Interview w/ Pryor ‘Mayhem’ Bailey by Alexis Singleton
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Interview with Pryor Bailey AKA Mayhem by Alexis Singleton…

Bianca, unfortunately, sent me to interview the infamous Mayhem, and he hadn’t been returning my calls. I literally had to stalk him. I finally caught him sitting in a food court. Let’s just say that this interview didn’t go as expected… Some questions were half answered, if at all.

I approached the table and called his name.

“Mayhem,” I called his name. “Um, it’s me, Alexis. I have been—”

“I know who you are, girl. What you want? And what interview? I know Bianca ain’t sent no white woman to talk to me. She out her fucking mind. You the feds? Are you wearing a wire?” Mayhem interrogated me.

‘No… I just… she wanted me to interview you… and… I’m not white.” I stuttered.

“Aight, I’m only gonna talk for fifteen minutes. Also, you better hope that my wife don’t come over here with the shit.”

*I sat down, pulled my recorder out of my purse, and put it on the table.

Alexis Singleton: Where… where did you get the name Mayhem?”

*Mayhem bursts into a fit of laughter.

Mayhem Bailey: I know for a fact Bianca ain’t sent you with that idiot ass question. What the hell type of question is that? Where did you get the name Mayhem?

AS: So, I guess next question… How do you juggle being… being a you know… and a dad… and husband?

MB: No, I don’t know… and I just do it. I fuck my wife and I take care of my kids. I don’t know about none of that other stuff you talking about.

*Before I could ask the next question, we were interrupted by Olena… and it got ugly!

“Mayhem ugly ass Bailey, who is this bitch?” Olena snapped as she approached the table.

“Shit, some girl Bianca sent over here to interview me,” Mayhem replied and I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

“Interview you for what?” she hissed at him, but kept her eyes on me.

“My name is Alexis Singleton and Bianca wanted me to interview—” I started.

“Why she ain’t come herself? That’s the only girl I trust around him besides my best friend. You need to call her before she gets your shit split wide open,” Olena spat at me.

“I’m her assistant…” I said.

“Assist these nuts… I’m about to call her,” Olena said taking her phone out her purse.

*It got really quiet while we waited for Bianca to pick up her phone. At this point, I was praying that Bianca picks up her phone because Olena looked furious with me. Her eyes were turning red and I’m no match for this girl. I can’t fight at all.

“Bianca, what the fuck are you doing and why you got this white bitch coming to interview my husband?” Olena questioned her.

“I’m not white—” Olena snapped her fingers cutting me off.

“You busy? Aw. An update for his fans. I guess. He ain’t all that… not enough for an interview… that is. Where my interview? Don’t they think I’m interesting,” I listened to the one sided conversation.

*Olena got quiet and I could only hope that Bianca is not setting me up to interview this woman alone.

Before I could finish my thoughts, Olena was smiling. I knew Bianca had just set me up for an interview. The moment Olena hung up the phone, my phone dinged with a time and a date for an interview with Olena Bailey.

“You lucky Bianca saved you from an ass whooping. Now finish this interview with my husband. I’ll be over here,” Olena said and sat two seats down from us.

“She wild ain’t it?” Mayhem said, smiling at his wife.

“Ummm…. I don’t know,” I whispered, not knowing how she would react.

“Aight, ask the next question,” Mayhem urged.

AS: Do you plan on having more kids?

*Olena interrupted…

“Hell nah! This pussy closed for business baby…” Olena answered for him.

He shot her a look and she got really quiet. I hope she stayed that way so we could finish the interview.

MB: Maybe, right now, we still got some young ass kids. Hell, Our kids not that far apart. Maybe when the twins turn three and Pier turns two.

AS: What was it like when you first started dating Olena?

*Olena interrupted.

“Whew girl! Let me tell you…” Olena said.

“Doll! Don’t say another word. You can talk shit during your interview…” Mayhem told her.

“Who’s doll?” I asked.

“You read the damn story girl. Don’t play dumb,” Mayhem sniped at me.

I knew exactly who doll was… and I can see exactly how he controlled her. She even turned her back to us.

MB: When I first started dating Olena, she damn near gave me a heart attack with everything that she did. She dressed half naked, clubbed like no other, had a sex cult.

*Olena interrupted again…

“Excuse—” she started.

Snap Snap  

He snapped his fingers twice and she turned around again before he continued.

MB: Yes, I called it a sex cult because that girl had niggas dying over that pussy. Trust me, it’s to die for, cuz I’ll die for that good shit. But in the beginning, we both had a hard time listening and communicating with each other. She’s mean and I’m mean and two mean people together just… I can’t even explain it. Just know, we been married for a year and we are still learning each other.

AS: Frank? Tell me about Frank? Why is he the way that he is? Short with people, mean, will chop your head off…  literally…

*Mayhem became visibly upset at that question… prompting me to stop the question.

“What the…? Bianca put that in the book. Bruh, I fucking told her not to put that shit in there and that it was off the record. What else did she put in there that I don’t know about?” Mayhem questioned me.

“You didn’t read the final copy?” I asked.

“Hell nah, I told her what to put in there, so I ain’t think I would have to read it. What else did she say about Frank in there?” he questioned me.


“Aye turn that recorder off,” he snapped, making me jump.

I instantly turned the recorder off.

“She didn’t put much about him in there. Just about the incident with… you know who, and Noah’s beat down, and… that him and Taiwan had a little… small… thing,” I replied.

“Ohhhhh okay…. good! Good! Good!”

“Okay, so can we get through the interview. I only have a few questions left,” I said.

“Nah, you good, family. I told you that I was only going to talk for fifteen minutes. That’s been up.”

“But—” I started.

“But nothing, I gave you fifteen minutes,” he said to me and pushed back from the table. “Come on, Olena,” he said to her.

I watched both of them walk away from me hand in hand. I couldn’t believe that Bianca sent me on this mission. She could have done this herself. There is no way that we can publish this. I immediately pulled my phone out to text her.

Me:Seriously… 🙁

Boss:Was he that bad?

Me:Worse. And then you schedule me with his wife. If you didn’t pay me, I swear… Just know, we’ll have to publish both of their interviews together.

Boss:Okay, we’ll just have to do that…

Me:And he got really upset about the Frank question… AND he said that it was off the record. So, I think he’s pissed at you.

Boss:Mayhem will be fine. People have to find out about Frank sooner or later. Just come back to office.


I couldn’t believe that this was the first job my boss sent me on, but yes… she did. Hopefully, when I interview Olena, it’ll go better than this.


Theresa Williams Posted June 6, 2018 at1:28 am   Reply

Very interesting when do we get the rest. 😘

Daynika Posted June 6, 2018 at1:28 am   Reply

Love it !!!

Sheba Posted June 6, 2018 at10:30 pm   Reply

Hell naw Bianca,😂 You know Mayhem crazy as hell! I loved this though.

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