One Night Only: Gabrielle & Jackson
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“What do you mean they are canceling all flights?” I yelled at the personnel staff at Delta. “You guys could have sent out an email before I checked out of my hotel?”
“Mam, we are so sorry, but we are rescheduling flights, as well as giving out free sky miles.”
“Okay, that’s fine. I’m sorry for yelling, I know it’s not your fault,” I said before walking away.
I was upset at the fact that I had been in New York all week for this medical conference, and I was ready to get back to Vegas. Allll week, it hadn’t snowed an ounce, but last night it decided to snow, and snow enough to get my damn flight canceled. I guess it was okay since there was a hotel in walking distance. As soon as I walked outside, I swear my body froze completely for one second. I slipped and slid across the crosswalk to the hotel. As soon as I got to the door, I slipped on the ice and bust my ass. I was so embarrassed.
“Whoa there, you better hope I don’t have to operate on that tailbone.”
I looked up and into the eyes of the sexy Dr. Jackson Grant. God took his time when he created this man. He was dark chocolate, standing over six feet tall, and his body was chiseled, and get this, he is almost fifty years old. I guess he had to keep his body in tip-top shape because he is one of the most sought out surgeons in the US. He had all the women swooning over him at the conference. They were breaking their necks to sit in every panel he led. I was thirsty for him, but nowhere near as thirsty as all those other women.
“This is so embarrassing,” I said, as I grabbed his hand to get up.
“It’s okay, Dr. Brown. I know that you are from Vegas, where you don’t get any snow.”
My heart started beating extremely fast because I wanted to know how did he know my name, and how did he know where I was from. I didn’t speak in any panel that he led, nor did we have a conversation at all during the week.
“How did you know where I was from?” I asked.
“I know a lot,” he said and winked at me.
I stood there stuck because I didn’t know what to say.
“Would you like to come to my room to get changed?” he asked.
“Sure,” I spit out before I could think about it as if I had anything to get changed into.
We got on the elevator, and he pushed the highest level. We were quiet, but I could sense him looking at me out the corner of his eyes. Subconsciously, I pushed my hair behind my ear. I did this when I get nervous.
“Why are you nervous?” he asked.
Truth is, I was nervous because I hadn’t been in the presence of a man this fine in forever. I was dating this lawyer a few years ago, but it didn’t work out because we could never spend time with each other. I hadn’t had sex in three years, and just being next to him, inhaling his scent, was making my clit tingle.
“I’m not…not nervous,” I responded.
“Sure you are. You pushing your hair behind your ear, and you are stuttering. You think I’m going to bite you?” he laughed, and leaned down to whisper in my ear. “I won’t bite unless you want me to,” his minty fresh breath almost made me weak.
“Could you even keep up? You’re like fifty.”
He smirked as he guided me out of the elevator. I could tell that he was watching my ass bounce, and I was putting a little more pep in my step too, even though it was dirt from falling on it.
“There is only one way to find out. We right here.”
He waved his key card in front of the door, and pushed it open, letting me walk in first. I have never been so bold with a man before, and I was already feeling slutty. My heart was thumping out of my chest.
“I bet you have a had a fuck fest in this room this week,” I said. I was low-key fishing to see if he had fucked any of the other doctors who were swooning over him.
“If you want to know if I fucked any of the other doctors, ask. I’m a straight shooter type of guy, but if you must know, I have not fucked any of them. I was hoping that you would be one of the women to throw themselves at me. You are sexy as shit, and the way that you carry yourself, I know that you are a freak…for the right guy.”
He was fucking correct. I like to be treated really nasty during sex.
“Whatever,” I grinned waving him off.
He walked closer to me and stood over me.
“Do you want to fuck, Gabby? No strings.”
I nodded my head slowly.
“I can’t fucking hear you,” he spat.
I jumped, but it turned me on in the worst way. It was at that moment that I knew that this old ass man was about to wear my thirty-five-year-old pussy out.
“Yes, yes, I want to fuck you, Jackson.”
He went sat on the bed, leaving me standing up by the TV.
“Stop,” he called out. “Get undressed. Right there, and put your foot up on that chair.”
I did what he asked me to do.
“Play with that pussy,” he said.
I started rubbing my hand over my clit, while he took a sip of his drink. I was nervous as hell. He was supposed to be doing this…not watching me pleasure myself.
“Relax, Gabby. You’re acting like you ain’t never pleasured yourself. You want a drink?”
I shook my head no. I took a deep breath and started to play with my pussy like I had been doing for the last few years. I closed my eyes and went to work.
“There you go, baby. You are so fucking sexy, you know that. Would you like for me to bend you over that chair, and fuck you hard as I can? What about if I picked you up against that wall, and slowly stroked you while staring in those hazel ass eyes?”
“ooohhhh my gooddd! You’re turning me onnnn,” I groaned.
I opened my eyes, and he had got undressed, exposing his thick hard body. I glanced down at his hard dick, and almost lost my balance. This man’s dick was huge, with a slight curve in it. He walked over to me and got his knees.
“Put that pussy on face, and hold on to my head.”
“You can’t possibly pick me up.”
“What the fuck did I just say?”
He didn’t have to tell me again. I lowered myself onto his face, and he quickly grabbed me by my thighs, picking me up. He slightly tugged on my clit. He took his long thick tongue, and started going up, and down my pussy, making me go crazy. I grabbed onto the chair so I wouldn’t fall.
“My head, Gabby,” he ordered. “You don’t listen, but I’m about to break that.”
I grabbed onto his head again, and moments later, he stood up. This man picked me up and had me in the air while he was eating my pussy. There was nothing to grab but his head.
I started moving my hips, against his mouth, while he sucked on my clit. I felt myself getting ready to cum.
“Hmmm, oh my god! Jacksonnn, pleassee. I’m finna cummmm.”
He tugged on my clit one good time, and I released in my mouth. I was so weak. He started walking over to the bed while kissing lightly on my pussy. He laid me down, as I was still trying to catch my breath. I tried to raise up to suck his dick, but he pushed me back on the bed and straddled me. He started tapping the head of his dick on my already swollen clit.
“Owweee, Jackson. Don’t tease me, just put it in,” I begged.
He shook his head, and started rubbing the head of his dick on my clit fast as he could. It was feeling to good, and I felt myself getting ready to climax again. I grabbed his arm tight as I could, and nutted so fast.
“Hmmmm, I like that,” he whispered.
He positioned his dick at my opening, and slid in me slowly. I bit my bottom lip as he filled me up with his thick dick. He sat there for a minute, letting me get used to it.
“You aight?”
He started moving inside of me slowly. He pushed my thighs further apart, and went deeper.
“Wrap your legs around my waist, and don’t let me go, or I’m going to get upset.”
I did like he asked me to, and he came forward lifting my hips off the bed slightly. That curve in his dick
was touching everything that needed to be touched. He intertwined his hands with mind, and as he leaned down, and kissed me to muffle the moans that were starting to get louder, and louder.
“You feel so fucking good, mama,” he whispered in my ear.
“This is just the beginning.”
He grabbed my legs again, pushing them as far as they could go, and he started pounding my pussy. He was going so deep to the point where I was trying to push him back.
“You’re soooo deep, damnnn,” I moaned.
“Don’t fucking touch me again, Gabby. You better take this dick, and the nerve you to ask me, could I keep up. Fuck! You feel good.”
I could feel my legs start to shake.
“I’m cumminngg, baby, please… oh my god!”
“I feel you baby, I feel you, shit! You got my dick wet as fuck. Shit!” he groaned.
He pulled out, and turned me over, in one swift move. I laid flat on the bed.
“Oh, so you tapping out?” he asked.
He didn’t even give me a chance to answer before he entered me again. He pulled my ass up off the bed just a little, and he went deep as he could.
He smacked my ass so hard, and I embraced the pain. I grabbed his hand, and put It around my throat.
“Oh, you like it like that?”
He started squeezing my throat, while holding one of my ass cheeks apart. He was fucking me just the way I liked it…hard. The only sounds could be heard was our moans, the slapping of our skin, and the wetness of my pussy.
“Damn, mama, this shit talking to me. Ooowwee, girl. My favorite fucking sound,”
“Shhhiitttt, dadddyyy, please don’t sttooppp, I’m finnnaaa…. shiittt.” I moaned as I felt the liquids spray out of my body.
I fell flat to the bed trying to catch my breath. He pulled me up on all fours, and I fell again.
“Why haven’t you cum yet, damn? You got my shit swollen.”
“I’m old, it takes longer,” he smirked. “You tapping out? Get on all fours now,” he ordered.
I knew he was being funny about his old joke, but my pussy was done. She was through. She cannot nut anymore.
“You not gon get on all fours like I fucking asked you to. You got five seconds, or it’s going to be worse.”
I laid there because it surely couldn’t get worse.
“Aight, have it your way.” I felt him get off the bed, so I thought he got the picture that my pussy was done.
This nigga grabbed my wrists, pulling me back. He put both wrists in his one of his big ass hands, and placed his other hand around my neck. He slid his dick back in me, and I almost jumped out of his grip.
“Nah, where the fuck you going?” he asked as he pulverized my pussy.
“Daddddy, ahhh, mmmhmmm!” I whimpered.
“You like this shit don’t you? Cum on this dick, Gabby! Cum on this dick! Gimmee one more, mama. You got another one in you.”
He let my neck go, and I thought I was about to go face forward on the bed, but he still had my wrists. He pulled out, but only for a second because he used his knee to spread my legs further apart.
“Dadddddy, damn!” I moaned.
“I see you mama. Let it go! Shit!”
He pulled out just as I came, but he caught every drop with his mouth. I was trying to get away, but he had a hold on me. He slowly sucked on my clit, and it was so sensitive. He let me go, and I fell flat on the bed, trying to catch my breath.
“Come here.”
I turned my head to look at him, and he was standing up in the mirror looking at himself. I was admiring his sweaty ass backside. The muscles in his back were fucking sexy.
“You not going to listen to me?”
I slid out of the bed, and walked slowly over to him. My pussy was so swollen that I had to walk gap-legged.
“Come here, woman,” he pulled me in front of him.
Our bodies were sweaty as hell. He started fondling my titties, while staring at me in the mirror. He was biting his bottom lip, and it was so sexy. He started nibbling on my neck, making my pussy get wet again.
“What…What are you doing?” I whispered.
He used his knee to spread my legs apart again. He had one arm wrapped around my neck, and the other arm wrapped around my stomach. He bent his knees a little, and slid inside of me slowly. Jackson held onto me tightly as he slow stroked me. I had my eyes closed, leaning my head against his arm, enjoying this moment.
“Look at me, Gabby,” he whispered, and then nibbled on my ear.
I opened my eyes, and we were staring at each other in the mirror. This had to be the sexiest moment
ever. I had never experienced nothing like his in life.
“Your sex faces are sexy as shit. Your pussy is so good, Gabby. Shit!” he moaned, biting down on my shoulder.
“Spread your ass for me, so I can go deeper. Don’t freeze up on me. Just slow…deep…strokes.’”
“Ohhh myyyy god, Jacckkssson.” I moaned.
“Your pussy is leaking down my leg. Keep your eyes open.”
We stared at each other as he delivered the slow deep strokes to my swollen pussy. He used his hand to squeeze my clit.
“Shit, Jackson, I’m about to cummm,” I moaned.
“Me too, baby! Shit! You feel that?” he asked breathlessly.
I could feel his dick pulsating inside of me letting me know that he was releasing his seeds inside of me.
“Did you like that?” he asked me, kissing on my shoulder.
“How was that for an old man?” he laughed.
“More than I expected. Shit!”
That was three years ago, and it is still the best one night stand I ever had. We still see each other at conferences, but we never discuss what happened during that winter storm.
We look at each other and smile, and that’s it.
The End.



Sharene price Posted November 6, 2018 at7:12 pm   Reply

Damn Bianca why you

I want more

Damn Bianca whyyyyy must u tease is like this

Treva Posted November 6, 2018 at9:01 pm   Reply

Girl!!! Shit got over here looking at my husband like a snack!!!

Sarah Posted November 12, 2018 at11:55 am   Reply

My oh my oh my….that’s all I can say and honestly that says a lot…..

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