to the front legs of the table and there was a place for her knees to rest on, so her ankles could be cuffed to the back legs of the table, and that ass tooted up in the air. Mayhem tightened the cuffs, making Olena grunt. Mayhem walked away from her and sat in his chair and rolled his blunt while watching her watch him.

“Maître, there is an explanation for this…” Olena said.

Ignoring her statement, Mayhem questioned her, “How many licks do you want?”

“But—” Olena started.

“The only thing I want to hear from you is a number. I was going to say a lick for every thirty minutes that you stayed over the time limit. That would be what… seven licks,” Mayhem said, right before he wet the blunt with his thick lips.

“And maybe an extra five to go along with you wearing that lil shit out the house,” Mayhem continued.

Olena’s mouth was watering at the sight of her shirtless husband and his large dick print sitting on his thigh. Along with her mouth, her pussy was starting to swell and drip. To Olena, Mayhem was the finest man that she had ever laid eyes on. Olena loved everything about her husband and the fact that he was a Dom, made him even sexier. Olena loved her husband’s jealousy. Olena could admit that she was a little jealous too, especially when he leaves the house in a tailored suit or a pair of grey sweats. Olena slightly smiled when she remembered that she cried to get Mayhem to change out of his grey sweats one time… and he did.

“Seven… seven is fine…” Olena whispered.

Mayhem lit the blunt and he pulled on it while he watched his wife. Mayhem knew that his wife wasn’t scared of being tied down or any of that. Mayhem loved the fact that his wife was even open to the things that he loved to do. That is one of the things that he loved the most about her. Mayhem pulled on the blunt a couple more times before he set it down on the table. He rolled himself over to the crop that Olena dropped and picked it up and then rolled himself over to her.

“Are you going to need this?” Mayhem asked and held up the ball that was going to keep her from talking.

Olena shook her head as quickly as she could.

“I can’t fucking hear you,” Mayhem growled.

“No… no… no Maître, I don’t need to be gagged,” Olena spoke softly.

Mayhem cocked his head, so he could stare at his beautiful wife. He pulled her hair out of her face to get an even better look at her.

“So, we clear… no, talking unless you are spoken to, correct?” Mayhem asked.

“Yes, Maître,” Olena responded.

Mayhem rubbed the crop over his wife’s ass. He could tell that Olena was trying to tense her body to get ready for the smack. Mayhem watched Olena pull her bottom lip in her mouth and bite down on it.


            Olena gasped at the stinging of the pain that went through her ass. Mayhem had a little mercy on her and held the crop down on where he had just smacked masking the stinging just for a little white. Mayhem kept The Playground cold as fuck, so whatever pain he inflicted on her could be felt five times more.

“That was only one and you are already wincing. Why you disobey me, doll?” Mayhem queried. “You know I hate inflicting any type of pain on you. You know that, don’t you?”


            Before Olena could answer, Mayhem smacked her ass, and harder than the first time. She winced, and she started to take shorter breaths. Mayhem wasn’t fazed by his wife’s antics because he knows her better than she knows herself.

“I asked you a question…” Mayhem spoke lowly.

“Yes, Maître. I know you hate inflicting pain on me,” Olena sputtered out.

“So, why the fuck you SMACK disobey SMACK me SMACK?”

“Maître!!” Olena shouted out, not prepared for the three hard smacks that Mayhem inflicted on her ass and in the same spot.

“Why are you shouting in here? How many licks do you have left?”

“Ummm… Ummmm,” Olena stuttered.

“If you lie or get the answer wrong, guess what? We starting over!”

Olena closed her eyes and tried to remember how many licks Mayhem had already given her.

“Two… two more licks. I have two more licks to go…” Olena whispered.

Mayhem was getting ready to smack her ass when he took a long sniff of the smell that permeated the air. Mayhem had been familiar with that smell for the last two years. Mayhem slid his chair to the end of the table to make sure that his nose wasn’t deceiving him. The sight before him made him drool a little bit. Olena’s pussy was sopping wet and her juices were dripping out of her and onto the table.

Fuck… Mayhem thought to himself.

Olena couldn’t see her husband but she knew that he was looking at her dripping ass pussy. Olena loved when Mayhem spanked her because although it stung in this cold room, it heated her body up. After that second smack, Olena could have squirted on herself because of how much she was turned on. It wasn’t so much the smacks that turned her on, but the way Mayhem talked shit while he did his business. She couldn’t wait until this part was over because the real fun could begin. Olena felt like getting her ass and pussy fucked at the same time.

Mayhem slid back around so he could face his wife. Mayhem was bouncing his knee, which he always did when he wanted to do something and couldn’t.

“What’s wrong, Maître? You wanna fuck, don’t you? You see how wet your doll’s pussy is, don’t you?” Olena whispered and licked her lips.

“Shut-up, Lee,” Mayhem responded, clearly frustrated, and struggling to stay in Dom mode.

Olena’s pussy has always been a weakness of Mayhem’s. Olena’s pussy could make Mayhem tightrope across the sea, if her pussy is the prize. It doesn’t help that Olena is into crystals and all that sexual liberation shit because Olena literally studies how to snatch Mayhem’s fucking soul. Olena have no mercy on Mayhem’s dick and that’s why he was so fucking gone over his wife. After three kids, Olena still know how to tighten her pussy up around Mayhem’s dick tight enough to bring tears to his eyes when he cumming in her.

“I ain’t shutting up. I wanna fuck. Let’s play, Maître…” Olena whispered, making Mayhem pre-cum over himself.

Mayhem closed his eyes and snapped out of his trance. He shook his head and cleared his throat. Mayhem rubbed the crop up and down his wife’s wet pussy and then brought it to his mouth, smelled it, and then licked her juices away from it. Mayhem loved his wife’s natural musky scent; it was an aphrodisiac to him. Say what you want about him, but he loved eating his wife’s pussy after a long six or seven-hour day. He smiled at the fact that his wife used to always want to freshen up before he attacked her. Mayhem’s body started to heat up after thinking about Olena walking around the mall for all those damn hours and her fat and wet ass pussy just sitting up in those small ass shorts, making Mayhem mad all over again. He thought about her natural scent attracting another nigga.


Catching Olena all the way off guard with that smack, she groaned from pleasure and pain.

“Ooowweee, Daddy,” Olena moaned out.

“Stop fucking playing with me, Lee,” Mayhem growled.

“Smack your pussy again, baby! Fuck!” Olena moaned and started twerking her ass as much as she could, and I could hear her juices every time her ass cheeks clapped together. “Your pussy is dripping so much, baby.”

Mayhem swallowed the knot that had grown in his throat because he knew that his wife’s pussy had gotten wetter.

“Maître, give me my last lick and come put your dick in my mouth, please!” Olena begged.


“Oh shit!” she groaned.

Mayhem stood up and pulled his pants and briefs down and kicked them off. Mayhem’s dick popped out and it was covered in pre-cum, making Olena groan. She couldn’t wait to taste her husband.

“You want this dick?” Mayhem asked while stroking himself.

“Yes, sir,” Olena responded.

“Beg for it…”

“Maître, please let me taste you. I want to feel you pushing that big ass head down my throat until I gag on it. I want you so slap me in my face with that dick, please,” Olena spoke.

Mayhem positioned himself in front of his wife’s face and wrapped her hair around his hand. Olena opened her mouth and Mayhem pushed his dick in her mouth slowly until the whole thing was in her mouth. After keeping it there for a few moments, he pulled his dick out and did it again. Mayhem started to slowly pump in and out of his wife’s mouth. His dick was harder than it ever been before. Mayhem let his head fall back and stared at the ceiling.

“Fuckkkk,” Mayhem moaned as he started to pump in and out of mouth faster.

Mayhem looked down at his dick sliding in and out of his wife’s mouth. The saliva that covered his dick had him wanting to nut just that fast.

“You fucking nasty, ma. Get that dick wetter,” Mayhem groaned.

Olena listened to her husband’s commands and got his dick wetter. She tightened her mouth up around his dick and judging by the way Mayhem’s groans started to turn into light grunts, she knew that he was so close to cumming in her mouth. She knew exactly how to speed him up. Olena started making slurping noises while moving her tongue faster and faster.

“Ssssssssss,” Mayhem hissed.

Olena wished that she wasn’t cuffed down because with the two-hand twist Mayhem would have been nutting five minutes ago.

“You want this nut down your throat?”

Olena nodded her head while she continued to suck Mayhem’s dick.

“Fuckkkk, Olena Bailey! Fuck!” Mayhem moaned.

The pleasure that was ripping through Mayhem’s body made him stand on his tip toes. Mayhem was so deep in his wife’s throat that he thought she would have surely choked on his cum, but he forgot that his wife was a soldier, she swallowed all of it with no problem. Mayhem pulled his dick out of his wife and fell in the chair from being weak. He looked between Olena’s legs and he saw a puddle of her juices on the table. Mayhem had to gather himself before he stood up again.

Olena was glad that Mayhem uncuffed her from the table. Her body was weak from being in the same spot for a long period of time, but Mayhem didn’t care. Mayhem yanked her up and walked her over to one of his favorite tables. The ‘X’ table.

“Which way you want to be?” Mayhem asked his wife.

“I want to face you,” Olena said.

Mayhem nodded his head and tapped his foot where he wanted her to stand. Mayhem took his precious time tying her hands and feet into place. One thing Mayhem liked about this table was the fact that he had access to everything. Pussy, Ass and if he wanted that mouth, and he could turn the table around and fuck her mouth. She’ll be upside down, but sucking dick, or getting your pussy ate, while the blood rushing to your head and ain’t never hurt anyone. After he finished tying her up, he stood up and faced her.

Olena gazed into her husband’s eyes and licked her lips. Her eyes cut down to the floor because she can’t stare at him to long before she starts feeling a way.

“Look at me,” Mayhem whispered. “What you want?”

“How you know I—” Olena whispered.

“Because I know you… you’re scared to tell me what you want. What I tell you about that? Anything in here goes. Now, what do you want?” Mayhem asked Olena.

“DP,” Olena whispered as if someone else would hear her.

“Double Penetration, huh? Nasty ass. Damn, the Man upstairs knew your nasty ass was only made for me,” Mayhem said and walked away from me.

Olena couldn’t wait to have Mayhem fucking her in whatever hole that he chooses while shoving a dildo replica of his dick in the other hole. Yes, Olena got a molded dildo of her man’s dick and she doesn’t care if you judge her or not. Mayhem’s molded dick come in handy when he has to take a business trip. She could feel her pussy juices running down her legs at the thought of it. She closed her eyes but immediately opened then when she heard something rolling across the floor. She looked in the mirror to see Mayhem rolling some huge machine across the floor. Olena’s mouth fell wide open at the sight of it.

Mayhem looked at the surprise look on his wife’s face and immediately opened up his cabinet to grab a blindfold. He walked over to his wife and blindfolded her.

“Wait… wait… I wanna—” Olena started.

“Shhhh. Always wanna see shit,” Mayhem said and walked away from her again.

Mayhem walked back over to his cabinet and grabbed the dildo that was a molded replica of his dick… veins and all, and some warming gel. Olena had her molded dick upstairs in her locked drawer and Mayhem had his own made specifically for this machine. Mayhem never thought he would ever get a machine like this but when Olena came to him wanting to get a mold of his dick, he thought it would be a good idea. Mayhem screwed the dildo onto the end of the machine and rolled it over to his wife and set the gel on the floor next to it. He used his foot to lean her forward a little bit and she jumped, thinking she was getting ready to fall.

“May… I’m scared… I can’t see,” Olena said.

“That’s the beauty of it,” Mayhem said and walked away from her.

Mayhem walked out of the room and to his bar to grab some ice. Olena hated when she couldn’t see anything, so Mayhem knew that she was probably getting ready to lose her mind. After grabbing the cup of ice, he walked back into The Playground and closed the door.

“Maître…” Olena whispered, not knowing that Mayhem had already left and came back into the room.

Quietly, and careful not to shake the cup of ice, Mayhem walked over to his wife. He stood in front of her. She started sniffing, making Mayhem smirk.

“You’re in front of me, aren’t you?” Olena whispered.

“Yes,” Mayhem whispered back.

He placed a piece of ice in his mouth and then ran his tongue across his wife’s bottom lip. She shivered from his cold tongue. Mayhem placed his lips on Olena’s and the warmth of their mouths melted the ice quick as hell. Mayhem used his free hand to toy with her clit that had been poking out.

“Fuck!” Olena whispered into Mayhem’s mouth.

Mayhem pulled away from Olena’s mouth and got behind her and on his knees. He set the cup of ice onto the floor and used both of his hands to spread her ass cheeks apart. He ran his tongue up and down her ass several times before sticking his tongue in her asshole, making Olena gasp, and tighten her ass hole around Mayhem’s tongue.

“Mmhmm, Maître,” Olena moaned out.

“Uh-huh,” Mayhem moaned back.

After making sure Olena felt enough of his warmth tongue, he reached into the cup and grabbed a piece of ice. He rubbed it all over her ass cheeks before he used one hand to open one of her cheeks.

“Relax, baby,” Mayhem said to her.

Olena tried to relax as much she could but it was hard when she didn’t know what Mayhem was going to do next. She relaxed and braced herself at the same time. She closed her eyes and inhaled and before she could exhale, Mayhem had shoved a piece of ice so far in her ass.

“Ohhh my gooodddddd!” Olena moaned out.

Before Olena could come down off of that first cold high, Mayhem shoved another piece of ice in her ass, and then another. The ice was cold, Olena felt like she was getting ready to die of hypothermia. Mayhem placed one more piece of ice in her ass before he pushed his tongue in there afterwards. The warmth plus of the coolness had Olena’s body working overtime. Mayhem pulled his tongue out of Olena’s ass and started blowing on the opening of her ass.

“Fuckkk you, Pryor Bailey!” Olena moaned out as the fluid rushed out of her ass.

Mayhem chuckled as he placed another piece of ice in her ass, and then one inside of her pussy. Olena moaned out from the pleasure. While she was trying to keep it together, Mayhem started rubbing some warming liquid all over the dildo that was attached to the machine. He turned it on and had it going at the slowest that it could go. Mayhem raised the machine up and placed it at Olena’s opening.

“Relax, doll.” Mayhem whispered.

Olena relaxed as much as she could until she felt the dick at her ass opening and slowly penetrating her. She held her breath as the dick entered her and started moving slowly. Mayhem spread her ass cheeks wide open, so it could go deeper into her ass. Olena’s eyes fluttered behind the blindfold as the eyes and the warming liquid did its thing in her ass. The coldness and the warmness were about to make Olena break out of the straps that held her to the table.

“Mayhem… oh my goddd,” Olena moaned out.

Mayhem grabbed the cup of ice and stood in front of Olena and watched her face twist and turn while the machine slowly fucked her ass. She started biting her lip and her cheeks were turning red. Mayhem took a piece of ice out of the cup and rubbed it over her left nipple while taking the right one in between his teeth. Mayhem kept switching between the nipples until Olena came for him. Her arms were shaking against the table, and Mayhem’s dick was so hard because of how hard Olena was cumming.

Olena could feel Mayhem attacking both of her nipples with his warm tongue and the piece of ice. Olena felt like her nipples were so hard that they would fall off. Mayhem used kissed down her stomach with his cold lips until he reached her center. Olena knew her pussy was dripping wet because she could feel it all down her legs. Olena gasped when Mayhem’s warm tongue ran over her swollen clit. Mayhem started sucking her clit lightly and then he eased two fingers inside of her sopping wet pussy. Between the dildo sliding in and out of her ass and Mayhem’s tongue sliding all over her wet pussy with his fingers in her hole, she was about to lose her mind.

“MAYHEMMM!” Olena screamed out.

“Uh-huh, come on and cum for me, wifey!” Mayhem urged her. “Cum for your husband.

Following her husband’s orders, Olena came so hard. Her body felt so weak from that orgasm that felt as if she was getting ready to fall. Mayhem started to stand up and kiss up her stomach and then made his way back to her nipples and then to her neck, and then finally her big ass lips. Mayhem pushed his thick inside of Olena’s mouth, damn near making her swallow it. While Mayhem was kissing his wife, he spread her ass cheeks, so the machine could go deeper into her asshole. Mayhem positioned his dick at her opening and eased inside of her warm and tight hole.

“Fuuuckkk,” Mayhem moaned out.

Sliding in Olena’s hole had Mayhem feeling like he was getting ready to have an outer body experience. Mayhem was fucking Olena slightly faster than the machine was fucking her ass. Olena was in heaven and there was nothing you could do or say to take her off that high that she was on.

“You my bitch!” Mayhem asked Olena.

“Yes, daddy! Yes! Your nasty ass freak bitch!”

“Fuck! Aye, this pussy makes a nigga crazy. This pussy makes a nigga so fucking crazy, Olena Bailey! I’ll forever kill over this fucking pussy, shit!” Mayhem groaned out, making Olena even wetter.

“Ah, shit! I love that you crazy over me, baby. I’m so happy that you married me, shit! Fuck me… shit!”

“I’m happy you married ME! I’m the fucking lucky ass nigga!”

Mayhem started tonguing Olena down like he would never kiss her again. The kiss was so sloppy that spit was coming out of the sides of their mouths. Regardless of how cold the room was, both of their bodies had become so sweaty.

You want Daddy to fuck you? Huh? How hard? Like this?” Mayhem questioned her and started speeding up, slamming into her pussy, like his life depended on it.

“Harder… baby! I wanna squirt all over you dick,” Olena replied to him.

“Nah, not yet… no squirting just yet. I want you squirt in a different position, baby.”

Olena was almost there but Mayhem pulled out and Olena got so pissed because she was so close. Mayhem walked behind her and slowly pulled the machine out of her ass. He grabbed a wipe from one of the containers that he had sitting on a stool and clean the dildo off. Mayhem walked around to the front of Olena and untied her feet first, and then her arms. The first thing she did was take the blindfold off and turn around to get a good look at the machine.

“When did you get that?” she asked him.

“When we first moved here,” Mayhem replied.

Olena opened her mouth again but Mayhem shook his head, telling her to be quiet. Mayhem walked away from her and walked over to the corner of the room to what looked like some gymnastics set up. Legs feeling like jelly, Olena followed him. Coming from the ceiling, it looked like some hoops that you can hold on to and under the hoops was what looked like a balance beam that had a whole chunk missing in the middle but had three straps on each side. Olena wasn’t even sure what was about to happen here.

Mayhem grabbed her around her waist and lifted her up so she could grab the hoops. She spread her legs onto the beams, and it was like a light went off her in head. While she was sitting in a split position onto the beam, Mayhem strapped down her right leg tightly and then went to the other side and strapped her left leg down. While Olena was holding on to the hoops, Mayhem slowly turned the beam towards the mirror and Olena got a good view of her pussy. Mayhem stood behind her and they both gazed at each other in the mirror.

“You sexy as fuck, with your ugly ass,” Olena said and chuckled.

“Hang tight,” Mayhem said and walked away.

Olena watched him in the mirror while he walked back over to the ‘X’ table and brought the machine over to where we were. He rolled it in the middle of the beam and aimed it right at her pussy. Mayhem turned the machine on, but much faster than it was for her ass, and that machine started fucking me so fast and so hard. Olena almost lost her mind when she Mayhem got behind her and placed the head of his dick at her asshole.

Mayhem eased himself inside of his wife’s tight ass and he had to lean his forehead against Olena’s back because the pleasure made him weak in his knees. Mayhem spread Olena’s ass and started digging inside of her so slow and so deep. Mayhem looked up to see her arms shaking because she was trying to hold on but the pleasure was getting ready to take her out. Mayhem hooked his chin into her shoulder.

“Look at me, shorty,” Mayhem whispered.

Olena looked in the mirror and the way her pussy was gushing from the machine made her cum. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wave take her higher.

“You so fucking sexy, Olena! Look at your face,” Mayhem urged her.

Olena opened her eyes and looked at her husband as he was moving slowing in and out of her ass. Looking at him while listening to him let out low moans made her hornier than she already was.

“Fuck me baby! Stop fucking playing with this ass,” Olena groaned.

“How hard, baby?”

“I wanna hear your nuts slapping against me…”

Mayhem started fucking his wife just like she requested, and she started bouncing as much as she could.

“Oh yeah? That’s what you doing, ma,” Mayhem groaned.

“Hell yeah, you still not fucking me hard enough! How the fuck you gon’ let a machine beat this pussy and ass up better than you… FUCK…ME!”

Mayhem pulled his bottom lip in his mouth, spread his wife’s ass cheeks, and started to pummel her tight ass. Mayhem looked at her as her eyes started to roll in the back of her head. Olena kept using the hoops to push herself up and down as much as she could. Mayhem had just fell in love with his wife all over again.

“Baby, play with that pussy! Let Daddy see you play with that pussy! Fuck!” Mayhem groaned while he continued to fuck her hard.

Olena used her left hand to start playing with her pussy.

“Shhiitttt, baby! Shit! Shit! Shit!” Olena moaned out.

“Hell yeah, you ready, huh? You ready to squirt? Fuck that mirror up!” Mayhem urged her. “I wanna see everything you got to give on that mirror.”

Both Mayhem’s and Olena’s breathing started to quicken. They both were so close but they both wanted to hang on.

“Mayhem, I’m about to… ahhhh,” Olena groaned as she squirted all over the machine and the mirror.

“Keep going baby, I’m right behind you.”

Mayhem felt the tingling in his balls, and his head started to pulsate. Mayhem wrapped both of his arms around his wife before he grunted and pushed one more time inside of his wife, letting his nut shoot up inside of his wife. Mayhem used his foot to kick the machine back. They both were trying to catch their breath. Olena let go of the hoops and grabbed onto her husband’s arms.

“I love being wrapped up in your arms, Pryor,” Olena whispered.

“I love wrapping these mothafuckas around you, shorty.”

After being wrapped up in each other’s arms for a few moments to come down off the high, Mayhem told Olena to grab the hoops again, so he could let down. He unstrapped both of her legs and let her down. He picked Olena up and took her over to his chair, so she could get herself together while Mayhem turned the machine off, cleaned it, and stored it away. After Mayhem cleaned the areas they used, he walked back over to Olena who was now in the chair knocked out. He smirked and shook head his head. He picked her up out the chair and carried her bridal style out of the room. Mayhem carried her all the way to their bedroom and he laid her down in their bed and placed a light kiss on her lips.

“Maître, I enjoyed Daddy’s Playground,” Olena whispered when I pulled the covers over her, making me smile.



Tanena Washington Posted April 29, 2020 at11:00 pm   Reply

This was SOOOOO freaky!!🥴

authoressbianca Posted April 29, 2020 at11:54 pm   Reply

Whew, glad you liked it. 🙂

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