Synopsis: Sometimes in life, things fall in place when you least expect it. Without warning. Without a trace. And, sometimes, without an understanding. Like a wrecking ball, Emery Donatella comes into the picture, forcing Eris Costello to teeter back and forth with one major decision: and that’s making herself happy, or being miserable in a
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April Reads Title: Moment in Time. Synopsis: Amid her tears, Cherish Caine learns to not only live in the moment but to love as well. Her lifelong relationship with Julian “Ju” Nyles shifts one night, causing them both to wonder what happens next. For Cherish, her life does a complete 180, and Ju’s newfound interest
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March Reads  Title: Love Is: What You Make It Synopsis: She wasn’t supposed to fall in love. In fact, the love between them was so unconventional, Isis Moore hadn’t prepared herself for it at all. She never wanted to get married and was terrified of giving her heart away. Shunning the idea of settling down
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A Year Later…  This morning after going through my Facebook memories, I fully expected to go in and let have about how tumultuous this year has been regarding this situation. It’s been a whole year since that post. I know a good chunk of you will remember. It’s been an entire year since I’ve been
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Friends. How Many Of Us Have Them? Friends

If you are reading this, welcome to 2019.
Let me just jump right in. Friends is a term that I see being thrown around so loosely these days. Women are befriendin

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