Rhylo and Maddison: School Daze
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Rhylo and Maddison: School Daze

Hey Ladies! This is NOT your average Short Story Sunday! Authoress Briann Danae and I decided to do a collaboration on a short story since a few readers suggested that our writing is similar. This is NOT a future book. Just something fun…
P.S. There was no outline… just a freestyle. Enjoy.
“As you all may or may not know… because I’m sure a lot of you bypassed this in your syllabus, I’ll remind you. Class participation is a must. Thirty percent of your grade requires you to be here and on time.” It was Monday morning, the start of a new week and this is what this dude wanted to talk about? He had me fucked up. Scooting my tall frame down in the uncomfortable seat in the back of the lecture hall, I shook my head. We were only a few weeks into my sophomore year at Arson University, and I was already over this shit. Glancing down at the syllabus, the only thing I had in my folder for this class besides some other assignments, I peeped the professor’s name. “Mr. Tanner,” I mumbled. “I bet he doesn’t even know a nigga’s name.” That and a few other things were what I didn’t like about college. I was in this big ass room with over three hundred people and this clown up at the front wanted me to pay attention. There were too many chicks in here, first off. Secondly, how the hell am I supposed to learn something in a fifty-minute class when all he wanted to do is talk about participation and read straight from the powerpoint? This shit was for the birds. Closing my folder, I stuffed it into my backpack with the others and stood to leave. A nigga’s stomach was growling like crazy, and the chick I was sitting behind had this crazy big afro that smelled like coconut and fruits, making it even worse. My boys Devin and TJ both turned their head in my direction. They should have already known I was about to dip out and head to the café. Tossing the strap of my backpack over my right shoulder, I made my way through the row of half-sleep mufuckas and was ready to walk out, when Mr. Tanner decided to say something. Out of all days, he had to pick today when I was hungry as hell to want to hold a conversation. “Is there a reason why you are leaving my class?” he asked, voice echoing throughout the room, making everyone turn their heads in my direction. I chuckled. “Yeah, I don’t want to be here.” “Participation is key in this class and-” “If you can tell me my last name, I’ll stay,” I said, interrupting him mid-sentence. His face turned a shade of red, and I knew right then his ass didn’t have a clue. A few snickers could be heard throughout the lecture hall, and he just turned back around. “That’s what I thought,” I chuckled, before pushing through the double doors. Shit, I paid to be here, well my brother paid for me to be here, just like he got paid to do his job. He obviously wasn’t doing it, and I had earned my participation for the day. His ass ain’t say nothing about staying for the full class; just to be there on time. Stretching my arms above my head, I let out a yawn as the sun beamed down on my face. Leaning up against the brick wall on the side of the building, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see who had hit my line. I was mainly checking to see if my brother, Rome, had hit me back. That nigga hates texting, so I should have known better when I didn’t see a text from him, but instead a missed call. I texted him three hours ago, and he was just hitting me back. He always thought I didn’t want anything. Half the time I didn’t, but he still could have been considerate of a niggas time. At nineteen-years- old, a young nigga was out here trying to see what I could see. College wasn’t my first option. Shit, it wasn’t even an option to be straight up, but Rome wasn’t hearing that shit, nor was my mama. Neither of their asses had gone to school, so they were using me as
the fucking guinea pig. I guess that shit was cool. I was gon’ rock with it until I didn’t feel like it was beneficial; even though my mom’s said it was. I go by Rhylo. No nickname. I told niggas and these females who tried to give me pet names, to never shorten my name into no 3shit like Rhy or Lo. It’s one word; that’s it. We have been living in Ohio for as long as I can remember and we ain’t never moved besides a few houses, but that’s it. I wasn’t a known nigga for real, and I probably should have been cause’ everybody knew Rome was that nigga, but I wasn’t. Which, I preferred. I liked being low-key. As soon as I was about to hit up this little chick to see if I could slide through to her dorm later on, the double doors opened, and people started to file out. Pushing myself off the wall, I adjusted my straps and waited for my niggas to emerge. TJ and Devin had been my boys since my freshman year. Devin is a junior and TJ is a sophomore. We were nothing alike and half the time I wondered how I even put up with these fools, or how they put up with me. They walked out laughing and trying to get on some chicks who weren’t paying them any attention. “Dude couldn’t even teach he was so mad,” Devin laughed, shaking his head. “If he had said my name, he would have been good,” I laughed, slapping hands with him. “Let’s go get some food damn. I still feel hungover from the weekend. I ain’t drinking with you nigga’s again.” “Shut up nigga. Didn’t nobody tell you to keep buying drinks and shit.” TJ smacked his lips and looked Devin’s way with his mouth all twisted up. “Nigga, yes you did. You were his personal hype man.” We both chuckled and slapped hands as Devin waved us off. “Exactly. It’s all good though. This weekend it’s bottles on you,” I announced pulling the door to the dining hall open. After scanning our badges in and finding a spot by the TV’s where ESPN was already on, we hopped in the different lines to grab food. Breakfast was still being served, so after I got me an omelet with only bacon and cheese, with some fried potatoes on the side, I went back to our section. I was halfway through my plate and ready to get another when they walked back over. “My nigga, on Joe nem’ I ain’t even get my dick wet for real. I mean, I did, but that was from that sloppy ass head she gave me,” TJ voiced, and I looked up to see who he was talking about it. “At least you got that. I was fucking around with Giselle’s girl Peanut last night and she was acting like she aint wanna top me off,” Devin said, with a pissed off look on his face. I just shook my head. This nigga was always trying to fuck someone else’s girl. “Giselle gon’ fuck you up,” TJ laughed. “She needs to be trying to fuck her bitch since she always on my dick.” “I thought that hoe was a lesbian? She be boppin’ like that?” I asked, raising the cup of apple juice to my lips. A straw was most definitely in there. I didn’t trust the cleaning staff with these cups. I wasn’t about to put my mouth on this shit. “Bop her head ass on this dick. She just be letting me eat her pussy,” Devin said smirking. “And that shit so fye!” My nigga had an accent so country if you asked me. He was from Memphis, and I always had to ask him what certain sayings meant. “Ain’t no way I’m eating a bitch pussy and not getting no head. Shit, I get the head first. I’m stingy,” I said, dead serious making them niggas laugh. “I aint even got nothing to say man,” Devin chuckled. Leaning back in the comfortable chairs they decided to upgrade us with for the new year; I let my eyes scan the café. I don’t think people knew how good this breakfast was hitting for and
I hoped they never found out. Niggas always got hip to shit late and made a big deal out of it. I hated that. “You shouldn’t have nothing to say nigga. Peanut using yo ass,” I said laughing but stopped mid laugh when I saw two chicks walking from dumping their plates. They were average looking; just how I liked them. Bitches who were too fine for their own good made a nigga nervous. Devin must have peeped my silence, and he and TJ followed my gaze. Both girls were dressed down in some spandex shorts and t-shirts with the school logo on it. They were reppin’ hard for the school already and didn’t even know what it was about it. I knew they had to be freshmen or some transfer students. “Aye, that’s ole girl who was at the house last night,” Devin said. “Which one?” “With the red hair. She came through with Giselle and was blowing big tree with us.” “Her friend wasn’t with her?” I asked, admiring the thinner shaped friend. She was nerdy looking, but I liked that type. You could turn their ass out if they let you. “Nah. I aint never saw her before. I’m bouta’ call em’ over here.” I just leaned back in the chair. Devin was always trying to spit game to some hoes. I think they only liked his ass because he was in a fraternity. I wasn’t for that shit. Hanging around him did bring an abundance of bitches on top of the ones I already had chasing after me though, so I wasn’t complaining. “Aye!” Devin yelled out, hand covering one side of his mouth. This nigga didn’t care at all. The girl with the red hair, or whatever color her shit was turned her head first. Damn near snapping her neck to look our way. A frown graced her face before it turned into a grin. She whispered something to her nerdy looking friend, and they walked over to us. Up close and in my face, the nerdy friend was actually kind of cool looking. She had some glasses on, which I could tell were some designers by the lens. Her hair was in this curly ponytail that looked like she had that good shit. You know, the kind that curls up when it gets wet and shit. “Don’t be hollering at us Devin,” the girl with the red hair spoke. I didn’t even care to get shawty’s name. I was just gone call her Red.
Sometimes, I hated standing next to my crazy ass, red head friend, Tinell; Nell for short. Nell was thicker than a snicker and I was kind of fit thick. When my head wasn’t in the books, I was in the gym trying not to gain my Freshmen fifteen. I found out Nell was going to be my roommate back in June, and I ended up searching for her on Facebook, and I found her. We’ve been chatting since June, so we were already like best friends when we moved in our dorm in August. She was outgoing, and she had to drag me out of the dorm to do things. We lived two different lives. Her parents were her best friends, but mine… mine were damn near drill sergeants. That’s why they were forcing me to be a doctor instead of the audio engineer that I wanted to be. I love all things music, from Classical to Jazz, to Rock, to Hip-Hop and R&B. “MADDI!” Nell yelled my name as if I wasn’t standing next to her. “Oh, hey, guys! I’m Maddison, but you can call me Maddi.” I introduced myself. “What’s going on, Maddi, I’m Rhylo. You fresh meat?” he grabbed my hand and kissed it, prompting me to snatch it back quickly. “Herpes can be contracted that way,” I smiled. “A simple ‘Hi’ would have sufficed, and yes, I am a freshman.” “I don’t have no fuckin’ herpes, bitch!” he sniped. Taken aback by him calling me a bitch, I picked up his glass and dashed it in his face. “Now, bitch that!” I stomped out of the café and waited for Nell to come out. I sat on the bench outside and pulled out my binder to start looking over my notes. I knew everything that was in there, but it was just something to do while I waited for Nell to come out. I put my earphones in and turned on my Beethoven’s Classical’s study jams. I was looking down at my notes and nodding my head to the music until I felt the extremely cold-water splash all over me. Everything was wet, my phone, my notes, my hair and my shirt. I swiped my face and looked up at the culprit, and it was Rhylo. I could tell that I was not going to like him. “Now, we’re twins!” he laughed. I don’t know where the extra burst of energy came from, but I threw my things on the bench and dived on him. He lost his footing and fell backwards. I was swinging on him with all my might. I know I wasn’t hurting him, but he needed to know I wasn’t the one to play with. He caught my fists and started restraining me. “What the fuck did you do that for?” I growled in his face. “I have class in thirty minutes, and I don’t have time to go to my dorm, change and get to class on time. You fucking idiot.” “You threw my drink on me first! Now get off me before we go to jail,” he spoke evenly. I looked to my left and saw the two campus policemen walking up. I got off him and helped him up. I didn’t want to go to jail or get a ticket. My parents would kill me. We stood next to each other, and he put his arm around me as the officers approached me. He smelled so good. Good Lord! “Everything okay here?” the officer asked. “Yeah, officer. I played a prank on my little lady, and she didn’t like it. No big deal,” he said and kissed my forehead. His lips were so soft. My heart rate was starting to rise. I had never been this close to a boy besides the church hugs I used to get from the boys back home.
“Okay, don’t be out here fighting or pretending to fight. We don’t want to have to arrest you over a joke. Have a good rest of your day,” the officer said. “Get your bony arm from around me and what I tell you about those lips,” I snapped and walked back to the bench to get my things. “Maddi, you got some firepower in you, girl! I knew I liked you for a reason. It takes an idiot to bring the crazy out, huh?” Nell said. “Girl, I can’t believe that he did that shit. I am so fucking pissed. I have to go back to my dorm and change. I hope the professor doesn’t lock me out. Can you take my things to class with you and let the professor know what—” “No! You’re in college. We pay them mothafucka’s to teach us. You are going to just walk your ass in and take a seat,” Nell said. I huffed and walked away from her. The only thing I took was my phone and my key card as I rushed to my dorm and got changed. I ended up having to change my whole outfit because the other shirts I had to match the pants I had on needed to be washed. I just settled on a pair of PINK shorts and shirt. I looked at the time, and I was already ten minutes late. I walked as fast as I could to class. By the time I got there, I had twenty minutes left. I walked into the class and instantly rolled my eyes. As if my day could get any worse; Rhylo was sitting in my damn seat. I didn’t even know he took this damn class. I’ve seen too much of him in one day, and it’s not even the afternoon yet. I I thought to myself.
The entire twenty minutes left of class, Maddison was huffing, puffing and rolling her eyes. I didn’t care though. She shouldn’t have poured my drink on me, and there wouldn’t have been a problem. Matter of fact, I’m glad I did. She was pretty as hell with her curly hair now removed from the bun it was previously in. As class was dismissed, she tried walking all fast out of the door, but I pulled her back by the strap of her backpack. “You have a problem with keeping your hands to yourself I see,” she spat, and I shot her a smirk in return. “Not at all. Only when I see something I like.” Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms over her chest giving me a glimpse of the tattoo on her wrist. “Something you like?” she scoffed with a chuckle. A cute ass chuckle at that. “You always calls girls you like bitches and pour water on them?” “Nah. Just the ones who accuse me of having herpes,” I replied with a shrug. “Hmm. Sure. Well… I’m sorry what’s your name again? I mean, it really doesn’t matter to me, but you know mine, so I guess it’s only right to know yours.” I grinned. She was running off at the mouth and
wasn’t making any sense. Plus, I knew for a fact that she knew my name. She was just being difficult. “It’s Rhylo. You think you can remember that? I mean shit. We do have this class together for the remainder of the semester. I may need a little help.” She smirked. “Well, luckily for me… I’m not a tutor.” As a group of females walked by gawking at me and mugging Maddison, I pulled her into my embrace. Wrapping my arms around her shoulders, with her titties pressed firmly against my abs; her body tensed up. Since those females wanted something to see, I was going to give
them a show. Bending my head towards her ear, I got a whiff of her hair that smelled better than ol’ girls in class this morning. “Luckily for you, I am. I can teach you a few things if you’re willing to listen.” Tilting her head upward, her eyes sparkled with a glimmer of curiosity. “Things like what?”
What is Rhylo trying to “teach” Maddison?




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