A Malice Love 3… Extended Sneak Peek
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Unedited Sneak Peek
Kade Lewis
Pacing the waiting room floor of the hospital, that the nurses told me to wait in, I was going crazy. The doctors had been working on Kambridge for what seems like forever, and I was starting to become irate. No one would give me answers. Every few minutes, I was walking up to the desk asking them if they had heard something from the doctors.
When I rushed into Kam’s room, I acted quickly. Snatching the pill bottle, the letter, and stuffing it in my pocket, I scooped Kam into my arms, bridal style, and ran out the house. I had never driven my Ferrari that fast. She was still seizing and foaming at the mouth when I ran into the hospital doors, and they snatched her away from me. I gave them the pill bottle that I found, hopefully, it would help them. I tried to go to the back with them, expressing that she was my sister, but they ain’t give one fuck about that.
While I was pacing the floor, I called and left several voicemails on my parents’ phones, but they ain’t called back, nor have they showed up, and that’s been two hours ago. I didn’t want to call Shelly, but she is Kam’s best friend, and not even twenty minutes after I called her, she was here, crying harder than me. I know my dad ain’t give a fuck about my sister, but for my mom to switch up like that, is troubling. Very troubling.
“Kade, babe, you should sit down. You have been pacing for hours now. I know you are tired,” Shelly said to me, but I ignored her.
I reached into my pocket, and toyed with the letter that was in there. A part of me wanted to read it, but a part of me is scared to know what would be my sister’s last thoughts. I kept taking it out, and putting it back in my pocket. Taking it out, and putting it back. Would you want to know your sister’s last thoughts?
“Kade, I know why she did it. It’s why I was calling you all those times,” she whispered.
“Shelly, stop with all the other shit! You let my sister do this shit to herself? What the fuck you mean you know WHY she did it? Tell me!” I yanked her up by her collar, and she started wheezing, and clenching her chest. I didn’t care that the people in the waiting room were looking at us.
“Your mom,” I dropped her, and she fell to her knees, crying. “Your mom… fucked Phoenix!”
I stepped back to look at her like she had grown two head out of her shoulders. I was shaking my head in disbelief. Hell nah, my mom is a lot of things, but she ain’t a cheater. She loves my dad. That got to be the only reason why she let dad get away with the shit he been doing to Kam. I stepped back, and looked at her with the meanest scowl, ever.
“Shelby! Stop fucking lying. My mom ain’t never cheated on my fucking daddy. Where the fuck is your proof?” I snapped on her.
“Read…read the letter Kade. She probably put something in there. I saw it with my own two eyes. Kam received a certified package today at work. She told me to open it, and I did. There were pictures of several different women, and him leaving hotels. There was even a video of him fucking some white woman. It was a picture of him and your mom… your mom walking out of a hotel together. Kade, I would not lie to you. I promise,” she pleaded.
I picked Shelly up off the floor, and put her in the seat. I sat down next to her, and leaned my head back against the wall, and let the tears flow freely down my face.
“My sister has had the hardest life, and I couldn’t save her. I feel like such a fuck up. It seems like Kam had it all, but nothing at all. Sure, she had a rich life, but at what cost, she got her ass beat, daily. She found love, and I told that nigga not to hurt her. I told him not to step to her if he wasn’t going to be one hundred with her,” I said.
“She’s going to pull through this. Kam is the strongest person I know. Trust me. She is not going to let this beat her. I promise you,” Shelly assured me.
I took a deep breath, and pulled it out the letter, and unfolded it. Shelly, and I read it in silence.
Dear daddy,
For as long as I can remember, you beat me. Sometimes to the point where I would bleed, and my sores would get infected. I never thought that a father could do such things to someone that they love, but then I realized that as far as I can remember, I can count on one hand how many times you told me you loved me. I don’t know what I did for you to treat me this way. I have done everything that a could daughter could do, and it still wasn’t enough. You treated Kade, and Kalena, like children of the year, but if I looked at you wrong, I got a smack across the face. It seems like the only thing I did wrong was be born into your family. I can’t apologize for that. I loved you. I still loved you, up until the day you had someone place a pistol to my husband’s head, and made me choose. Now, I will go wherever I go with hate in my heart for you. Seek help.
Dear mom,
What a sorry excuse for a fucking mom? You were the one person I counted on to keep me safe. Keep me safe from everything, but you didn’t. You chose to keep me in the house with that monster to unleash all his gruesome tactics on to me. You watched this. For years, and I still loved you. STILL. The easiest… THE EASIEST…thing that you could have done is told me that you fucked my husband, the day you laid eyes on him, and knew we were together. You fucked a prostitute. Smh, and you let me marry him. Hell, you could have saved me a tiny piece of heartache. Fucking scum. Wherever, I go. I’m going with pure hatred in my heart for you.
Dear my Kade!
Please don’t hate me. Please don’t hate me. Please don’t hate me. I could write that twenty thousand more times. I know you tried to save me. I know you did the best you could. I love you so much. Please leave dad’s house, and take Kalena with you. Take care of her, and continue to show her how men should treat her. Talk to her about little boys, and tell her to save herself for marriage. Something, I should have done. I love you so much! Please don’t hate me.
Sweet Kalena.
Please be stronger than me. Please be better than me. Continue to make good grades, and keep singing. You are going to be the next Beyoncé. Listen to Kade. He’s very smart, and knows a lot. Also, Shelly. She’s a wild child, but she will never lead you astray, or have you doing things she knows I wouldn’t approve of. I love you much baby girl. This is not your fault. Your sister got weak. The world made her weak. Please forgive me.
Shelby Jean
I love you so much. I got weak, and I’m sorry. Please don’t come to my grave, and curse me out because I will hear you. Please take care of my store. It’s yours. Your white ass need something to keep you out of trouble. Please help Kade take care of Kalena. She’s going to need you both. Ok, and don’t you fuck with Malice because I know your crazy ass. LOL! You are my very best friend. Always and Forever.
Congratulations. You broke me.
After we finished reading, I crumbled the letter in my hand, and tried not to cry again. If ain’t one thing, it’s another. My sister was tired of life. She has gotten thrown curve ball after curve ball. I couldn’t believe my fucking mom. I wonder how long she been fucking around with that bitch ass nigga.
“Maybe you should try your parents again. Can you call the school so I can go pick Kalena up? I’m sure she would want to be here when she wakes up,” Shelly said to me.
“Mane, fuck them! After reading this. Fuck this. We all Kam got. Kalena don’t need to be here. I will go get her later,” I snapped.
I walked back up to the desk, and before I could even get halfway there, the woman slid the glass open, and told me that they didn’t know nothing, and the doctor would come out and get me once their done. I went and sat back down. Shelly laid her head on my shoulder, and I could feel the water sliding down my arms. This was taking a toll on me. On us.
I took my phone out to text Lency to let her know what was going on, but the shuttering of flashes, interrupted me. I looked up to see my dad, mom, and Kalena, and coming through the door looking like the perfect family, like Kam is only in here for a broken toe. My heart rate started to rise. The cameras… the flashes… the attention. It seems like this nigga gets off on fucking attention, but what he won’t do is, use my sister for it.
“Judge Kason, can you tell us what is going on with your daughter?” one reporter asked him.
“Judge Kason, is there any word on your daughter?” another reporter asked. “Sources from inside the hospital say that it was suicide. Is your daughter alive, Judge Kason?” he continued, and my dad never flinched when the reporter said that.
These fucking weak ass people will do anything for a fucking buck. No way that the reporter should know about my sister’s diagnosis that fast…before a fucking doctor can come out and talk to us. I had e-fucking-nough of this shit. The anger that was running through my body damn near had me levitating off the seat. My body started shaking. The grinding of my teeth is the only thing that I could hear in my ears. I was clenching the arms of the chair that I was sitting in so hard to the point where I was damn near about to pop my finger nails off.
“Kadddeee,” Shelly whispered, and topped my hand with hers. “Think about what you are getting ready to do. You have to remember who your family is. Kade. Kade. Kade. Answer me. Say something. Anything.”
“Listen, guys, I can assure you that my daughter is just fine. There is no love like a family’s love. We will get through whatever is going on together. Now, leave me and my family to handle this matter pri¾”
Before he could finish his statement, I flew over there, and pushed him with all my might, making him and my mom fall. He jumped back up, but security was over there in an instant in between us. I know my father, and he would not act a fool in front of cameras, but I ain’t give not one fuck! Not a one! It’s time the world know who the fuck my father is.
I turned and looked into the cameras, and said “My father is a¾” I was cut off by an arm being wrapped around me.
“Emotions are running very high at this moment, and we can assure you that Judge Kason takes his daughter suicide attempt very serious. Judge Kason was in a very important meeting when the phone call was first made, and Judge Kason left his office as quick as he could. Traffic was very backed up, even with the police escort, it was very hard to get here. Please understand. Let the Lewis family handle this matter privately. Thank you,” Elliot Stone, our family lawyer said to boldly to the cameras.
“Smile into the camera, and walk the fuck away, you fucking disrespectful idiot,” Elliot spoke through gritted teeth in my ear.
I gave a small fake smile, and walked over to my seat where I was sitting next to Shelly with Kalena in tow. I’m sure the camera people wanted to follow me, but they probably didn’t know what would happen next.
“Damn, Kade, I ain’t expect you to do that shit,” Shelly laughed.
“Kade, why did you do that on live TV? Do you know how that’s going to look for dad¾”
“Kalena, I’m sure you can look at me, and tell that I don’t give a fuck about your dad, and what the fuck he thinks. He ain’t nothing but a fraud ass nigga, and don’t get me started on your fucking mom, but you know what. Since you wanna be grown so fucking bad¾”
“Kade, chill,” Shelly nudged me cutting me off.
“Nah, fuck that. Here, Kalena. Read the note yourself,” I said pulling the letter out, and stuffing it in Kalena’s hands.
She’s a smart girl so she read the letter quickly, and hurriedly gave it back to me. She sat down on the other side of me as if the wind had been taken out of her. After the cameras left out the hospital, my parents, and Elliot made their way over to us, and took the three chairs in front of us.
“Son, did she leave a note?” my mom asked as if she was really worried about her. I ain’t see an ounce of remorse on her face, so I didn’t reply, but I waved her off letting her know not to ask me that question again.
“Kade Lewis, do you hear your fucking mother talking to you?” Kason hissed through gritted teeth, but I ain’t reply to him either. I just stared at them.
Elliot, and my parents glared at us, and Shelly, Kalena, and I gave them glares back. If my sister didn’t survive this shit, I swear my list of people to get revenge on was long, and it was going to start with that mothafucka, Malice Bailey. Someway, somehow, he was going to have to see me.
Pryor ‘Mayhem’ Bailey
If love is what got my brother in his room crying like a bitch, then I don’t want it. Keep that shit fifty feet away from me. I need some Lysol for that shit. Disinfect that shit. I damn near had to put Malice over my shoulder, and bring him over here to our parents’ house after Miss Lady Sammy Sosa’d our place the fuck up. It was only going to take the decorator a day to get everything back the way it was. Mane, I aint’t never seen a girl use a bat that damn good. I didn’t feel sorry for my brother at first, but when he broke down and started crying, my heart went out to him. My brother is twenty-eight years old, and he have never been in love before, so he is taking that shit hard as fuck.
See, the biggest problem in this situation is the fact that Kam told my brother that she wanted a divorce. My brother was so excited that he got married to her, he couldn’t stop bragging to me about her being his wife. He was wanting to get their own place, and shit, but Kam wanted him to wait until he got his place up and running. That’s a solid ass bitch, and I can’t even lie. I really pray that Kam forgive him, and get this shit over with because for the simple fact that Malice ain’t going to ever let that girl go. That’s the one thing he kept saying to me the whole way over here. He told me out his own mouth that he would kill every nigga that she encounters. He told me that he ain’t signing no divorce papers, and I believe him.
What people don’t know about Malice is the fact that he is a hothead. He has learned to control it over the years, but my brother is a HOTHEAD! He can control that shit, and it really takes a lot for him to get mad, but when he does, he is liable to kill you. So, if you ask me, I’m afraid for Kam. Malice is liable to kill that girl if she thinks she is going to divorce him. One thing that happened many years ago that Malice never speaks of, and will probably never tell a soul, is that when he was fifteen, he snapped a nigga’s neck in half in two seconds. Shit, even if one of Malice’s closest friends asked him if he killed someone, he would say no. He puts that shit so far in the back of his mind.
Malice and I were at a court playing basketball, randomly. This dude approached us with a gun, and was going to try and rob a Bailey boy. We both had our hands raised, and I kept my eyes on my lil bro, making sure he was alright, but his chest was rising and falling fast. I wasn’t sure if he was scared or not. I looked at him, blinked one time, and Malice was behind that nigga, with his neck twisted. I didn’t even know that my brother could move that fast. That was the day I knew that my brother was a hothead, and that was the day he knew the streets wasn’t for him. He knew the streets weren’t for him because he would have to keep killing people for doing crazy shit, and he said that his heart not built that way. We two totally different people, because I’ll bless a nigga with something hot in a millisecond.
“Son, you need to go talk to your brother, man. He still in there crying. I put my ear to the door, and I heard him sniffing. Ya mama said that he won’t stop crying,” my dad said, and sat down on the couch across from me.
“Pops, you need to understand. That boy is cut from a different cloth. That girl is his first love, and that’s just how he is handling it. He will get over it, but I don’t know when.”
“Nigga, the way you laid on the couch in with the fucking blinds closed, and the TV off, I would swear you in here trying to get over a broken heart too.”
I laughed at him, and grabbed the remote to turn the TV on. As soon as I turned the TV on, I saw CNN running a clip of Kade, and his daddy damn near pushing his daddy through the TV.
“Yo, turn that shit up,” my dad said.
Here you are watching a clip of the famous Judge Kason Lewis, and his son getting into a fight over his sister who recently allegedly committed suicide. There is no more information being released. The audio is not good, but what we got from the clip is that Judge Kason, and his wife Tracey showed up to the hospital two hours after getting the call that Kambridge Lewis allegedly committed suicide, and his son, Kade Lewis was not happy about it. We will keep you updated.
I raised up, and turned the TV off.
“Dad, we have to get Malice to the hospital,” I said to him. “Dad, don’t give me that look. At the end of the day, that’s still his wife, and he deserves to be there.”
I got up, and slid on my Gucci shoes, and walked upstairs with dad in tow. When we made it to his room, I could hear him sniffing. This nigga was still crying. I turned around, and put my hand on my dad’s chest, stopping him in his tracks.
“Dad, don’t go in here on no shit. Don’t go in the hospital on no shit. Malice need his father. Don’t tell him to get over that shit because he’s not, and he won’t no time soon. Don’t tell him a nigga don’t cry over no bitch because that ain’t what he need to hear right now. As bad as it’s going to pain you, he needs his father, Paxton Bailey. Not Korupt the kingpin, but Paxton Bailey. Understand me?” I told him.
“Yeah, son,” he chuckled.
“Dad, I’m dead the fuck ass,” I got close to him, damn near nose to nose. “If you say anything that a father wouldn’t say to a son that is going through something like this, I’mma knock your ass the fuck out, and I mean that from a place of love. Now, again, do you understand me?”
He got serious, and he nodded his head slow. There is no way that I could knock my dad out, but I’m sure that he got the message. I turned around, and knocked on the door.
“Yeah,” he answered. His voice sounded like his nose was stopped up.
“Me and your dad is coming in, and we have to talk, ok?” I said.
I turned the knob, and pushed the door in. Malice was across his bed with diagonally with his head halfway hanging off the bed, looking at his phone.
“You’ve reached, Kambridge Bailey, please leave a message,” the voicemail said.
“Baby, pleasssseee call me back! I love you so fucking much. I just need five minutes to explain. Come on, Kam, please! I’m begging you. I’m losing it without you, and it ain’t even been long. Please,” he begged.
I sat down next to him on the bed, and patted his back.
“Bro, we need to get you to the hospital,” I said.
“For what? I ain’t sick, and I ain’t suicidal…yet,” he murmured the last part, getting ready to call Kam’s phone back.
“It’s about Kam. I’ll explain it to you on the way to the hospital. So, I need you to get up brother.”
He raised up, sat on the bed, and turned towards me.
“What’s going on, Mayhem?” he asked me.
“Put your shoes on, bro, we need to get to the hospital, NOW!”
He got up, and slid on his shoes. We went downstairs to the car, and left. We zoomed through traffic towards the hospital.
“Um, Malice, Kam tried to commit suicide. The news¾”
“NO, no, no, no, no, no, no,” Malice said, while shaking his head at the same time.
“The news didn’t say anything more than that. So, we don’t know anything other than that. We don’t know if she succeeded or not. We just¾”
“Don’t say that shit. My wife is still alive. Don’t even speak that shit into the world,” Malice snapped.
When we pulled up the hospital, there were news crew outside, and I’m sure they were waiting to hear some news about Kambridge. We rushed into the hospital.
“What room is Kambridge Bailey in?” Malice asked the woman at the desk.
She clicked on the computer, and turned her nose up like she was about to say they don’t have a Kambridge Bailey.
“Try, Kambridge Lewis,” I said to the woman, and her face lit up.
“Are you family?” she asked.
“That’s my wife. What the fuck you mean are we family?” Malice snapped.
My dad moved my son to the side.
“Listen, mama,” my dad said, and the woman looked up at my dad, and her mouth halfway opened. The women loved my dad. “We just found out through the TV that my daughter in law allegedly committed suicide. We need to know what’s going on with her,” he spoke smoothly to the woman.
“Well, her other family is in the family waiting room. I can escort you there. The doctors are still trying to get her stable,” she said and stood up.
We followed her to the room, and her family was already there. The minute we stepped into the room, Kade stood up.
“YOU!” he pointed and shouted.
He rushed Malice, and put him on his back. He wasn’t even trying to fight back as Kade rained blows on him. If one thing I knew for sure, my brother was broken. My dad grabbed Kade, and threw him off Malice.
“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! MALICE! EVERYTHING IS YOUR FUCKING FAULT,” Kade screamed, and started crying again.
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Kason stood his bitch ass up like he was about to do something.
“I’m here to support my son, Judge Kason, and I suggest you bring your voice down a notch, sir,” my dad said.
Security ran into the waiting room, looking to see what was going on, but by that time, Kade was already back in his seat.
“Everything alright in here,” security asked, but no one replied to him.
“He’s right! Judge, you should calm down. Look around,” a nigga in a suit stood next to him, and said.
There were people in here with their cameras ready for drama. Malice was still laid on the floor. He wasn’t passed out, he was just lying there staring at the ceiling. My brother was fucked up, and I felt so bad for him.
My world fucking flipped over when my wife showed me that video, and threw those pictures in my chest, but my world crashed and burned when Mayhem and my dad came into my room at my parents’ house, and told me that my wife committed suicide. That’s the only reason why I let Kade rain his blows down on me because I knew he was frustrated. He asked me to do one thing, and that’s protect his sister, and not hurt her. I failed on both ends. I don’t even deserve to be her husband right now. She gave her ring back to me, but I’ll never sign anything regarding a divorce. I’ll beg, and plead until my knees bleed, but I ain’t never divorcing her, and it will be a cold day in hell if she think for one second that I’m going to let her be with another man. That shit better not even come across her fucking dome, to be honest. She has only gotten the nice side of Malice. Just because I’m not in the streets, or a thug, don’t mean I can’t get down with the best of them, I just don’t want too.
“Kade,” I called his name. “Did she leave¾”
“Don’t fucking ask about my sister, my nigga. Sit your stupid ass over there, and look crazy, and be glad that I’m even letting you sit here, while my sister is fighting for her fucking life.
Before I knew it, I ran over to him, and yanked his ass up by his throat, lifting him in the air. Sometimes I be forgetting how strong I am, and I be surprising my damn self sometimes.
“PUT HIM DOWN!” Tracey screamed.
“Everybody shut the fuck up before it be some more furniture moving up in this bitch! Do yo thang, son!” my dad said from behind me.
“Look, Kade, I let you whoop my ass the first time because that’s your sister, and I failed you. I was wrong, but¾”
“Yell again up in this bitch!” Mayhem growled, and the room got real quiet because I’m assuming he raised his shirt up and showed his piece.
“Like I was saying, Kade, I know you love your sister, and I do too! I take full responsibility for hurting her, and I’m going to spend as long as I can to make it up to her, but if you come at me again, I’m going to snap your fucking neck into several pieces,” I spoke to him. “Now, did my baby leave a note,” I asked him again.
“Phoenix Allen Bailey, put him down! NOW!” I heard my mom scream, but I ignored her. She must have just walked into the door.
“Lewis Fam—oh,” the doctor said, and I threw Kade to the ground, trying to catch his breath. I helped him up, and patted him on his head, while he was still rubbing his throat.
We all rushed in front of his doctor, and he was looking around at all of us. His eyes landed on my face, and dried up blood on my t-shirt that I used to wipe my face with.
“I’m Dr. Compton, and sir, maybe someone should look at your face,” he said.
“No, I’m fine. Talk to us. What’s going on?” I replied to him.
“Well, I need to speak with intermediate family only. We need to talk in the privacy of my office.”
“We are all intermediate family except for that Poindexter in the suit,” I said to the doctor.
“My name is Elliot Stone, and I am the family lawyer, and I need to go back so I can stay in the loop of everything, and make sure the right thing is said to the press,” he said.
“Nigga, you ain’t finna use Kam and her situation for some fucking camera time, ol square ass nigga. You got me fucked up. This shit need to be kept private, and I mean that shit,” I eyed him.
“Y’all ain’t shit to my daughter! Doctor, I don’t want them to go back,” Judge Kason snapped.
“Honey, calm down!” Tracey said patting him on his back.
“Yeah, calm your husband down Tracey, before he gets his feelings hurt up in this bitch!” I said to her. “Doctor, lead the fucking way.”
The doctor looked a little scared, but he turned around and led us he way to his office. We all filed into his office, and he sat behind the desk. There were only a few seats in the room, so the ladies took the seats. I stood next to my mom, and she held on to my hand, while my dad stood on the other side of her. Tracey was sitting in the other seat, and Kason and Elliot was standing on both sides of her. Basically, we were glaring at each other like we were waiting for something to pop off. Shelly, Kalena, and Kade were in front of the desk.
“Well, um, we were able to get Ms. ­­Kambridge. She swallowed a great deal of sleeping pills, but—”
“Doctor, did my baby survive?” I cut him off.
“Your fucking baby? Is my baby fucking pregnant?” Kason snapped.
“Hell yeah, my baby is pregnant? Anything else?” I asked him with my head cocked to the side.
“LOOK! I need both sides of the family to keep quiet. If not, I will ask everyone to leave, but the person who is the sanest, and qualified to make health decisions for her. Do I make myself clear? One more outburst from either of you,” he pointed his pencil at me and Kason. “You guys are gone! Kason, you may have your own courtroom, but this here office, is my courtroom where I am the judge and the jury. Understand?”
Kason nodded his head in agreement, and he looked for me to do the same, and I did.
“I was getting to the baby next. Kambridge was five weeks pregnant, but the baby did not survive.”
My legs gave out from under me, and luckily my brother caught me. My mom got up, and my brother put me in the chair. My eyes were cloudy, and the tears started flowing down my face. My first chance of being a father was gone, all because of me!
“The baby wouldn’t have survived anyway, which leads me to the next thing,” Dr. Compton said.
“Damn, doctor! How many fucking next things are you going to say, damn!” Kade snapped.
“Testing Kambridge’s blood, we found an extensive amount of mercury poisoning. Sometimes you can accidentally ingest it, but the amounts that are in her system, was no accident, in my professional opinion. Someone was poisoning her,” he said looking around the room at everyone, and then pressed a button on his phone.
Two seconds later, two policemen, and a lady in a black suit walked in the room.
“All of you all are suspects in this investigation, so you guys will be questioned thoroughly, until this investigation is over.”
“Doctor, I’m confused. How the fuck can somebody get mercury poisoning? I been with her months, and she didn’t seem different. Well she would randomly get sick, but then it would go away. I don’t know. What are the symptoms?”
“Well, Mr. Bailey, a few of the very noticeable symptoms are nausea, personality changes—”
“Dizziness, and headaches?” I finished his statement.
“You would be correct, sir.”
“We went to St. Maarten a couple months back, and that’s when she first started acting strange. I begged her to go to the doctor, and she said that she was fine. She said the headaches come and go, so that’s why she didn’t go to the doctor. She almost passed out one time, and then she would snap suddenly. I shrugged it off because that’s how women are. You mean to tell me, the whole time, my wife was sick!” I questioned.
“Now is not the time for personal matters, gentlemen. Due to the extensive amounts of poison in her system, it caused her kidneys to fail. They were already in the process of failing, but the pills that she swallowed sped it up. We have her in an induced coma because she will be in to much pain if I wake her up. I am in the process of placing her on the donor list. Do either one of you get tested,” the doctor said.
That nigga just told me that my wife is in a fucking coma, and then casually asked us if we wanted to get tested. The room was silent as fuck that you could hear a needle drop on the floor. I’m assuming that everyone was in their own feelings, but I fucking lost it.
I stood up, and pointed at Tracey, “Bitch, it was you! It was you who poisoned my fucking wife. I don’t even think Kason hoe ass could do something so cynical. The most he would do is beat her until she passed out, but you… you’re so fucking stupid, you would kill your own daughter,” I snapped.
“You got me fucked up. I love my daughter, I would never do anything to fucking hurt her. You raggedy dumb ass hoe! It was you who poisoned her. You couldn’t have her, so you didn’t want nobody else to have her,” she spat right back.
“Hold up, bitch! You better watch you mothafuckin’ mouth. Talking to my fucking son like his mama won’t beat the brakes off your stupid ass,” my mama said walking towards her, but my dad, and brother held her back.
“Nigga, you better hold your fucking wife. I know that fucking much!” Kason said.
“Nigga, shut your weak ass the fuck up! You ain’t gon do shit, but try to have us arrested. You better be glad I won’t let my wife attack her hoe ass. You better keep it together, my nigga!” my dad snapped.
“You can test me!” I said, and everybody followed suit.
“Okay, I’m only going to allow one side of the family in Kambridge’s in her room, and test the other side, and then we are going to switch.”
“They ain’t her fucking family, and they shouldn’t be tested for shit,” her dad growled.
“You know what, old man? Let me hurt your feelings right quick. Me and Kambridge been married for two months now. We got married in St. Maarten, and if you don’t believe me, call your lil buddies down at the courthouse, and see. Now, if you make one more smart remark, I will have you and your wife escorted off the fucking premises, seeing in how I am her next of kin. Ask your lil puss’ ass lawyer.”
Kason looked from their lawyer back to the doctor, and they both were nodding their head in full agreement with me. When he looked back at me, I was wearing a smirk that I’m sure made his temperature rise.
“Now, I’m going to test the Lewis Family first, and the Bailey family is going to go into her room,” the doctor said.
“We will also question the Bailey family first, as well. Oh, I’m Olivia Bradshaw by the way. I’m with Adult Protective Services. We normally only work for elders, but this case is complicated, and it seems as if everyone is pointing the fingers at each other. Until this investigation is over, Kambridge is going to have around the clock protection in her room, for her protection,” Olivia spoke.
“Lewis family, you guys stay here, and I’m going to walk the Bailey family down to her room.”
We followed the doctor down to her room, and the minute we walked into the room, I broke down. My dad, and brother had to catch me again. My mom pulled a chair up close to the bed, and they helped me to the chair. I fell over her, and bawled my eyes out like a bitch. I couldn’t help it. It seemed like the wires were coming out of every part of her body.
“My baby,” I said placing my hands on her stomach, even though her stomach was empty now. “I’m so sorry. Daddy is such a fuck-up. I caused your mama to lose you. It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry,” I cried. I rubbed my fingers through her hair. “Kambridge, daddy is so fucking sorry. I wanted to tell you. I should have told you, but I knew you would leave me. I just couldn’t have that. I need you, Kam. None of those women meant shit to me. Please come back to me. I’ll give you my heart, if you need it to live baby! Damn!” I continued to cry my eyes out.
“Son, we are going to give you a minute alone with her,” my dad said latching on to my shoulder.
I looked up at him, and he wiped my tears away from my eyes, but they kept falling. At first I thought that he was getting ready to say something crazy like get over it, but he just stared at me.
“Dad,” I whispered to him.
“Yeah, son,” he answered me.
“Don’t go. I need you,” my voice scratched.
I had never said those words to my dad ever. It was always something along the lines of, I don’t need you. The moment I said those words, Mayhem pulled the other chair close, and my dad sat down next to me. I leaned over on his shoulder, and continue to cry my eyes out. He rubbed his hand through my hair, and then started patting my shoulder.
“It’s going to be alright, son. It’s going to be alright,” my dad said.
My dad had never said anything remotely close to me, so, to hear him say that, soothed me… just for the moment.
I felt so accomplished today, and especially since I had that package mailed to little miss Kambridge. See, I wasn’t going to bother her, and I was just going to give it to Malice, to let him know I had it, but when he had me escorted out of that Ball, I was pissed. I was even more pissed when I saw how everyone was fucking gawking over her when she stepped her ass into the Ball, looking how she was looking. I mean, every fucking eye was on her, which had me furious.
I was waiting for a text or phone call from Malice because I’m sure that she has already mentioned to him that she got the package. The knock on the door was just what I was waiting on. I’m sure that it was Malice, but I was surprised that he didn’t use his key. I walked to the door with a smirk on my face, with my robe halfway open, and pulled the door open. It was Connor, holding a piece of paper in his hand, with a goofy smile on his face. I had forgotten that I had gave him and his co-workers my address a few weeks back to put down for references.
“Yes, how may I help you?” I said to him.
“My license came, and I just wanted to personally thank you for helping us,” he said, looking me up and down. I closed my robe, and let him in the house.
“You are living large as fuck! Damn, I can’t wait until I’m able to retire,” he said looking around my house.
“It’s really not all that cracked up to be. Can I ask you a question? A real serious question.”
“Yeah,” he turned, and looked at me.
“Did you know that Kambridge was married?”
He looked at me with a shocked look on his face.
“We must be talking about two different Kambridge’s because my Kambridge is probably still somewhere crying over me because we broke up. Shit, me and her were together for ten years, and we JUST broke up not even six months ago. There is no way that she can be married,” he said.
“Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but she got married to my boy toy. They got married in St. Maarten like a couple of months ago. I’m so serious. At the most, they probably have been married for like two months. No more than that. I don’t know how they met. I don’t care how they met, but, they are pretty much married. I’ve done everything I can to break them up, but he ain’t leaving her for shit, and get this…he’s fucking her mom too,” I told him, chuckling at the situation.
He had a look of confusion on his face.
“You know what? The last dinner I had with her family, I eavesdropped on a conversation that they were having, and Judge Kason was telling her to use somebody for him, and get information, but I honestly didn’t think anything of it,” he said, taking a seat in the chair that was closest to him. “FUCK! I was giving her a chance to be mad, and I was going to get her back, but, it seems like it’s to late,” he sounded defeated.
“Nah, it’s not to late, trust me. After that package, I sent to her store today, she will be divorcing him tomorrow sometime. If that bitch stay with him after she finds out that he fucked her mom, then she is desperate as fuck.”
“Bout as desperate as you sound right now,” he said.
I rolled my eyes at him because it probably was going to be hard as fuck to get my plan rolling. I sat in the chair across from him, and let my robe come open some more. His eyes trailed my body, and I knew I had him.
“You want to come to my bedroom?” I asked him.
“You’re like old as my mom, Ms. Jenson,” he reluctantly said.
“Do you care? I don’t. Are you following me or not?”
He followed me to my bedroom, and he slowly started getting undressed. I let my robe fall, and I guess I looked good to him because I saw his dick start to stand up in his briefs. I laid on the bed, and spread my legs. He dove between my legs, pulling my panties to the side, and started eating me as if his life depended on it.
I tried to close my eyes, and imagine that it was Malice’s lips wrapped around my clit, but I couldn’t. The only reason I came was because he pushed two fingers inside of me, and finger fucked me. I needed that release because I hadn’t had sex since Malice, and I was backed up. He pulled his dick out of his briefs, and I instantly felt sick to my stomach. His shit was kind of long, and skinny. There is no way that he would give me an orgasm because I been used to fucking Malice over the last decade.
“You got a condom?” I asked him.
“Shit! No, I don’t!” he said.
“Oh, sorry. No glove, no love!” I said thankful that I had a legit reason to not fuck him.
While he was putting on his clothes, I grabbed the remote, and turned the TV on. I always watch the news, and the first thing I see was Kam’s face on the screen.
Three hours later, and there is still no word on Judge Kason’s daughter, Kambridge Lewis, alleged suicide. We are waiting for anyone to give us a word on if she followed through with the suicide, or if she is alive. Earlier, we ran a video of Judge Kason, and his son, Kade Lewis getting into an altercation. Once again, the audio is bad, but what we could make out, is that Judge Kason, and his wife showed up hours later after getting the call that Kambridge allegedly committed suicide. The family lawyer, Elliot Stone, made an announcement stating that emotions are running are high, as we can imagine, and that they wanted to handle this matter privately. We will continue to update you on this story
Connor, and I both looked at each other, and he leaped on me. He got his hands around my throat, and he was squeezing tight.
“It’s your fucking fault! My girl could be dead because of you,” he growled while still choking me.
My eyes darted around to see if there was something that I could gather to knock him in the head with, but he’s a lawyer. He knew what I was trying to do, so he moved me to the middle of the bed, and started choking me harder.
“If you come near me, or Kambridge again. You will not live to see it,” he said.
He released me, and I tried to catch my breath. I couldn’t even talk momentarily because my throat was hurting.
“Now this is the second man that has walked out on you, for that girl! Bitch!” he said, and walked out the house.
The tears sprang into my eyes, and slowly slid down the sides. If she wasn’t dead, I was going to kill her. I know that Malice can’t live without her, so I was going to have to kill him. I can’t live without Malice, so I was going to have to kill myself. Life is truly fucked up, but in the end, I’ll have what I want.
This waiting game that we were playing with the doctors had my anxiety on a million. I ain’t want to take one step out the hospital to smoke because I ain’t want to miss a thing. I needed to know what was going on with my wife. I was pacing this conference room floor so much that I had made my own tracks into the carpeted floor. After extensive questioning from Olivia, and getting tested to see if I was a match for Kam, they placed us all in this conference room. He put a rush on the lab results so we would know today if we were a match for her.
The whole room was quiet, and I assumed that everyone was in their own thoughts. My dad, and Kason glared at each other, but nothing was going to pop off because we had two of the hospital’s security guards, Olivia, and the two policemen that came with her. Dr. Compton said he didn’t trust us to all sit in here and act like we got a little common sense, so that’s why we had these pigs watching over us like we were some fucking kids.
“I remember when I first met Kambridge¾” I started.
“You ain’t finna talk about my sister like she dead, my nigga!” Kade said, and stood up.
I stopped pacing, and looked at him. The police hands went to their waist, and we instantly calmed down, but something was bothering me. I had to get it off my chest.
“Kason, why do you beat Kambridge? What did she ever do to you?” I asked him. “You have so much hatred in your heart, and it’s so sad, that you are going to die a lonely old man,” he ain’t say nothing to me, but I noticed Olivia in the corner writing on her notepad.
“You don’t know me or nothing about my life. Sit down, and shut the fuck up!” he snapped.
“I know I don’t know nothing about your life, but I do know that one of your daughters got married and was terrified to tell you. No daughter should be that terrified of her dad. I do know that when I first met her that she had several lacerations on her body. I do know that you keep your kids locked up in the house like they are some fucking servants, and my wife is grown, but you won’t let her move out on her own. I am perfectly capable of taking care of—”
“Kason, I think you have us mixed up. My kids are free to go as they please. I think you told Kambridge that her and her brother had to stay under your roof because of people who may want to retaliate against you. I would like to think that I am an important man…much like yourself, and again, my kids are free to go as they please,” my dad said, not giving him the satisfaction of getting loud with him.
He was getting ready to reply when this white boy came barreling into the door. We all looked at him, and I cut my eyes at Kason, and he had a smirk on his face. He stood, and greeted him.
“Hey, son!” he spoke.
“Uh, hey, Judge Kason. I saw on the news that Kam tried to kill herself. The news is not saying anything else. I came as fast as I could,” he said.
“This,” he patted him on his back. “Is my real son-in-law, Connor Wiles. Him and my daughter been together since they were just teenagers. Everything she have with you, is fake. She was using you…for me. She never loved you. All of that was fake, and part of the plan, I had to arrest all of you, and put you behind bars where all of you wild animals belong,” he said like there wasn’t cops in the room, who could easily be taping this shit. His lawyer was dumb as fuck not telling him to shut-up. He talking so freely so these pigs may or may not be on his payroll, because Kason is a dummy, but I know he not that big of a dummy.
I stopped pacing the floor, and I ended up between where my dad and brother were sitting. My hand clenched at my sides. I could feel my nails digging into my skin. My heart rate started to rise. This was the part of me that I try to keep hidden, but he was taking me there. Mayhem stood up, and grabbed my head, leaning me into him so he could whisper in my ear.
“Look, he just trying to get a rise out of you. Don’t let him win. You know where Kambridge heart lies, and it is with you. Don’t let him win. Do…not…let…him…in…your…head. Understand me?”
I nodded my head quickly, but I was still pissed as fuck. All that is lies, or could it be? I don’t know. The wheels were starting to turn in my head. I have been through her phone before, hell, I even have the passcode to it, and there were no signs of her having a boyfriend. He’s lying. Mayhem is right, he is just trying to get in my head. He will say anything to get me to leave her alone, but that’s not going to happen.
“He’s lying,” Shelly softly said, and started crying. “They haven’t been together, and the last time she seen him was when he came to her store, and threatened her.”
“What? What are you talking about Shelly?” I asked her. “Who threatened who, and for what?”
“She’s lying!” Connor said. “Kam and I had been talking quite frequently. We were even going to go on a date next week.”
Before I could pop off the doctor came in the room. I took the seat next to my mom.
“I hope everyone in here was behaving like adults should behave,” Dr. Compton said sitting at the front of the table.
“Well, we got the results back, and I’m sorry, but none of you are a match. So, we’ve placed her on the transplant list, but we are going to have to get those kidneys out of her body because they are going to release several toxins into her body that we don’t need in there, especially since all the poison is not out of her system. Once we get both kidneys out of her body, we are going to have to do around the clock dialysis for her.”
I didn’t even think I had any tears left, but my eyes welled up with tears.
“Okay, so let’s do the surgery. What the fuck is the problem?” Kade said.
“There is a problem. If we operate on her with all the poison that’s in her system, it could kill her, but if we don’t get the kidneys out of her body, it can kill her as well. MY professional opinion would be to wait until the poison is out of her body, and we can deal with the toxins later, but ultimately it is your call.”
“Basically, she’s damned if you do, or damned if you don’t,” I said.
He nodded his head, and I instantly became frustrated. I looked over at Tracey, and this bitch don’t even look like she had an ounce of remorse on her face. She was staring at the spot in the table in front of her with a blank look on her face. I went slap off on her.
“Bitch, this is all your fault! Everything is all your fault!” I snapped.
“You better watch your fucking mouth, boy!” Kason said. “Kade, you gon’ let this piece of shit talk to your mom like this?”
“I don’t give a fuck about neither one of y’all to be honest. He can say whatever the fuck he wants to say. That’s his wife. He is going through it just like the rest of us,” Kade replied to him.
“Ain’t this a bitch!” Kason said.
“Tracey… because you couldn’t have me, you tried to kill my wife. You are such a hater, and that’s not becoming of a woman,” I snapped.
“My wife wouldn’t fuck a scrub like you. Stop trying to piss me off because it ain’t happening,” Kason said. “You just mad that you got played by me and my daughter.”
“Don’t get your feelings hurt, Judge!” Mayhem said.
“Check your bank accounts if you think she ain’t been paying me to—” I started.
“Now, Mr. Bailey, you have a decision to make. Do you want us to operate now or later? I gave you my professional opinion, but ultimately, it is up to you since you are her next of kin. You still have several pieces of papers to fill out. Also, would you like to sign a Do Not Resuscitate, if in fact something goes wrong?”
He kept talking about the pros, and the cons of having the surgery today, or having the surgery a few days from today. While he was talking, I was thinking about losing my wife. I was thinking about having to spend the rest of my life without her, and not even being able to physically apologize to her. I needed her to know that I apologize for what I did, and not telling her about it. I needed her to know that I never ever cheated on her since we got married. I stop fucking with them women the minute I found out that her mother was my client. I just needed to apologize to her. If God ever gave me another chance with her, I promise I will tell her the truth about everything, even if it hurts her feelings.
Where would I find another woman like Kam. A woman who could make me fall in love with her so fast. A woman who only wants everyone to be happy. A woman who doesn’t give a damn about status or money. There would never be another woman like Kambridge…at least, not for me. I will never love another woman the way that I love Kambridge. She fucked me up inside, and I don’t know if I will ever be the same.
“Mr. Bailey,” Dr. Compton called me name. “Did you hear what I said?”
I nodded my head slowly.
“Have you made a decision, or do you need a few more minutes?”
Before I could even respond, Kason popped off again.
“What the fuck is there to decide. It’s either a fucking yes or a fucking no. Doc, do the fucking surgery now?”
“If he does the fucking surgery now, then she will die from the poisoning, but then again, that’s probably what you and your bitch of a wife wants huh? You don’t want all of your dirty little secrets to get out,” I replied to him. “Because you know, once she wakes up. The whole world will know all your secrets, and they will shun both of you. Your reputations are done for.”
“Fuck you! You think I give a fuck about you, your family, or the public, and what they would say about mine.”
“Yeah, I’m sure you would once they find out that your wife hoe ass wife pays for male escorts. I’m sure I have gotten about twenty stacks from her over the last few months. She PAID me to do something you couldn’t do, and that’s make her squirt. Let that sink in,” I snapped at him. “I need everybody out. I need to think about this shit, and I need to do it in silence,” I said.
The room got deathly quiet. Everybody’s mouth was opened, but nothing came out of it. I was looking at Kason with a smirk on my face.
“Okay, Mr. Bailey,” Dr. Compton said. “I understand, and I don’t want you to rush and make a decision. I’ll be in my office whenever you have made your decision. I’ll leave all this paperwork here so you can go over it, and if you have any questions about anything, you know where to find me.”
Everyone stood up to leave out the room so I can think in peace, and sign these damn papers when the door came open.
“You can test me,” the deep voice said from the door.
My mouth hit the floor like I had just seen a ghost.
Trent ‘Big Will’ Wilson
I was in my cell staring at the ceiling with my hands clasped behind my head. My mind was on my daughter, and her husband, my godson. The secrets he dropped on me during their visit weighed heavy on my mind. A part of me wished that he didn’t tell her because my daughter is fragile, and another part of me wanted him to tell her because I wanted him to be a man that takes responsibility for his actions, even though they may cause harm to the person. My phone that was under my pillow started vibrating. I took it out, and it was big bro calling me.
“What up, bro?” I answered.
I looked up to see that the door was opened, but I ain’t give a fuck. Nobody in here fucks with me, even the guards.
“Um, I know you probably can’t do much about this shit, but I just stepped out the hospital to give you a call. Um, I don’t know how to say this, but—” his voice cracked.
“Nigga, you crying,” I chuckled.
“Um, I’m trying to stay strong for your godson. Um, shit kind of hit the fan with his… you know, and Kam…” I heard him sniff.
I sat up in my bed because I’ve only known my big bro to have cried twice in his life, and that’s when the birth of his kids took place, so I was fucking worried.
“Nigga, you scaring me. What the fuck is going on?” I whispered.
“Kam allegedly committed suicide. The doctors haven’t come out to give us a word yet. It’s been hours. I just wanted to let you know,” he said. “I know you can’t do nothing in there, but… bro. I’m so sorry. I’ll keep you updated,” he said.
I hung up the phone, and jumped off the bed to hurl in the fucking toilet. I was on my knees, trying not to cry. I walked out my cell, and headed towards the Warden’s office. I was walking so fast that I ignored everybody that was calling my name. I wanted to cry. I needed to cry. My baby girl may or may not be fighting for her life, and I’m in here and can’t do shit about it. The CO stopped me at the Warden’s door.
“Big Will, what’s good, man? Warden on the phone, but I’ll tell him that you need to see him. Give me a minute,” the CO said, and walked in the door.
Five minutes later, he opened the door, and ushered me in. I didn’t say anything until the CO stepped out.
“Big Will, what can I do for you?” he asked.
“I need you to let me out of here. I don’t care what you do, or how you do it, but I need you to let me out of here. I will come back, you have my word,” I said.
“Now, Wilson. You know I can’t do that.”
“My daughter has allegedly committed suicide, and I need to be there. You don’t have to get the Governor involved in this. Pardon me for just twenty-four hours. I will come back. Give me an ankle monitor. A security escort. I need to be with my daughter,” I begged, with tears streaming down my face. I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.
“Your daughter? I didn’t know you had any kids. Sit down, Wilson. You’re scaring me.”
“Look. I don’t have time to go into the full spiel, but long story short, Judge Kason’s oldest daughter is really my daughter, and he is the reason why I am behind bars today,” I said.
“Oh wow!” he said shockingly.
He clicked on the TV, and it was playing a video of the Judge, and his oldest son getting into a spat.
We have been running this clip every thirty minutes. The audio is not good, but what we got from the clip is that Judge Kason, and his wife Tracey showed up to the hospital two hours after getting the call that Kambridge Lewis allegedly committed suicide, and his son Kade Lewis was not happy about it. Say what now? Alright. This just in… Sources from inside the hospital has said that Judge Kason’s daughter, Kambridge Lewis, survived the alleged suicide, but is in an induced coma because of kidney failure. We will keep you updated on this story.
My heart touched my damn feet. I couldn’t really think or breathe.
“Warden, twenty-four hours is all I need. I know this may be asking to much, but until they get a bed for me in Arkansas, can I be pardoned? I promise you, I won’t fuck up. I won’t get in trouble. Shit, I’ll even come back in this bitch for the weekends. Please. This may be my last chance to get to know my daughter,” I continued to plead my case.
“Wilson. You are tying my hands here? If I do this for you, I would have to do that for every prisoner in the fucking pen. Wilson, I just can’t do it,” he said. “I have a daughter, so I know how it—”
He had a scared look on his face, and I don’t know if he got through to him or not, but he was quiet. I left out of his office, and went back to my cell. I used my phone to try and call my brother, but he ain’t answer, but he sent a text. I hated texting.
K: Can’t talk right now, bro. Getting tested to see if I’m a match for your daughter’s kidney surgery, she gotta have asap. So much going on. Gotta tell you bout dis shit.
Me: My nigga. Thank you, bro. Knowing that you would give my daughter a kidney. I’m crying right now, dawg. I’m eternally grateful. I owe you one, family.
He didn’t text me back, so I put the phone back under my pillow, and laid down. I ain’t know what I was feeling, but I needed to pray. I closed my eyes, and said a silent prayer for my daughter. In the middle of my prayer, I felt some clothes being thrown on me. I opened my eyes to see a CO standing over me with a smirk on his face.
“Get dressed, and come in the Warden’s office,” he said, and walked out.
I held up the clothes, and it was a pair of Levi jeans and a polo shirt. I hurried up, and got dressed, and surprisingly the clothes fit perfect. I don’t know where they came from, and I didn’t have time to question it. I grabbed my phone from under the pillow, and slipped it in my pocket. I ran into the warden’s office, and he was sitting there signing papers.
“Oh, the clothes fit nicely. I ain’t know you and I would be the same size. I keep an extra fit here sometimes, but never mind all of that. My heart goes out to you, and I would die if something like this happened to my daughter while I was locked away. Now, I’m going to grant you the six months. Don’t you get out there, and get happy nigga because you gotta come back. I have this ankle monitor that I wanted to put on you, but I trust you, Wilson, but IF YOU FUCK ME ON THIS. I will make sure you never see the light of day again. Twenty-four hour lock down.”
“What about Kason? He will be there. He sentenced me to life in prison,” I asked. “Won’t you get fired?”
“No. Turns out I came across a few things that the Governor would not like for his wife or the public to find out. So, everything is squared away on my end. You just better be glad that you have been a model prisoner, and I hate how you ended up in here. Brother to brother, I wish I could let most of y’all out of here, but that’s life.”
He handed me a piece of paper, and walked me out to the front gate. It was a truck out there, and I turned to look at him.
“A favor from me. Go take care of your daughter, Wilson. Remember six months from today, you bring your black ass back here. If I have to come looking for you, you are going to regret it,” he said.
I got in the truck, and as the driver rode through the streets of Chicago, shit had changed…tremendously. I ain’t even know what the fuck to make of this shit. The last ride I ever been on was being transported here from the jail downtown. I never thought I would see this shit again. When we pulled up to the hospital, there were people with cameras outside, and shit.
“Treating my baby like she some fucking freak show,” I whispered to myself. “Thanks, bro,” I thanked the guy who dropped me off in front of the hospital.
I walked in the hospital over to the front desk.
“Hey, my name is Trent Wilson, and I’m looking for the family of Kambridge Bailey or Lewis,” I said to her.
“Right this way. I think they are the in the conference room,” the lady said.
When we were headed towards the conference room. I suddenly started to feel like I was having a panic attack. I was getting ready to face the woman that I once loved, and the man that I hated for putting me in jail. This shit was happening to fucking fast for me, and I just needed to breathe. We arrived at the conference room, and I could hear my Godson raising HELL! That nigga was hollering at the top of his fucking lungs. I took a couple of deep breaths, and I felt my temperature rising.
“Chill, Wilson!” I gave myself a pep talk.
Hol’ up, did they say poisoning? What the fuck is going on? I thought to myself. The doctor was talking about no one being a match, and I lost it. I opened the door, and walked in.
“You can test me,” I startled the room

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